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The sequel to Miraculous Ladybug vs the Forces of Evil.

It has been two months since Hawk Moth and Ludo have been defeated, and peace has returned to Paris as Marinette and Adrien continue their lives as students and defenders of Paris. But the two of them will get another surprise, in the form of Twilight Sparkle and her friends from Equestria, on vacation after defeating Chrysalis yet again. But when old enemies return and a hero succumbs to the darkness within her, can a former bully find the strength within herself to save the day and write herself a happy ending? (Rated T just to be safe.)

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Jumping in pretty fast are we? Your prequel isn't even done yet.

Whatever. Whatever the case of that adventure, seems that there were many positive repercussions after that crossover. Marinette got together with Adrian, her secrets were spread around and made friendly, she now does conventional crime fighting. Oh, and it seems that the work is now public knowledge. Fascinating.

Though I don't know that the theme song quite works. Mostly because I get a strange mix of the extended FIM theme song and the miraculous theme song and I don't like the shift midway for it.

Nice work dude. Can't wait to read more. I especially like how you incorporated both intros and splashed them together into one theme song. Nice.

I feel so bad for Chloe now.:fluttercry:

*cough cough* Sunset Shimmer. *cough cough*

Discord their guardian? Oh, that should be fun

Happens plenty of times to certain characters

The pase of the story is very very fast and there is very little explanation as to what many aspects of the story are.

What is a kwami, why is it in the form and shape of a ladybug.

Who is Marinette?
Who is Tikki?
Who is Adrian?
Who is Nino?
How and why did the Mewni princess went to Paris?

The reason I am asking those questions is because anyone who has never seen miraculous ladybug or star vs the forces of evil will have little to no idea who all those characters are nor what they are capable of.

8204287 My advice: Watch Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug. And read the prequel to this fic. There is no other way. :ajbemused:

Ok, first obvious question: Can you really call Twilight and her friends bearers of the elements at this point? I mean, this is set after season 6 at least, due to the changlings reforming and the presence of Starlight. And the 6 friends gave up the elements of harmony way back 2 seasons ago. So could they even be called elements of harmony anymore if that power is no longer theirs? Maybe they're more the former elements of harmony?

Second less obvious compliment: With the pets mentioned that Starlight needed to take care of, I noticed that you didn't include Opal and Winona, but AJ and Rarity have that covered. How? :ajsmug: They have sisters to take care of those pets.

3. Twilight should really get a subscription to receive all new books in Equestria as first editions. That'll keep her library going and prevent the slow day syndrome.

4. Hmm, so I suppose for this trip, while it's another vacation story, it does seem like you're going to pile on the possible contradictions to the dimension you're creating. Why? Well, if Paris of Miraculous Ladybug is in the same universe as Echo Creek AND Canterlot High? Well, that's really starting to stretch disbelief on how humans aren't more atuned to either magic or personal oddities. Especially the Equestria Girls component. Cause of the multicolored skins they have.

5. Oh Discord, what have they done to you? You've gone from a cosmic source of disharmony into running errands for Celestia in your spare time? Man you old Draconequs! You've gone soft. :derpytongue2: (I have not! :twilightoops: I just decided that I wouldn't be having my fun as widely as I did before.) Whatever you say.

6. There seems to be an inverse view of vacation for this story compared with your prequel. Namely, Star carried a secret love in her heart when she came over. Twilight's carrying a secret hate with her. Something she swore she was over, but still has perculating in the depths so her friendship skills still have work to go.

7. I wonder if Starlight will be a checkovs gunman as she learns the story of kwamis, magical princesses and so forth.

8. Guess Sunset's going to be meeting up with Twilight's other friends for the first time!

So there are some things in the new status quo that show the world is moving forward, while also a few things that show the world is running in circles.

In terms of steady things, seems that like any normal hero, Ladybug and Cat Noir have taken up crime fighting in their spare time now. Indeed, since they're now public heroes like Iron Man, they now are living an adoration life. A life of fun and interviews and well intentions.

In terms of Chloe though, that's a little harder to pin down. I know there is a lot of pent up resentment against her domination, but on the other hand, she was half of the team responsible for helping to clear Marinette's name with the others. In some ways it feels like she got a bit shafted after everything, but at the same time, she has a lot of bad blood she needs to work off. And for that matter, as the note incident shows, old habits to break. She knows she's the pariah of the school now, but she's still prone to lashing out. Like I said, old habits break hard.

