• Published 6th Jun 2017
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Wanted: Dead or Alive - spike the lone wanderer

Spike and fallout are the most wanted criminals of esquestria,and they pursued by the mane 5, a group of bounty hunters feared by all. Will they save their lives or will they die while trying.

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5.Unwanted 4: A Drake's End.5

Author's Note:

I'm back.
Sorry, not sorry.

In the previous episode!

Spike and Fallout were in front of the princess and Spike acted like the little whore he is, and because of his behaviour, they were locked up in the dungeons. However, thanks to a stupid scenarist idea, they fled. During this time, the princess gave a mission to the girls to find a helmet taken from a video game because the author was too lazy to find a better helmet.They went into the library where the dragons were looking for the map for the magical forest of my ass. Their plan worked as expected, but because of Rainbow and her mouth, their disguise failed, causing everyone to pull out their weapons to fight. Then Spike arrived like a flower with Fallout to burn everything, but it failed. And now they are all reunited in the same room. I need a better job. Roll the Intro!

''Spike, what the hell are you doing here?'' Luna asked who seemed more angry than usual.

''I'm here to kickass and chew bubblegum and, I'm all out of gum!'' Spike replied.

''It's official, we're dead.'' Fallout said.

''No, we're not dead...yet.'' Spike comforted Fallout While placing himself in a combat position.

''Answer me, Spike! Why are you out of your cell?!'' She began to invoke her lunar power in her hand. ''I will not hesitate to hurt you gravely.''

''Oh no, Lulu wants to hurt me! I'm scared.'' Spike said while mocking her aunt. ''Come and get your love, bitch!''

''Enough! Prepare to die!'' Luna shouted while rushing to Spike.

NOW!'' Rarity and Eberron ordered at the same time. Rainbow struck Wing with her skull, freeing her. Dragonius grabbed his sword and struck rainbow, but his blade collided against Pinkie's arm, which had become as hard as diamonds. Applejack threw wooden blades on Scale, who threw knives at her. Fluttershy flew towards Eberron who raised his staff in the air, ready to cast a spell on her. Rarity summoned magic spikes into his hands, and Dracal ran to her with his axe in the air. They were all lined up against each other. Civil war style.

'' ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS!'' Celestia shouted using the Royal Canterlot voice and tapping the ground with her scepter, causing a slight shock wave that threw them all against a wall. Celestia approached Eberron, who was kneeling before her. ''Who are you and why are you here, dragons?''

''I am Eberron, wizard of his majesty the King Golden Fang. King of the Dragons.'' Eberron explained to Celestia.

''Hello Eberron, now tell me, why you are here?'' Celestia asked.

''It's easy to understand, sister.'' Luna said. ''Their king has sent them to steal the map, let me kill them, then we will send their corpse to their king as an example of our hospitality.

''I doubt it is a good idea, Princess. The dragoness is the daughter of the king.'' Luna looked at her. '' If we kill her, we kill the citizens of our kingdom. Rarity said.

''Do it, do it, do it!'' Yeah do it.

''Shut up, Spike!'' Fallout said.

''It's not true, it's not our king who sent us here!'' Dracal said.

''What are you doing, Dracal?'' Dragonius asked.

''I'm trying to save your miserable life!'' Dracal replied to his friend.

''Then, who sent you here!'' Celestia started to lose her cool.

''Him!'' Dracal said while Watching Spike Drake.

''What?'' Everypony was surprised by this revelation.

''He's the one sent us here for the map, he's the alpha and the omega, he's the mastermind of this shit!''
Dracal said.

''I should have known that you were behind all that, Spike. But this time, it's the end for you!'' Luna said While drawing his sword.

''Wait a minute, I'm not their leader! I don't even know them,''Rainbow struck him in the ribs.

''You lied, you're probably the biggest bastard I've ever seen in my life!'' Damn, she's right.

''Stop it, we don't know them!'' Fallout said.

''Yeah, I never saw them, and believe me. I would never forget a body like that. Damn, those abs women!'' Spike said while looking at white.

''Damn!'' Scale said.

''You lie, it's you who sent us here to steal the map that will lead you to the forest to recover the staff of Gaulder.Your desire for power is worse than that of your brothers. You're just an empty shell without us!'' Dracal declared in front of everypony.

''I agreed with him, without me, you're just a little bitch.'' Fallout said to his friend.

''Shut up, and who the heck is Gaulder? And why I would want his staff?'' Spike asked.

''Oh, he was the king of a lost kingdom, and he possessed a staff capable of bringing the dead back to life. Imagine all the parties I could do with the dead.'' Pinkie explained.

''And imagine all the treasures that lies within the castle of this lost kingdom, sugar cube.'' Applejack added.

''Oh fuck! Spike, cover your ears!'' Fallout said.

''Why?'' Twilight asked.

''Too late,'' Everypony looked at Spike, who had his eyes closed with a big smile on his face. ''We lost him.''

''Mmh, treasures!''

(Spike's dream, no voices, only music)

Spike pushed open a door into a golden room with a golden pool, and he jumped in and went swimming in gold. Then, he got out of the pool, and he went to another room where everyone was waiting, they were all on their knees. Spike looked at them with a smile, then he sat down on his throne, and he put his foot on the back of Fallout. Then the girls approached him, and they kissed him on the face. They then danced in front of him, and Spike looked at them with a huge smile and a face with several lipstick markings.

''I'm the king,'' Spike said while drooling.

