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The Greatest Show of Generosity - pokerninja2

A train accident robs Rarity and Sweetie Belle of their parents, forcing the sisters to live together. Now Rarity must put her generosity to the test: balancing her career at the Carousel Boutique while being the mother figure Sweetie needs.

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Chapter 3 - The Decision

Rarity knew she couldn't handle the situation on her own, so she concluded that she needed to visit her friends. Now having more time to clean herself up, she went to the bathroom and stared washing her mane. It took awhile, but she reached her usual beauty. Her blue main was now smooth and curled, and her coat glowed its usual white color. Though as much as she felt good on the outside, she felt absolutely dreadful on the inside, and Sweetie Belle's echoing sobs weren't helping a bit.

She opened the door and saw that the guest bedroom was wide open, giving her a perfect view of Sweetie Belle's crying fit on the bed. Not many things could bring as much sadness to Rarity than seeing her little sister in such a horrible state. She could feel more tears building up behind her eyes.

"Sweetie Belle," she called out. Her tears never stopped flowing, but she did stay silent for a bit to look at Rarity standing in the hall.

"I'm... going to see my friends," she said. "Just... help yourself to anything in the fridge and don't break anything, OK? I'll be back soon."

Sweetie said nothing, but nodded in acknowledgement. Rarity set off downstairs, still hearing her sister's wailing.

No filly should have to be thrust into this nightmare...

Just as the mare made her way towards the door, she heard a knock.

"Rarity, please open up," the familiar voice of a purple alicorn came. "It's us."

Rarity sighed a bit in relief, at least she wouldn't need to risk letting her emotions flow free in public. She opened the door, and on the other side she not only saw her five closest friends, but the other two Crusaders as well. Fluttershy was heaving in tears, Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash all had looks of concern, and Pinkie Pie's normally frizzled mane was deflated and flat. She could also see Apple Bloom struggling to hold back her tears, and Scootaloo just held her head down in sadness.

Rarity sighed again. "I... I've taken that you heard the n-news?"

"We all read about the train crash in today's paper," Twilight said. "It was awful..."

"We just wanted to see how ya'll were doin'," Applejack followed. "An' we wanted to help in any way we could."

"C-Can we see S-Sweetie?" Apple Bloom croaked.

"She's upstairs..." Rarity answered. "Go right ahead." The two fillies moved past Rarity and quickly made their way upstairs. As she turned back to face her friends, Fluttershy threw her hooves around her and sobbed violently.

"I-I-I'm s-so sorry!" she wailed. "It-Its HORR-R-RIBLE that y-your parents a-are gone!"

The dam broke at that point. Rarity clung to Fluttershy tightly as she let the tears flow free. Her friends completely understood, but remained silent. She let go of the pegasus and moved out of the way.

"C-Come in," Rarity said. Her friends poured into the Carousel Boutique, and the white mare shut the door behind them. Applejack came over and put a hoof over her shoulder, Rarity's wailing not letting up.

"That's right," Applejack said. "Let it out. Let it all out."

"I... I'm sorry you h-have to s-see me li-" Rarity began before being interrupted.

"Rarity, don't you EVER say sorry for something like that!" Rainbow Dash interrupted.

"It's completely understandable," Twilight said, having a few tears welling up in her eyes as well. "Your parents passed away in a horrific train accident. You... You should be sad."

"W-W-We just wanted t-to let you know... that we-we're here for you," Fluttershy said through her choked sobs.

Pinkie said nothing, but nodded in agreement.

Rarity wiped some tears from her face and smiled for the first time in what felt like years. "Th-Thank you all," she said. "I couldn't have asked for better friends..."

"If ya need anythin' at all, just ask," Applejack said warmly.

I suppose now would be as good a time as any to ask her...

"Th-There is something I need," Rarity said, calming down a bit.

"Name it, an' we'll do what we can," Applejack said.

"You see... somepony affiliated with the Ponyville Foal Protection Service came earlier today," Rarity said, calming down a bit and wiping off some of the running makeup. "She wanted to talk about Sweetie Belle... and where she'll be staying..."

"Couldn't you take her in yourself?" Twilight asked. "You're over 18, so you can legally adopt her."

"That's what I... want to talk about," Rarity said, lowering her head a bit. "She gave me three options, she lives with me, she lives with my nearest relative which would be Aunt Cobalt in Manehattan, or she lives in the Ponyville orphanage. I have already decided she isn't staying at the orphanage, so it's between me and Aunt Cobalt."

"I don't think you should send her to Manehattan," Rainbow Dash said. "She would be leaving her entire life behind her... including you."

"Yes, I know," Rarity said. "I don't like the idea either but... am I really ready to... take her in as my own?"

"Y-You foalsat her a-a lot of the time, didn't you?" Fluttershy asked.

