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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)

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If this still has about six more chapters to go, you may not want to mark it as complete. Might disappoint some readers who skim the descriptions

Oops -- yeah. That was a mistake on my part. Fixed now.

I will watch this story with great interest.
- Chancellor Palpatine

Good to hear people are interested! ^.^

What the frick... this is the crossover I never knew I needed. Now I must read it!

Eeyup... welcome to the internet in Xmas, kiddies... :facehoof:
My internet browsing needs bleach, i am somewhat amazed by it...

I leapt up from the table and screamed for a medic – keeping Tsunderplane save was going to be even harder than I thought!

Safe, not save. Couldn’t Find any other errors other than that, and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

I ended up reading this out of sheer curiosity.

Though I noticed this first chapter was written in August 2017, but was published today. Did you really write this and keep it on hold for 16 months? Not that I'm judging or anything, it's just unusual.

Edited to Add: Have a like. This was really cute.

The story only gets weirder from here!

Oops, heh. Fixed!

I really did sit on it for this long.
These things happen sometimes with commissions.

Ah, I see.

It was a fun read, so I look forward to seeing where you take this. ^.=.^

I don't like the whole consent conversation. You can't just ORDER someone to consent, or it's not genuine. And Twilight should KNOW this.

It would be better, from a storytelling perspective, a "Twilight being in character" perspective, and a "not being rapey" one, if she talked it through and Tsunderplane gave consent willingly.

... Otherwise I'm really enjoying the story so far. Keep it up!

Oh, I dunno. Twilight be a little rapey sometimes, especially for science.:twilightsmile:

Still, I think it would be a lot less uncomfortable if it were slightly changed.

Especially the whole "I order you to consent, and I'm a princess" bit. Like if you just skipped that part, and went straight to "what would get you to say yes?" And then also dropped the "oh well I guess you're EVIL then" part. You wouldn't even have to alter the scene significantly.

Yeah, I second this. Unless Twilight was having one of her manic moments in the wake of several hours of attempted coaxing, I don't see her ordering Planny to consent, then resorting to blackmailing her. She can get passionate, but as Princess of Friendship, she should know better than to sexually assault people.

Planny is just too cute, dammit!

As for the fic overall, I can't believe I've become this invested in it. You're doing some strange but great work here!

In that case, it’s turning out as well as I ever could have hoped it would! ^.^

I sense an Epilogue on the way...

Hurray Baby Plane Ponies!!

Your senses are pretty accurate!

^.^ And now we know how they’re made!

First thing to come to my head

Cheers mate

Hm, pony airship, female airship. . . Hildenburg?

Dave it is! ^.^

:twilightoops: Hopefully with a better future in store, though.

Hopefully, yes.
Looking forward to reading "She's got your face, and my fuselage", a thesis on Inter-dimensional Cross-species Reproduction by Twilight Sparkle.

Another area was full of machines with blinking lights, buttons, and dials.

And the one that goes BING! :rainbowlaugh:

Heh, that’s advanced level stuff. She’s not there yet.

Princess Twilight swept me off the table with her magic before the potential nose-booping situation could progress any further.

Tossed aside like a sack of potatoes! 😆

But... Where does the food waste.... Eh, whatever, not important!

And after all, she was converted outside the normal mirror's means, there would be no way to guarantee she'd revert on passing through...

Oh heck... I didn’t even think of that!

I have been putting this fic off for a while, only keeping it because I know the author. Aviuding it mainly for the fact that it was a crossover with something I don't know. I had no idea something like tsunderplane existed before this fic (I guess she isn't as popular as sans) so I at least had interest in her character, boi was I disappointed. Not in the writing, but in her character (I know it's not your fault). I also didn't like Twilight and Spike they acted too much out of character for me. It wasn't a bad fic, but it definatelly didn't fit me. I guess I enjoyed it sometimes but the amount of cringe was overwhelming.

Heh, yeah... Such is the way sometimes with commissions. What can you do?

A plane wiping? I don't even know how a non-unicorn pony wipes! At least for poops.

For the longest time, I thought that ponies probably just had a really high-fiber diet and poop relatively clean little pellets like rabbits, then I remembered Pinkie. She eats almost nothing but pastries made from dairy, refined sugars, and enriched wheat flour. There is no way she has good butt hygiene.

So then how do those wide, flat hooves of theirs maneuver tp into those crevasses with enough pressure to clean?

I'll bet that the "fast food" place they just went to actually is a fancy restaurant by Ponyville standards. Damn Guard just got spoiled going through training and being stationed at the barracks in Canterlot.

Princess Twilight took out a fresh page of notes. Unlike all her previous notes, she spoke this one aloud as she wrote it: “Subject shows tendencies toward dishonesty and an inability to keep her word. Subject's status as a benign creature is called into question...” At that, she looked up over the rim of her clipboard at Tsunderplane, waiting for a response.

Why is she abusing her power

The Princess held her hoof up toward me. “Tsunderplane, are you sure you want to find out the truth, even if it might be unpleasant? I need to hear it from you.”

See this is the twilight I expected not rapey twilight

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