And unlike say...a certain other person, she doesn't have a network of people promising to help her grow. Rough. Indeed, despite all that happened in that hospital hall, both Mari and Alya are holding Chloe at arm's length. Even Tikki is still holding her in suspicion.

Marinette meanwhile is in dreamy mode. Cause she can go to prom all easylike now, and make her life wonderful.

Indeed, it seems that the only ones with some unease on how things are going is Tikki. Because she's always looking for her master to grow. And with Hawkmoth supposedly out of commission, that means they're in a bit of a rut right now.

Which is probably why it's a good thing that they're about to get a shot in the arm from the heroes of equestria, and ANOTHER magical princess from another dimension.

Okay, first obvious question: why did the visitors emerge from the statue of ladybug and cat noir instead of from the statue at canterlot high? I'm guessing Sunset had something to do with it? Since she knew to go looking for them right there rather than anywhere else.

Second less obvious but very important question: how does tikki know what discord did and who he is if she didn't directly hear about it all from the others first? Since she's the spirit of good luck, and Discord is a spirit of chaos, do the spirits somehow know what each other does from time to time? Is, is discord a kwami secretly?? :twilightoops: I mean, I know Wayzz could figure out what was going on with the other kwamis, but what's all this about Tikki knowing about Discord?

Twilight, her friends, Discord, and Spike emerged from the other of the portal.

You're missing other END in this sentence.

Also, I' guessing as a spirit or as a being of immense power, Discord could maintain his look. Especially since even crazy magic Pinkie Pie got a transformation as well.

:ajbemused: I might be going a bit nuts, but are the mane 6 different enough from their canterlot high counterparts right now? I'm not entirely sure.

Though I have to roll my eyes at Discord of all people thinking humans look ridiculous, since minotaurs are..kinda comparable in their dimension?

Though one bit of world building is that clearly after after the great battle, Paris is milking their local heroes all the way. In that Paris is no longer just the city of love. Now it's also the home of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

After that craziness at Everfree, I’m just glad to be someplace where I won’t have to deal with magical shenanigans for a while.”

Oh Sunset. If only you knew. :facehoof:

It's also of note that this is a happy time for Mari and Adrian. They're loving life in more ways than one. It also seems that after opening up about their secrets, Adrian's not really resenting his big work anymore.

And then, by coincidence, worlds crossed yet again. And considering that Star's theme song even says "it's gonna get a little weird", it's really saying something that the girls consider he equestria ladies "the weirdest sight that Marinette had ever seen". Then again, at least Star can pass for normal looking. The ponies with their pale or pink skin? Not so much. (Though, I dunno, AJ could possibly pass for normal. :ajsmug:)

I also had to give a chuckle on the talking dog prompting this thought from some pretty squeaky clean high school students: Alya, Sabrina, and Marinette looked at the puppy in shock, clearly wondering if they had taken drugs.

The girl named Pinkie Pie giggled. “

We’re from this alternate dimension populated by magical talking horses called Equestria.

Ponies! :flutterrage: They're Ponies! Not Horses! They're Ponies!!! Isn't that what they keep saying about each other???

I'm also wondering, is Pinkie really that...oracleish? Oh, and I think I see a subplot coming in this story! Alya trying to figure out Pinkie Pie's master guessing skills. :facehoof: Like Twilight, she's destined to be frustrated. Unless...discord's been doing some spoilers or something.

I also have to think that despite RD initially being dismissive about Ladybug as a name, when confronted with her transforming in front of her, something changes her mind. Magical awe I guess?

And it seems that Plagg and Discord are bound for some mischief!! Uh oh.

Oh and Twilight's residual anger? Perhaps this is the wedding anniversary? That she's feeling it more strongly this time?

Meanwhile though, even if the afternoon was still young, Chloe was forced back to her room. Though Mari was the invert in the last story, now Chloe is the exile. Miserable, and smart enough to recognize that despite her best efforts and what they went through, the only 2 people to even give her a chance now aren't even trying hard with her now. Hence the lying.

Oh and...subplot 2 for Chloe? Besides the redemption arc, there's the mother thing?

Well, that's all fine and good. Let's see where we go from here.

