• Published 24th Dec 2018
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In Plane Sight - dirty little secret

A night guard meets a Tsunderplane from another universe ... and they both end up finding out how plane pones are made.

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First thing to come to my head

Cheers mate

Hm, pony airship, female airship. . . Hildenburg?

Dave it is! ^.^

:twilightoops: Hopefully with a better future in store, though.

Hopefully, yes.
Looking forward to reading "She's got your face, and my fuselage", a thesis on Inter-dimensional Cross-species Reproduction by Twilight Sparkle.

Hilda Berg*

Hehe, a new race!

Because we definitely need more...

I have been putting this fic off for a while, only keeping it because I know the author. Aviuding it mainly for the fact that it was a crossover with something I don't know. I had no idea something like tsunderplane existed before this fic (I guess she isn't as popular as sans) so I at least had interest in her character, boi was I disappointed. Not in the writing, but in her character (I know it's not your fault). I also didn't like Twilight and Spike they acted too much out of character for me. It wasn't a bad fic, but it definatelly didn't fit me. I guess I enjoyed it sometimes but the amount of cringe was overwhelming.

Heh, yeah... Such is the way sometimes with commissions. What can you do?

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