• Published 6th Jun 2017
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Wanted: Dead or Alive - spike the lone wanderer

Spike and fallout are the most wanted criminals of esquestria,and they pursued by the mane 5, a group of bounty hunters feared by all. Will they save their lives or will they die while trying.

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3.Or Alive.3

''My king, we are ready for our task.'' Dragons and his friends were kneeling before their king who held the sword with which he has founded the order of the golden dragons. the oldest order from all the kingdoms, only the most faithful servants are admitted, not as knights, but as legends.

''Very well, in this case, I Golden Fang King of all dragons and Ruler of these land, call you legends of the order of the golden dragons! I'm proud of you, especially you white wing,'' White wiped her tears. ''Now get up and do your duty, legend.'' They got up, and White has saluted the king.

''We are ready to fight until the end for you, Father.'' He raised his sword, and the others followed then the legends came out of the castle to go to the public square. They walked to the applause of the citizens, they applauses their heroes, they throw flowers at them, and the children walked by their side.

''Oh yeah, we're fucking heroes!'' Dracal said.

''No Dracal, We are not heroes, we're legends.'' Scale said. They stopped, and Eberron spoke to the citizens.

''Citizens, today is a day marked with a white stone because today, we are going to accomplish a final quest for our Kingdom. We will bring the peace all over the Kingdoms and even more! For the dragons, for the kingdoms, for you and for the Kings! Everybody acclaimed him.

''He's good for discourses of encouragement.''

''Yes Dracal, he'es good, very good, even a little too good. Scale said. Then, Eberron spoke to Dragonius.

''I'm ready, it's when you want.'' Dragonius looked at the others, who nodded to say they were ready. He looked at the sorcerer to the eyes to give him the signal.They regrouped, and Eberron raised his staff in the air by saying a word continuously.

'' Canterlot! Canterlot! Canterlot! CANTERLOT!'' They have disappeared in a magical cloud, and that is how the legends enter forever into the stories. But do not worry, Spike and Fallout are also legends, they are legendary for their stupidity, and their story serves as toilet paper for the gods.

''I'm just saying that the Wonderbolts are less strong than the Shadowbolts! They won much more race, and their uniforms are black, not blue, BLACK! Spike explains his point of view to Rainbow Dash which threatened him with her katana.

''Open your mouth once again, and I'll kill you, bastard!''

''Listen to her partner, she killed animals tougher than you.'' Applejack said.

''Yes, but I'm still alive so who his toughest now?!'' Rainbow and Applejack started to regret their decisions.

''So...Pinkie, what do you like in life?''Fallout asked.

''Me? Well, I like to party with my friends, cakes, my family, my friends, eating and my little crocodile, Gummy!'' she showed several examples of what she loves. a picture of her sisters, a cake that she has taken out of her pocket or even, her little crocodile, that was in her hair.

''Sweet, I also like to party with my friends, it's a pity that my only friends consist of a dragon that is more annoying than a tooth decay!'' Fallout said.

''Love you too,'' Spike approached Rarity, and he spoke to her. '' So Rarity, do you have a special somepony in your life?'' Rarity stopped in front of him, and she looked at him with a smile.

''That means no,'' Rarity punches Spike in the nose. ''Yup, that means no.'' They continued on their way to Canterlot, the city of princesses. For the best, and especially for the worse.

''Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there Yet? Are we there yet?'' Spike said, continuously. The girls were tired of him, and of his bad jokes.

''So, Fluttershy and a chicken named Elizabeth walks into a bar. I forgot the rest of the joke, but your mom is a.'' Fluttershy took Spike by the neck to finish him.

''SHUT THE FUCK UP SPIKE DRAKE!!!'' She shook Spike violently.

''Shy, stop!'' Rainbow and Applejack grabbed her by the arms, but she kept swearing.

''LET ME KILL HIM! HE'S WORTH NOTHING ALIVE!'' They took Fluttershy away from Spike, who was in a crazy rage.

''Watch your dragon Fallout, or we kill him!'' Rarity said by moving away from them.

''Yes Madam!'' Fallout took Spike by the neck, again.

''What you are you doing Spike! Do you wanna die ?!'' Fallout asked.

''Yes, no, I don't know! I try to save time before our atrocious end.'' Spike replied.

''By making jokes about animals, and by insulting the mother of Fluttershy? Spike, you can't do anything. It's too late for both of us.''

''No, we have to fight, we have to do as in the series and believe in friendship to develop a superhuman strength, or we have to draw an x on the hand or a smiley, anything!'' The cold blood of Spike had disappeared under the madness of his host.

''No Spike, look behind you.'' Spike looked back, and he saw the thing he feared the most in all the Kingdoms.


''Yes Spike?''

''I love you dude.''

''Shut up.''

'' Yeah, shut up.'' Elder said. The girls eventually reached Canterlot with their prisoner. This town was strangely quiet and lush. It was as if crime did not exist. At the same time, who wants to attack a city which is next to the castle of one of the most powerful people of all the kingdom.

''funny, when I was a little boy, the castle and the guards used to make me feel safe,'' he looked at the caste. ''But now, they scare me.'' Spike said.

'' It was much less white in my memory. But hey, the last time I was here, I jumped out of a window to escape death.'' They tried to be discreet, but one person in the crowd recognized the mane 5.

''Hey, there are the bounty hunters who killed the Indian and his band.'' Random guy 1 said.

''Really? I want to see them.'' Random guy 2 said.

''I can have a spelling!'' Random girl 3 said. The crowd separated the girls from Spike and fallout, so they decided to run away, but a guard was in front of them.

''Sorry, I didn't see you,'' he stopped talking because he recognized the guard. Flash, is that you?'' ' Spike asked, confused.