You know what I think? Here’s what I think: Marinette, Alya, Sabrina and Adrien are being complete ****heads, and Chloe is better off without them.

I've re-edited that chapter. See if it suits you now.

In thinking about what's been written so far, I've come to an inescapable conclusion: I think there are 2 main characters in this story, and I don't think either one's a pony. Not really. :rainbowderp:

But let's take it from the top.

We begin in the aftermath of the long walk the ponies and humans took together. My guess is that Twilight and her friends did a lot of the talking, since based on what you mention later, during this whole walk, Mari and Adrien never told Twilight and her friends about what Akumas were specifically? I mean, how do you talk about Hawkmoth without talking about how he would attack others? As I mentioned though, my guess is that a lot of the talk from Twilight and the others were the small personal stories from their lives. Cause the story of how they met probably needs to be saved for later.

More importantly though, the prequel is very important to this part of the story. Namely that for all their work in defending paris, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz are the pivot point for their work. That after Hawkmoth's actual success there, so much has changed and that's caused a shift in how they work, including the admitted unease that a partial triumph brings. Still, fighting crime isn't a bad way for them to pass their time.

Also, I'm guessing Twilight taking her friends in to sleep at school probably hearkens back to what she did normally at canterlot high. Sure hope this doesn't set off any school burglar system. Though judging from Tikki's comment, I'm thinking unlike the season 2 finale, when Star left Paris, she didn't remove her "sparkle glitter bomb expand". That could just be her being absent minded, but I like to think of it as a sign of star's heart. That when she sets up shop with that spell, she won't take it away as long as she considers it a home. And that means she considers Marinette family to want a home to stay there at regular times. So maybe it's time for the Dupette-Changs to host a new group.

The next day gives me a slight chuckle. Namely, that just like Marco in his world, being famous has financial perks. Ladybug being unmasked means that being a hero also gives them some financial security too. Helping with rent, college in the future, etc. And having her face on different parts of Paris makes Mari secure in her dress shopping to so they don't have to skimp at all. :pinkiesmile:

On going to pick up Twilight and the others, there's a hint of a subplot developing here too. Namely, the relationship between Discord and the kwamis. How does Tikki know him so well? Is she jealous at all of Cord's abilities having Mari try leaning on him? Suspicious of him for various reasons?

Whatever the case, seems Tikki's phasing powers do give her lock bypass powers. And in meeting the others, seems Twilight was having nightmares. Foreshadowing? :twilightoops:

"Ooh, our ride's here!" squealed Rarity, delighted. The girls entered the limo, squeezing in the backseat area to provide room.

Do the ponies even know what cars are? I'm guessing the squeal was at the novelty more than anything. Although given the kind of story you're telling, that's not that important a detail. 😜

So they went off on a shopping trip. And we get a quick visual confirmation that the royalties aren't for imagined things. They really do have merchandise now.

Also, is Madame Chanel OC for you? I can't find her character page in the shorthand tvtropes. She seems eccentric. And I'm not sure of her wider purpose in the story, but at the very least, she seems to be demonstrating that after all the akumas, and the reveals and so forth, the people of paris are use to magic these days, and the fame of its heroes is showing the privilege the 2 have now. It's also showing that there's an ethic of gratitude from some in the city that not every public hero gets in fiction. That because they do such good work in the world, it's only fair for the world to give a little back in return in thanks. Humility aside, it's not something you see too much for simplicity or the burden or what have you.

It might also be a physical sign of the temptation Mari and Adrian always have to face now. Trying not to let their positions go to their heads and cause them to be arrogant or dismissive towards others.

So once they were done with their shopping, that's when the plot began to kick in. Twilight gave some direct foreshadowing into the story. Namely, "I'm guessing that if we went to your school on Monday, no one would-" :rainbowhuh: You want to go back to school here? Why would you (I read further down below) Oooohhh. Oh, now that makes sense. Also, why are the ponies just deciding to drop in on the dance? They're on vacation. Why are they so interested in the dance? I get them being interested in some of human fashion, but why the dance?

