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spike the lone wanderer

Just a lonely dragon walking to his next adventures.


Equestria is a land filled with tales of ages, mythical creatures, bloodthirsty demons, and legendary heroes who have faced death more than once and those worthy knights, mages, clerics and other fighters are considered legends in the eyes of the inhabitants of this world, and their stories are sacred for the many children of the Kingdom. Many dreams to be a hero, but what is a hero without the pain of losing something or someone?

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Does this story have anything to do with Dungeons & Dragons?

The band was inspired By the classes of the game otherwise the story is from my own twisted mind.

Thanks dude! It to ok me two year to write it down. At first, i wanted to write something funny but fantastical stories can't be funny. There's alway a hero losing his family And a bad guy, conan the barbarian is the perfect exemple.

What why! Alright I'm sorry M'lady! (tip hat)

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