"That was only for two weeks at most at a time," Rarity answered. "But... becoming her full-time guardian? That carries with it a lot of responsibility..."

"Something like this is life-changing for both you and Sweetie," Pinkie Pie interjected, catching Rarity a bit off guard since it was the first time she talked since getting here. "It would be best if you two could grieve together, and help each other through it."

"Pinkie's right," Twilight said. "Sweetie needs you, especially at a time like this."

"I know she needs me but..." Rarity's words trailed off a bit. "Applejack, when your parents died, how did you and Apple Bloom handle things?"

"Well sugarcube, it wasn't pretty," Applejack said, taking off her stetson and holding it to her chest. "When we found out that ma and pa had passed away, li'l Apple Bloom was heartbroken. We were all grievin' of course, but the poor thing was just a wreck. Ah held onto her and mourned with her, and together we eventually pushed through it. Ah knew a filly like her needed a parental figure, and ya'll could say Ah kinda became that."

Applejack walked up to Rarity and put a hoof over her shoulder. "Now tell us, do ya love Sweetie Belle?"

"More than anything in this world," Rarity answered.

"An' do ya think she loves you just as much?" Applejack asked.

"It's... it's not fair!" Rarity almost shouted, but kept her voice quite so it wouldn't be heard from upstairs. "I shouldn't have to be thrown into this nightmare of a reality! And neither should Sweetie!"

"Yer right, it isn't fair," Applejack said, remaining calm. "Nopony, mare or filly, should have to deal with somethin' like this. But ya can only play with the cards yer dealt with, and ya'll gotta make do with what ya have. That's what Ah learned when mah parents died. Apple Bloom needed me, and Sweetie needs you, Rares."

She's right. Every single word Applejack said was right.

It isn't fair that mother and father had their lives taken from them. It isn't fair that Sweetie is left with nopony to watch her.

But she has YOU! It's just like Applejack and Apple Bloom: when their parents died, they stuck together and got through it. Sweetie Belle needs you...

And... And I need Sweetie Belle just as much as she needs me.

Rarity took a deep breath and sighed, then smiled warmly. "I have made my decision." Everypony's faces brightened up.

"So... does that mean you'll..." Twilight started before being interrupted.

"Yes, but I must head to the Foal Protection Service immediately," Rarity said. "I want all of you to stay here until I come back. Make sure Sweetie Belle is safe."

Everypony nodded as Rarity left out the front door, galloping towards the FPS office.

Sweetie Belle... I will protect you...

Sweetie Belle letting Apple Bloom and Scootaloo into her room with open hooves was something they considered both a blessing and a curse. On one hoof, they were happy Sweetie wasn't shutting them out and mistaking them wanting to be with her and help her as pity. On the other hoof, she was an absolute wreck. Neither of them had ever seen Sweetie Belle this sad before, and it caused their little hearts to ache. Apple Bloom was sobbing right beside her, and Scootaloo was heaving trouble holding back her own tears as well.

"Th... Thank you f-for coming girls," Sweetie Belle said, calming down even if just a bit

"Your our best friend," Scootaloo said. "We wanna help you."

"Yeah," Apple Bloom nodded, wiping some tears out of her eyes.

"Wait, d-didn't your parents die, Apple Bloom?" Sweetie asked. "H... How did you and Applejack deal with it?"

Apple Bloom did her best to calm down before answering. "Ah was broken when AJ told me ma and pa were gone. Ah... Ah don't remember all Ah did, all Ah know is that Ah was really sad, and she was sad too. Ah wasn't sure if I was ever gonna be happy again, but then one night AJ came into my room and held me tight. She said that she would always protect me... and... and that made me feel better. An' we've been closer ever since. Ah know we're sisters but... sometimes she kinda acts like my ma."

"Must be great to have somepony that cares for you that much," Sweetie Belle sighed.

"How could ya say that?" Apple Bloom said. "Rarity loves ya a lot!"

"No she doesn't!" Sweetie yelled, more tears welling up. "Sh-She would rather s-s-spend her time making stupid dresses than adopt me! N-N-Now I'm gonna b-be sent to Manehattan to live with s-s-s-somep-pony I barely even KNOW!"

"Whoa, she said that?" Scootaloo asked, shocked. "I mean, I knew you got on her nerves sometimes but... wow..."

"Sweetie, did Rarity REALLY say that?" Apple Bloom asked.

"N-No..." Sweetie answered. "But I know that's what she meant!"

"Sweetie, Ah'm sure she just said somethin' the wrong way," Apple Bloom said.

"Yeah, I mean, you her sister," Scootaloo said. "Why would she want to send you all the way up in Manehattan?"

"Because I would just get in the way of her life..." Sweetie answered. Silence fell on the three fillies, save for the occasional sniffling.