But before we go any further on that motivation, let's get to the anchor of this chapter: the ponies first meet Chloe. My first observation is that Chloe must look pretty different without her preening in makeup. I mean, Chloe's known Marinette for at least 4 years, so the fact Mari didn't recognize her at first must mean she's in a pretty different state. :fluttershysad:

The 2 month gap between the last story and now though does raise an interesting question. Was Chloe's slow decline a gradual thing? Did she accidentally fall into old habits in between so the others became mistrustful of her intentions from all that time and the backsliding? It's not too unreasonable a conclusion given her treatment so far and her behavior at times as well. What especially seems to be clear is that Sabrina waking up to her treatment makes her openly hostile to Chloe, like when a close friendship goes sour. Which is precisely what their issue is. So much history now turned to poison due to hard truths being exposed.

However, despite her hostility, Sabrina does seem to hint at the most inherent flaw Chloe is going to be wrestling with in this story.

Do you think of anybody but yourself?!"

It's the Cars question. Would you prioritize others over yourself? Or is it still after all this time all about you. The fact Chloe doesn't answer it must have her realizing that her misery is still inwardly focused. So for all her posturing, a part of her recognizes that she's still not the selfless hero she thought Ladybug was. And Sabrina was ready to use that to dig at her, hurting her bad.

I'll get to talking about Sunset's part in this chapter later on, but for now, it's clear that despite being unfamiliar to the situation, the Mane 6 do care about what's going on. Seeing that this is something the magic of friendship is going to need to help with. AJ and Shy's comment of "Harsh," really getting at what is to come later in the chapter.

The discord moment does allow for a brief flash of comic relief. Though I got a bit of a "Oh right" moment in the fact that there are actually 2 ex villains out to mentor the others here. Given Marinette's rant, it does show that there's a LOT of buried anger at Chloe. And this is where the theme of forgiveness is about to come in. The HARD cost of trying to let go of all that with Chloe. Also, where's Adrian in Discord's conversation? With the equestria ladies?

Also, clearly Mari's recognizing there's something going on with the pragmatic stance to forgiving, but mind can never truly surpress heart, and despite her wanting to begin to move on, she can't do it entirely. That's why I see her as one of the main characters of this story. She's needing to have heart, head, purpose and compassion all come together to help her grow.

Now as for the other main character? Well, I think it's actually Chloe. The lady needing to grow and redeem herself to her school, to her victims, and most importantly, to herself.

And it's here that Sunset really comes into her own as the lead on this situation. First off with confronting Sabrina on her insensitivity, but then branching into reaching out to someone else. Sunset knows guilt. Knows isolation. Knows getting a slap in the face for changing her behavior. Knows the road of redemption is long and hard. And so of course she would be the one to really see Chloe with her masks off. Scared, scarred and Alone. :fluttercry: And so she extended the hand of hope to Chloe. And gave her a promise that it's time for her to know how Friendship is magic. "I think it's time you made some real friends around here." She's now going to be messenger to the others about seeing someone in need, and the ponies needing to intervene to help all involved.

As for the agreement? Well, it's a start. Making an attempt to be better, though as I mentioned, the emotional connection still isn't quite there yet. But all good friendships have to start somewhere. And given the rumors for season 2 of ML, I'm thinking I know the endpoint for the journey. 2 words: the bee.

But, we'll just have to wait and see. After all, the road is long, and far from over.

Finding out what makes Pinkie Pie tick? ... It was nice knowing you, Alya.

So this chapter is rather mundane compared with some of the character stuff before it. But perhaps that's for the best. Setting up some subplots that will add flavor to this story.

And we begin with Sunset giving those two an earful on what they'd been doing. And what I find most interesting right away is that despite just meeting her, Chloe clearly was quite taken with Sunset that she began sharing her life with her so readily. Letting her know about her therapy sessions, how miserable she feels. Perhaps it's because Sunset immediately offered to be her friend. After several months of loneliness, that one offer probably got Chloe going motor mouth in gratitude about what's going on in her life.

Which is why I had to give Sunset a bit of an eye roll later in the chapter. :rainbowhuh: She thinks Twilight's going to teach her about friendship? Sunset, I think you're going to be the true teacher in the time to come. Because Twilight never built herself up from nothing quite the way you did.

Sunday was a light little something or other to touch base on their working together. Though question: did the equestria girls sleep at school again?

And then came monday. The first day for setting up for the dance. The high schoolers were certainly excited, though Chloe was left out due to her after school meeting. Geesh. Every other day? Clearly dad thinks this is serious if she's going on multiple days. And given that Paris is so big, the guests took the time to see more sights. Notre Dame (awkward conversations about Gods from that?), the senne, pastries, the arch de triumphe, and others included I bet. Or maybe they just spent half a day at versailles to compare "castles" and then took it easy afterward? Or maybe they went to the louve. So much to do in the city of love.

