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spike the lone wanderer

Just a lonely dragon walking to his next adventures.


bandits have affected Equestria for generations, and the only solution was to track them down, and kill them. Spike and fallout are the most wanted criminals in all Equestria, and for this, they are chased by the Mane 5, a group of bounty hunters feared by all. Will they save their lives or will they die trying.

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Very good and to tell you The Elder is a dragon.

Worst story ever written...EVER!
I hate to see this a wodnerful idea ruined by bad grammar and writing. :pinkiesick::pinkiesick:

Obligatory musical reference GO!


You think is the worst story ever written? Well son, be ready because i have ideas, a lot of ideas.

Not the idea, just the way it written.

don’t be sorry improve. I’m sorry sounded harsh but it’s a great funny story idea just well the grammar and the way it’s written makes me cringe.

Thank for giving me your opinion, I'm gonna do my best for the future chapters.

You’re making this a bit too easy:

"Mane 5" sounds like a hair band... Why do the denizens of this universe call them that? I know why we (bronies) refer to them as such, but how did their fellow ponies give them that name?

I don't know, maybe because there are 6 or 5 in my story or maybe, because of their hair.

This is actually awesome!

When will Twilight Sparkle have a saying in this? Or at least if can she show up next chapter or two..........

Don't worry my friend, Twilight will be in the next chapter.

Spike is awesom much better then Fallout.

I try to give them a distinct personality, but I realize that I'm working more on Spike, than on Fallout or the girls.

...Mommy, fallout is a big meanie.

Hope you liked it.

I'm enjoying this it's really good though I think it would be better if it was just spike fallouts cool it's just your name is literally spike the LONE wanderer

....My entire Life is a lie:raritydespair:

Thank you, don't Hesitate to a put a green thumb. You rock.

It's for a funny effect And it's related to fallour backstory, just like for Twilight, Luna, And Celestia.

Yeah, to be honest, I was uninspired as fuck for this chapter.

Thanks, I try to make people laugh with the dialogues. And between us, my favorites are those of Fallout and Spike.

I think the next chapter will be the origin story of Spike.

Good chapter though I feel like like spike taking all the shots for fallout I think it would be better if you gave fallout a equal amount of shit a spike otherwise great story

Also why does everybody have the hots for fallout honestly it's annoying as fuck

Yeah why though you kinda made really annoying when they start calling him fall(sexy)out like really?

I guess but why though lol 😂

More like annoying but whatever I love how you make spikes character like captain jack sparrow or bill cipher he's just got that feeling he gives zero fucks lol now that funny you should focus more on that then making some cringey Casanova fallout anyway good story
Just focus a little more on spike lol

Thank you, i wanted to write an emotional chapter. And now, One of the main goal of this story is now revealed.

I can't tell you more, but trust me. It's gonna be epic.

I don't know, I think she'll just comfort him as we reconfigure a friend.

Yeah,don't worry about this. I have the perfect ending for you.

I...I didn't think about this. Well, Three words, Fallout mental breakdown.

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