''Oh Spike, how are you?'' Flash Sentry, Dumb as a rock and Spike heart brother. Everyone looked at them with big, innocent eyes.

''Hello.'' They all fled in fear.

''Well played Spike, you're really the king of discretion!'' Fallout said.

''Shut up, just, shut up.'' Black screen then, close-up on the doors of the castle.

''You arrived at your destination,'' Flash said by taking the voice of a robot. ''Let me open the door for you.''

''It's too much honor.'' Rainbow hit him behind the skull.

''Here we go.'' Flash knocked at the door three times, and a second later, she opened.

''Open Sesame.'' Pinkie said.

''Welcome home, Spike.'' They advanced towards the center of the piece, and Flash spoke to Spike.

''Wait here, I must warn the captain of your presence, I am sure he will be delighted to see you and Fallout again.'' He left them, and Fallout spoke to Pinkie.

''Pinkie, I was glad to know you, who knows, maybe we will see each other again in another life.''
Pinkie smiled.

''Of all the criminals killed, you are the one I prefer. Don't worry, The Princess will spare you, and after that, we could go and eat a piece of cake together.'' Fallout smiled too.

'' with pleasure.''

''It's true if you die, we'll be sad because we like you, you are different from the others, from Spike. '' Rarity said.

''You're respectful towards others.''

''You love animals.''

'' You're cool.''

''And you're funny.'' Fallout was in tear.

''Thank you so much for these words.'' Fallout hugged them, while Spike looked at them completely shocked.

''Are you fucking kidding me! I don't deserve a hug from you, I, your best friend forever in the all fucking world! Well, fuck you, all of you!'' Spike lifted his middle fingers toward them.

''Spike, Spike, Spike, always as polished as before.'' Spike looked towards the mysterious voice to see Captain Shining Armor and his wife, Princess Cadence.

''Oh, fuck me!'' Spike was tired of this shit.

''happy to see you again.'' Shining Armor, Captain of the guards, Total douchebag toward criminals.

''Where's Flash?'' Spike asked.

''He's still with the princess,'' Shining replied.

''Hello, Fallout.'' Princess Cadence, Princess of love, not a changeling this time.

''Oh boy, I'm in trouble.'' The two approached Spike and Fallout.

''So Spiky, you were finally captured, after all these years, or you were hiding like a sewer rat!'' Shining said.

''It's Spike and you, the wedding went well after I left, or she still has feelings for my friend?'' Cadence slapped Spike.

''I suppose you didn't deserve this slap.'' Fallout asked.

''No, that one I deserve.''

''You drugged me, Spike!'' Cadence said, still pissed off because of Spike.

''Yes, but you liked it, don't deny it,'' She slapped him, again. ''Anyway, your couple sucks as fuck!'' It was the end of the line for Shining.

''This is the end, Spike!'' Shining hit Spike but he dodged his blow, and he hit him in the head then, he hit Rainbow Dash in the nose and Applejack in the belly. He spat flames towards the rest of the girls and fallout, he was going to jump out of the window but Cadence stopped him with his magic, and Rainbow stuck him against the wall with his Katana under his throat.

''Thanks for your support Fallout!''

''Shut the hell up!'' She pressed her katana on his throat.

''Rainbow, stop,'' Fallout ordered. ''Let me talk to him, alone.''

''All right, but if you run away with him, I'll kill you!'' Flash has returned with good news for the girls.

''The princess wants to talk to you, they're waiting for you in the throne room.''

''Good, We trust you Fallout, don't disappoint us, don't do your Spike.'' They followed Flash, and Fallout was finally alone with Spike.

''Ok Spike, listen to me well. Stop looking for crap with the others! I don't want to be alone with the corpse of my friend, not on my watch, you understand, or it's too complicated for you! Control yourself, Spike.''

''Control, control! It's easy to say for you, you make friends easily and with everypony! What you don't understand is that it's been two years since I left by leaving everything behind me, my life, my friends, and my family. But, I guess it's too complicated to understand for you, family.'' Fallout punches Spike in the face.

''At least, you have a family that cares about you!'' Spike regretted his words.

''I'm sorry Fallout, I didn't know it. You know, there's a lot of things I don't know about you.'' Spike said.

''I know, I don't tell my life to everypony, I try to not think about it, but it'ss always there, deep inside me, and to be honest. I want to talk about it but I can't, It's in me, and it will remain with me forever.''

''Fallout, I want you to know that after all these times past together, you're like a brother to me. ''

''It's true, you don't lie to me, Spike?'' Spike opened his arms.

''Come on...Brother.'' They hugged each other for several seconds.


''Yeah, dude?''

''You can let me go now.''

''Oh, sorry,'' They stopped their familiarity then, Spike spoke to fallout. ''On the other hand, if you say that to someone, I kill you, understood.''

'' Love you too, brother.'' Fallout said.

''I know.'' Spike took out a cigar bag from his pocket, and he lit one.

''you smoke? since when?'' Fallout asked.

''Ever Since, I stole it to the cowgirl and Yolo.'' Spike replied.

''And now you smoke.'' Spike stopped smoking because he knew this particular voice.

''You always choose the worst choices, Spike Drake.'' Spike turned slowly to see them more closely, he wanted to see the princess.

''Hello, my child.'' Celestia says to her son, Prince Spike Drake.

''Spike, control yourself.'' Spike looked at his mother and aunt, smiling.

''DIE!'' Spike ran to his mother shouting all the rage of his body, while Luna drew her sword to face him in this duel that opposed the old against the new, the good against the bad, the mother against the son.

Author's Note:

Canterlot sunset by CosmicUnicorn And Celestia x Luna by Jadenkaiba DeviantArt.
Inspired by the blogs of Falloutdude for the free hug. (This guy is awesome.)
I love cliffhangers, and I regret nothing.