Thankfully, the Carousel Boutique wasn't far away from the FPS office, Rarity made the trip in a matter of minutes. She pushed through the front door and found a yellow earth pony mare sitting at the front desk. She quickly made her way to it, and the mare stopped what she was doing.

"Good afternoon," the mare greeted. "What brings you here?"

"My name is Rarity," the white unicorn answered. "Earlier today, a pony affiliated with this service named Maternal Flower came to see me regarding my little sister. I would like to speak to her - the sooner the better."

"Rarity... Rarity Belle?" the mare asked. "Your parents wouldn't happen to be among the casualties of the train crash in Manehattan last night, would they?"

"Yes, exactly," Rarity answered. "She has all the paperwork and information regarding me and my sister's situation, which is why I must speak with her."

The mare nodded and pushed a button on the desk and spoke into a microphone. "Maternal Flower, would you please come to the front office, a guest is here to speak with you."

It only took a moment for Maternal Flower to show herself. Rarity instantly recognized her and approached the mare.

"Follow me," Maternal Flower said. "We can speak in my office."

She led Rarity down a rather spacious hallway, then opened a door and sat in her desk. She gestured Rarity to sit on one of the seats in front of the desk, and using her magic she shut the door behind herself. Maternal Flower pulled out a folder from one of the cabinets on her desk and set it on the table.

"I assume this is in regards to Sweetie Belle?" Maternal Flower asked.

"Yes," Rarity answered. "After some thinking and soul searching... I have decided that... I wish to adopt Sweetie Belle as my own."

Nodding, Maternal Flower fished a paper out of her folder, and took out a pen. "I'm sure you're aware becoming a permanent caregiver, especially to a young filly like Sweetie Belle, is a huge responsibility."

"I'm acutely aware," Rarity nodded.

"You have a career as a fashion designer, yes?" Maternal Flower asked. "Do you understand how having Sweetie Belle in your care could affect your work?"

"I've thought about that," Rarity said. "I know it would be difficult to balance my work at the Boutique with taking care of a filly, but if that is what it takes to provide her a safe home, so be it."

Maternal Flower wrote something on the paper, nodding again. "I know you've foalsat Sweetie, so surely you have some experience in caregiving. But are you prepared to handle having her around every day from here on out?"

"That's what I've been worried about," Rarity answered. "I... don't know if I'm ready. I don't know how many mistakes I'll make as a sister, or as a parent. But this is something I fee- I know I have to do. Sweetie Belle needs me... and I need her. We must stick together in times like this."

Maternal Flower wrote in her paper some more. "What if Sweetie Belle one day came home drunk and threw up all over your new dress?"

Rarity gasped. "Sh-She's seven! Sweetie is nowhere NEAR old enough to drink!"

"Just answer the question," Maternal Flower replied flatly.

"Well..." Rarity said as she tried to picture the scenario in her head. "I... suppose if Sweetie Belle did come home... drunk... and vomited on one of my new dresses... I would be upset for sure. I would obviously punish her for such behavior... but I don't know how I'd react. If I were to act rational and sit down with her to talk about her drinking, or if I would scream at her for ruining my hard work."

After writing some more, Maternal Flower looked back at Rarity. "What if one day Sweetie Belle got in a horrible carriage crash and had to be put in the hospital? What would you do?" She was unsurprised by Rarity's look of concern and almost disgust.

"Look, just please bear with me and answer the question," she said.

Once more, Rarity tried to picture the horrifying scene. "I don't know..." she answered softly. "I definitely would want to be by her side, but..." her words trailed off. "I don't have any idea how I would even begin to approach that scenario..."

Maternal Flower nodded and wrote a few last things on the paper and smiled. "From the information you gave me, I think you'd make the perfect parent for Sweetie."

Rarity was taken aback. "P-Pardon?"

"I've talked with many ponies who'd wish to adopt a foal," Maternal Flower explained. "And I've asked each of them these very same questions. A very common trap many adopters fall into is thinking they have all the answers - that they know what to do in any given situation, and it will magically work out for them. Your answers prove to me that you're inexperienced, but willing to learn in order to protect your sister. I don't think you'll get lost in that pitfall like many others would."

"But if I'm inexperienced..." Rarity said. "How could you say I would make the perfect parent for Sweetie?"

"You'd be better than somepony who thinks they know what they're doing only to find out they're not," Maternal Flower answered. "I've already gone over your background check, and we both know it's squeaky clean. With all of this in mind, if you really want to become Sweetie's guardian, you are a very strong contender."

"So what happens now?" Rarity asked.

"Have you talked to your sister about your decision?" Maternal Flower replied.

"I haven't," Rarity said, looking at the ground. Memories of Sweetie yelling at her for thinking she was putting her career before her sister played through her mind.

