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On the day Trixie Lulamoon was hired for student councilor at the School of Friendship, she single-hoofedly murdered a philodendron plant named Phyllis, a close friend of current headmare Starlight Glimmer. For her crimes, Trixie is put on trial, and it reaches the Grand Canterlot Court. This story details the trial.

Takes place immediately after A Horse Shoe-In.

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Someone should definitely make a recording of that rap

Wouldn't be mad if someone were willing :pinkiehappy:

Objection! This trial is a farce! Phyllis wasn't killed, she was just levitated into the trash! Arrest Starlight for defamation and false charges!

Uh okay then

Ok, you got "Slap on the wrist" ending from Robot & Monster didn't you?

I see you are a man of good taste :twistnerd:

"Mares and gentlecolts of the jury, I come before you today in defense of the accused. And I can honestly say that what I've heard about this incident is nothing short of madness! Bordering on insanity! Now I have here a fully detailed record of the event, so now you can see for yourself exactly what happened on that day, as well as some other things that Starlight Glimmer has possibly failed to mention"

casts spell, and a holographic screen appears, replaying the events

"Now, here we have Ms. Lulamoon after Ms. Glimmer has appointed her the new school guidance counselor. As you can see, Ms. Lulamoon takes Phyllis and deposits her in the trash bin. Seems just like Ms. Glimmer claims, right? But...there's something else that happened on that day that she has possibly failed to mention"

rewinds the event to earlier in the day

"Here we have Ms. Glimmer in her office, following the news that she'd be replacing Princess Twilight Sparkle as headmare of the school. Now observe this moment. In a moment of carelessness, she knocks Phyllis off the desk. And there she is. In a shattered and motionless pile on the floor. But what does Starlight do? Does she panic and turn herself in? Oh, no. Just a small, awkward chuckle and that's it

So, I now ask the court: why does Ms. Glimmer take no responsibility for her own careless and clearly harmful actions, but Ms. Lulamoon is the one facing criminal charges? On a more concerning note, how could Trixie have disposed of Phyllis when you all clearly saw her mutilated earlier at the hooves of Starlight? Besides phoenixes, no creature is capable of coming back from death, are they? If that's the case, then that leads me to only one possible explanation: that the subject in question was, in fact, NOT Phyllis! Could it be that Starlight took another plant and passed it off as Phyllis? Maybe either to cope with her own guilt, or so that nopony could trace her back to the crime?

So based on the evidence I've presented to you today, it seems that Starlight Glimmer has brought this whole trial forward on the grounds of nothing but false charges! She's kept quiet about a felony that she committed, and instead, when the opportunity presented itself to her, she laid the charges on an innocent friend out of sheer cowardice! On top of that, she's deceived the court, her friends, and Phyllis' parents, and allowed them to base their grief on that very deception!

If justice is truly what this court strives to uphold, then you should drop the charges against Ms. Lulamoon and instead realise who the true criminal is in this whole matter!

Nothing further, Your Honor"

Greets author! You will be pleased to know that there's a Phyllis tag now, so now we can give best plant the representation she deserves. And since your fic has been added to her official cult- ahem group, we invite you to do so.

Only if you want to of course :)

Be as it may, have a good day and thanks for writing this!

Consider me a Phyllis Phan then

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