But it's in the split up in set up that the subplots and main plot begin to crystalize. For the main plot, that revolves around Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer getting information on what Chloe's perceived as being. And needless to say, things still don't look good for her. But it's also here that they got a chance to work on letting everyone know who they are. And get a laugh that much like Mari on the first day, Spike talking definitely turns heads.

Now the next subplot regards Nathanael. Namely, redefining his relationship with Mari. And reminding us the readers that the one moment with Jackie near the end of the last story carried over. Seems that long distance relationships are possible after all. And I hope they can last. Poor Jackie's already lost one relationship with Marco. It seems that a bit of a twist here is that Mari might be getting a bit closer to Nathanael artistically and friend-wise thanks to shared interests.

The next subplot is Plagg and Discord: the twin pranksters. And how Adrian might have some rough sails ahead with his partner if they're not careful to define their boundaries.

Then it's the Rainbow subplot as her ego clashed with Kim. They're not quite on point with the multiple dimension stuff, but the big this is how they're going to be at loggerheads what with their competitive natures. Though I have to wonder something. Can Rainbow go super fast in this dimension? I know her canterlot high counterpart can after camp everfree, but does this dash have the dash of speed in her still?

And finally, we have our next subplot thrust which is definitely meant to be more comedic than anything. Pinkie VS Alya. Namely, it's time for the fact finder to run into equestria's most unexplained magic. How does Pinkie Pie do it? Many have theorized, but nothing has been canonized. So, it's all up in the air right now.

Like I said, this introduces a whole lot of subplots to the story, but that can work to its advantage in creating a more interesting story with more things for each character to do and how that might intersect with the main plot on Chloe's redemption.

So, this chapter shows that the last 2 chapters were kind of an interlude between what happens next. It's not clear exactly what the overall effect on the story is going to be, but it's probably going to have small but important parts to come.

We begin surprisingly at the end of Monday. Everyone winding down. Seems Mari hasn't invited the girls for that slumber party yet. It also seems that despite going through the mirror, Discord can still visit his dimension whenever he wants. Interesting.

But what's more important is an...interesting story choice. Namely, that Twilight might be the princess of friendship, but Sunset's taking the lead on emotional health right now. Because first it was Chloe she's reaching out to, and now it's Twilight. She also got around to explaining what she gained at Everfree. Her emotion/memory reading powers. Which, could be important in the future since it's now on the table as a story element.

And we get at a story element that resembles that story Post Nuptials in execution. That whatever happened in the first half of A Canterlot Wedding deserves more focus than it was given. I'm also thinking that Twilight never got around to processing this experience, since as seen on TV tropes, there are plenty of alternate character interpretations that could make the leaving seem less...cruel. But Twilight thought they'd walked out on her for someone else. And this clearly shook Twilight's faith in her friends and her mentor. Yeesh. :applecry:

The Sunset story though? That sounds like the Equestria Girls version of Gabby Gums. Is that canon? I'm not familiar with that. Also, is it weird I'm getting Deja Vu for Star last story? That a magical princess has a secret she needs to talk about, and not doing so is leaving her open to possible corruption?

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about you describing Twilight lying to herself and to Sunset. It feels a bit...too laid out. But then again, how can we know in print that Twilight's hurting herself. It's a struggle.:applejackunsure:

Meanwhile, Alya was having her own Twilight moment. Struggling with understanding what makes Pinkie Pie tick. Also, this quote. You better watch out, Pinkie Pie. I’m going to find out exactly how you keep defying the laws of logic, and I won’t stop until I do so. Hmm, are you going to explain it, or will it just be continued frustrations?

Well, it seems that the 2 subplots thrown in are mostly for comedic sake, but again, could have an effect down the road. Alya for example got the full brunt of the pinkie jinx. That by the act of trying to figure her out, she ends up hurt. Really hurt. :pinkiecrazy: Also, I presume that since Pinkie doesn't have a tail in this world, the hair stand in her substitute for the twitch of things falling on others. And indeed, Alya was quite put out by Pinkie Sense just like Twilight. Even temporarily taking on the twilight rage. My guess about how she did this? Magic is starting to seep into all of paris. That thanks to the geode and the mirror, magic is taking root on earth.