"Then the sooner you talk to her about it, the better," Maternal Flower said. She pulled another paper from her folder and handed it to her. Rarity glanced over it and knew what kind of form it was. She handed Rarity her pen, and greatfully, she took it with her unicorn magic and began filling it out.

Rarity came back to the Boutique with the filled document, and was relieved that all of her friends were still there. Maternal Flower came along as well, and explained the situation to everypony. Before anyone could celebrate though, she said the only way this could be official was if Sweetie agreed to it. Fluttershy volunteered to get Sweetie from the guest bedroom, and she came down with the other Crusaders right behind her. She saw Rarity, who was gesturing to come by her.

"Who's this?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"My name is Maternal Flower," the mare answered. "I was the pony who visited Rarity earlier this morning to discuss your living situation. Around half an hour ago she went to my office saying that she reached a decision, but the only way to make it official was with your consent."

Sweetie's breath stilled as she took a glance at Rarity, who gave her a motherly smile. Using her magic, she pulled out a paper and gave it to Sweetie, letting the filly read it. As she read, her breath got more shaky, and more tears stared forming. The little filly looked back up at Rarity.

"Ruh-" that syllable was all she could say before she threw herself around Rarity let her tears of happiness flow. Rarity gently stroked her back as some tears of her own started forming. All of her friends clapped for her, some of them crying themselves. Maternal Flower walked over and put a hoof over Rarity.

"I knew you would make the right choice," she said warmly.

"Hey, y'know what this calls for?" Pinkie said as her flat mane inflated to its normal, frizzled state. "A party! To celebrate Rarity becoming a mommy and Sweetie Belle not having to leave Ponyville! Oh, and all of us becoming aunts! Well, honorary aunts of course."

"Oh, never change, Pinkie Pie," Rarity said with a chuckle. She put a hoof over her sister's chin to guide her face towards her's. "But only if Sweetie says it's OK."

Sweetie gave a happy nod and tightened her hug around Rarity. As Pinkie started pulling out Rarity's paper towels to scribble invitations with sharpie, the white mare continued to hold Sweetie close.

You did the right thing.

Sweetie Belle is safe now... She will live here with me.

I hope you realize how hard this is going to be. Raising a filly is no easy task.

I know it won't be easy. But I would go to Tartarus and back to protect Sweetie. If being a mother means I get to care for Sweetie, then so be it.

Well, I can't really think of anypony else better for the position than you.

For once, we agree on something

Also, maybe you should stop Pinkie from littering your home with paper towel wads.

"W-Wait," Rarity stammered, now realizing Pinkie had made a mess of the place with drawn-in paper towels in her failed attempts to make good-looking invitations. "Pinkie! You stop that right now!"


A. Information regarding original status of foal

Name: Sweetie Belle
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: January 16, 2013
Place of Birth: Ponyville
Name of Father: Hondo Flanks
Name of Mother: Cookie Crumbles

B. Information regarding adoptive parent(s)

Name: Rarity Belle
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: November 22, 2000
Place of Birth: Ponyville

Is this a single parent adoption, i.e. will only one parent appear on the birth certiciate?
Yes: ✓

This adoption is by (mark one)
Stepparent w/ or w/o birth parent:
Other Relatives: ✓

Ponies who can take care of foal if adoptive parent is unavailable (optional):
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack Apple, Pinkamena Diane Pie, Fluttershy Lepidera

Author's Note:

The madmare did it, she took Sweetie Belle in :raritycry:

But rest assured, this isn't the end of their story. These sisters get on each others nerves even in the best of times, so it's not gonna be all sunshine and rainbows from here on out.

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Great chapter!

Don’t you think it’s to early to think of forming a party? Their parents just died and a funerals hasn’t been arranged. The party should occur sometime after.

Well... that's Pinkie Pie for you. She's not really all that keen on things like this :pinkiecrazy:

Although, the parents' funeral is planned for a future chapter, probably next.

I'd have to agree there. I mean... timing!

Fluttershy Lepidera

Wait thats her last name?

I stole it from some other fic that I really wish I could remember the name of but can't... I liked it so I went with it :twistnerd:


:rainbowderp: Thief. Be careful I hear ponies like catching thief’s and sending them to Friendship prison for the rest of their days :trollestia:



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I really wish this would continue. It's so lovely.

But she has YOU! It's just like Applejack and Apple Bloom: when their parents died, they stuck together and got through it. Sweetie Belle needs you...

I understand what you're going for, but imo these situations are not comparable. Applejack had an older brother, a grandmother, and a large extended family they can call on if they need help; Rarity is on her own, with her nearest relative being at least a day's train ride away. Even with the support of her friends, being a single parent is a huge responsibility to take on, and I don't think it's fair to imply her not being ready means she isn't caring enough.

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