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Can't wait for the next one!

Holy fucking UNF



Thanks! Working with this much growth was a new challenge, but I had fun with it.

I can't give you a direct link, but it's ID number 24609166 on furaffinity or 1475025 on derpibooru

I felt my cheeks getting hot. “You shouldn’t believe everything Grape Vine says,” I said, looking down at the cabbage I’d picked out. “She’s a bit of a gossip.”

Okay , that was funny. Reminds me of

Damn! How long until they break the fourth wall and you become smothered in boobs and cock while trying to write it happening xD

This was a cute story, kind of want to see what happens after all this. Do they start a family? How many foals do they have? What kind of foals do they have?

Utterly ridiculous, but cute nonetheless.

Nah, that's ridiculous. In fact, I'm so sure that can't happen, I'm going to put my face right up against the mmmmphhh

Oh, that's a lot of fun, and I like how big they ended up. Getting up to the size of a couple of my characters ;)

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Considering how many eons he's been cumming inside of Fluttershy, I have to wonder just how many children they have in the imperceptible vastness of her womb and how large they are.

she must of have children size of the multvers and beyond

Did she happily smother and kill everyone in equestria?

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