Then AJ gently tried to talk her down. And though many are..miffed by that episode, the way it's worded, it seems to indicate that things like Friendship and Justice are real even though there are ways they baffle explanation.

So, AJ and Pinkie took Alya to be cleaned, and maybe have a character beat as well. Sunset meanwhile was messing around with her friendship journal. Sure hope that doesn't use up too many pages forcing her to visit equestria to meet Twilight's pupil. :rainbowwild:

Rainbow for her part was shocked. Shocked that equestria's fastest flier wasn't a good runner. And Sunset pointed this out. That things are different here. But despite her annoyance at this, RD managed a shot back on attitude. And in doing so, began to form a fledgling competitive bond with Kim. Again, something that might come later.

Then came a sign. A sign that Sunset is the moral anchor of this story, but also that Chloe was truly desperate for someone to hear her when Sunset found her. I mean, think about it. Not only did Chloe tell her about her therapy, but she also gave Sunset her phone number? Man, she was so needy for a friend that she caved hard to the first human who reached out to her. I don't know how long she and sunset had, but given what we see Sunset pull out, they clearly covered some ground that Chloe trusts her with her personal life. And it seems now Sunset's going to get some personal time with her. According to my calculations, it's right around 5. Maybe Sunset's staying for dinner?

And high above Paris, a shadow...oh who are we kidding. It's Hawkmoth. Gabriel Agaste. Hawkmoth is skulking. Breaking off from Ludo after the retreat, he returned, watching. Having a slice of the mircaculous still on hand. (By the way, for consistency, is it the butterfly miraculous or the moth miraculous? Cause that's a translation thing that you didn't quite decide on last story) Also,

he knew this because all those months of being bonded with the Miraculous have imparted some of its abilities to him.

This should be HAD imparted. Past tense that it happened in the past that he now has the powers for himself.

Also, a pinch of ambiguity.

he could still taste the young girl’s agony like a beautifully prepared feast that was waiting for him.

There are several girls who have some emotional distress right now. :twilightoops::applejackconfused::rainbowhuh: So who's his victim going to be? Chloe? Alya? Rainbow? Twilight?

The darkness lurks. The danger returns. Seems Ladybug and Cat Noir are about to have work again soon.

I caught that Mako reference during the chase scene!! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

I was wondering whether someone would catch that :twilightsmile:

As you can imagine, I was not too pleased the events of the Canterlot Wedding, so I decided to do my own take on the analysis of the aftereffects of said incident, using Darth Link 22's Post Nuptials, defender2222's Faith and Doubt, PLCtheCd's Bitterness, and Nestee's Broken Trust as inspiration. And like the aforementioned authors, I believe that while Twilight could have at least gotten more evidence that it was really Chrysalis, her friends were ultimately responsible for allowing Chrysalis to win by not taking her fears seriously. Kudos to you, guys. I hope my take on this event can at least be as good as yours.

Some characters who started out bad but turn good I can forgive. But ones like Chloe I can't say I have. Especially since she was responsible for half the villains.

Good job, nice to see the girls making friends

Alya couldn't uncover Pinkie Sense because it's something that just can't be explained.

I didn't like how the Wedding episode went either. But i listened well from both sides. I sided with Twilight because I knew something was up with Cadence, but felt she should've had more evidence instead of just jumping out and making announcements like that. And I sided with her friends who I also felt should've believed Twilight more especially after dealing with the similar situation in Lesson Zero. But also with how they listened to Twilight go on about how she cares for Shining on a level that could be compared to obsession would lead them to think she wanted Shining Armor all to herself. Yeah that episode is the biggest one to debate from both sides.

So we open with the master and his turtle finishing up with the last person of the day. Also, I think I know who that last person is! :rainbowwild: It's all in knowing who's in the story and who would need help. But more to the point, Wayzz is picking up that something has disturbed the spirits again. Hawkmoth coming back into the area, and rising back to danger.

Meanwhile, we are now 2 days out from the end of year dance. Things are slowing down as summer's getting closer, students mingling, and several of the old students we've seen around coming together. Kim asking out Juleka, Max making the moves on Rose, Ivan reaffirming his love for Mylene. And of course, the betas Nino and Alya getting it on in thinking about going together.