''Spike, Spike, SPIKEEEE!!!'' Celestia shouted.

''What? Leave me with my dreams that are better than you.'' Spike said.

''I want an answer, it's you who sent them here, yes or no!'' She asked. Spike Looked at his Dragons Bros, and then he looked at his mother with a smile.

''Yes, it's me who sent them here to steal the map, but it's your fault too. '' Spike said to her mother.

''What? My fault!'' Celestia said.

''Yes, and that of your sister too.'' Spike added.

''Why it's our fault, Spike.'' Luna asked.

''Because you're the worst princess of all the fucking kingdoms! In your youth, you have encountered hordes of enemies, conquered land, and even stopped a lord of chaos from destroying reality itself. And there, you are not even able to lock up two guys, and spot a group of dragon that stinks the burned meat,'' Celestia, and Luna were silent, so Spike keeps talking. ''I mean for fuck sake, when I was a young child, I saw you as a model, you showed me the way to follow, and I followed it. You showed me the difference between good and evil. Then, I grew up, and I saw the actions you have done.

''Spike, you need to calm down.'' Fallout advised.

''No, I will not stop, I WILL NOT STOP! I saw how you treated the vanquished enemies. One night I witnessed a horrible spectacle, I saw you burn the back of the Queen of the Changeling with your soldering iron the sun. Her cry of pain still haunts me at night, and you. You laughed at such a spectacle. But compared to what you did to your sister, it's nothing. Celestia opened her eyes, which had turned red.

''Shut up, Spike!'' Luna said while beginning to shed tears.

''No, Luna, you know she did. What she did to you.'' Spike said.

''Shut up!''

''She ignored you.''

''Shut up!''

''She humiliated you.''

''Shut up, or I'll kill you!'' Spike got closer to her.

''She even took your place among the hearts of the citizens and your precious moon.''

''SHUT UP!!!''

''And after that, you exploded, and you became your worst nightmare. Admit it.

''No, she didn't,'' Spike interrupted her.


''I ADMIT IT!'' She knelt in tear. Everypony was shocked by this revelation then, Spike turned to his mother with tears running down his cheeks.

''She's maybe a nightmare, but you...You're a monster, ugh!'' Celestia stabs Spike with Luna's sword.

''SPIKE!'' Fallout shouted.

'' You do not know what a real monster is!'' She threw his body to the floor.

''You bitch,'' Fallout stood next to Spike, and he pressed his hands on the wound. ''Don't worry, Spike. It's just a flesh wound.

''F-fallout...Sorry...Everything.'' Spike apologized to his longtime friend. He began to shake the hands of his friend in tears.

''Don't be sorry, Somepony, help us!'' Fluttershy approached him but, Celestia created a magical barrier between them.

''What are you doing? He need help!'' He asked. Celestia looked at Fallout then, she spoke to him.

''No, He's already dead.'' Spike began to cough violently.

''Spike, calm down, I'm here.'' Fallout took his hand like the first time they meet.

''Fallout.'' Spike said.

''Yes, Spike.''

''I can see heaven, it's beautiful, argh'' He began to spit blood. ''G-Goodbye, my friend.'' Spike stopped talking.

''Spike, Spike? SPIIIIKE!'' Spike Drake die in the arms of his best friends. Fallout was crying, just like the girls. Except for Applejack, Rainbow and Rarity who try to hide their tears. They're standing in front of Spike's body, and among them, there is Spike dressed all in white.

''It's funny, I should have bet on my mother, and not on Rainbow. Bah, it doesn't matter. In any case, I partly regret my life. I would have imagined my blood redder, and more in my body. Well, it's not my problem anymore. I'm dead, and damn, it's good. I can finally rest, I hope that in the next story I survive until the end. Anyway, this is the end of my life. Fallout, I'm sorry for everything I've done. You was a good friend, hell! You was the best in this stupid world. And yeah, without you. I'm just an empty shell. But, live your life. Do not let my death haunt you all your life. Life, laugh, eat with the girl you love. You deserve a family. But, I want you to name your First-Born Spike, in memory of me. I'm serious, do this, or I haunt you forever. Anyway, Goodbye Everypony.'' Spike looked at his friends then, he disappeared into the light while weeping his final last tear for his friend.

Close-up on the mouth of Chrysalis then, on all the rest of the hive.

''My children, our time has come. We will finally be able to avenge the ponies that persecuted us for years. We are going to rise to the same level of these so-called princesses, and we will annihilate them. We will take their precious kingdom, and we will empty it of his love, '' All the changelings whistled for their queen. ''But Canterlot is nothing but an amusing mouth, I promise you Equestria as a feast!'' She creates a sword with her hand, and she cut into a rock in two.

''The world will tremble before our new powers, But alas. We're not big enough to attack such a big target,'' All the changeling looked at her with a sad look on their face. ''But why give them birth, when we can be brought them back to life. Bring me their bodies.'' The changelings have placed at the foot of their queen the mortuary cocoons of their brother and sister.

''Raise yourself among the living,'' Chrysalis used her new powers to infuse a red ray into the cocoons of her children's. Once finished, every was calm. She approached a cocoon, and a hand came out. Then, all the other changelings are out of the cocoons. But, they were different, they seemed wilder than the others. Chrysalis approached the First-Born and, he knelt before her Queen. She put her hand on his shoulders, and she smiled.

''Rise, Thorax.''

(You mad)

Then End