And as for Mari, she wanted have more end of year time with her boyfriend, but the schedule works against them in this case. However, it also gave her a good excuse to work on what she'd promised herself when she saw the ponies's sleeping arrangements. Discord seemed surprisingly into the sleepover scene, which I suppose could be because he enjoys hangouts after what happened the last 6 seasons. But I think Sunset was also pushing the others to push Mari to grow. So, they had a condition for hangout time: “We’ll come on the condition that you invite Chloe as well.”

The sleepover for the most part was...alright. I kinda hoped that there'd be more about what was going on, since My Little Pony has a history of having sleepover activity turning into comedy. Not to mention lost reactions. Like maybe the reaction when Chloe hears that she can come over. Then again, the image you present to us is a fun image. Just a snapshot of what's happening as the world's coming toward them. Also, I just have an image of Discord snapping his fingers, and the girls suddenly blinking, before Mari asked, "How did I get into my pajamas?" And then Discord giving a smug, "You're welcome." Though I have to raise my eyebrows at how Twilight's PJ's aren't matching the same way her close friends are.

And so then night rolled around. After all, the pure humans still have school tomorrow. But like Marco before her, something is calling her to receive a vision/metaphor of the future. Namely, that she's in battle as Ladybug, but the battle was long and hard with 2 voices coming after her. I also note that after the 1st great battle, Mari's mind knows that she can take on more than just akumas. She's a monster slayer now as well. But what did she drop? What was in her dream that's so important for the figure behind?

Well whatever it is, that has to be put on hold, because fear jolted her awake. And she's not the only one stirring at this hour. Twilight was reading. Maybe it's the friendship journal? Whatever the case, she and Mari and Tikki sat down to have a little chat about insecurities, battles and secret pains. And have vanilla cookies too! Guess living in a bakery always has advantages.

Also, why do I get a feeling that this chapter has some...foreshadowing for evil minions in the future? Just call it a hunch.

It's also here that I have to wonder if..maybe Mari's been changed by being Ladybug in ways she doesn't quite appreciate yet. Remember during the early days she hated attention and wasn't sure of herself at all? Or that she was dreading school due to her social standing? Now look at her! Carried over from when Star and Marco visited, she's always reaching to get beyond normal routine because everything's going good now. She got the admiration in both identities. The affection of the boy who pined for her, the relief of not needing to keep up 2 identities at once, the end of being bullied. And now that she's gotten everything she's ever wanted for all this time, what is she to do until she can become a real designer? Seems to me that Mari needs to find a new dream. (If you get that reference) :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and small note: is the song original or adapted from another source? To help viewers, it might help to mention where the song's from if we want to hear it in our heads.

And Twilight? Well, she's clearly taking what she and Sunset talked about 2 nights ago seriously. That she needs to talk with her friends about this so she can lift the burden from her shoulders. And now Mari and Tikki are there to hear her out too. Unlike Sunset though, they bring a different sort of perspective. Sunset is pure empathy in order to understand Twilight's feelings. Marinette and Tikki though challenge some of Twilight's assumptions. Try and get her to see things from a different perspective. Also, what Chrysalis did felt more like emotional rather than magical manipulation. Like the friends and the others had some will even if they were being tricked. Very different from Hawkmoth's magical influence leading to a takeover. After all, even if the people have to say yes, could the magic make that extra hard to do?

We also get a reiteration of why this is weighing on her now all this time later: being Changling-napped brought those feelings back to the surface. Fear, sadness, disbelief, etc. Unlike Sunset though, Mari's directing Twilight to Therapy in order to give her some relief and a way to process her feelings before talking to her friends.

But the night's not over yet. Next is the first conversation that needed to eventually happen. Marinette and Chloe taking a moment with each other. Though I had to give a small chuckle at Chloe getting up hearing the singing. Guess what's normal for the ponies and EG's is definitely not normal for Paris. Magic's one thing, but bursting into song in the middle of life? THAT IS NOT NORMAL!!!

It's also here that we have what I like to call an "aladdin" moment. Where 2 people realize despite their differences, they have something in common in their emotional lives. In their case: how expectation makes them nervous. And that lead to Marinette suddenly feeling more hopeful to begin building something new and beautiful with Chloe: Becoming true friends. Though i'm guessing that Chloe's thing on Ladybug having a "normal family life" is a new thing, since who would possibly know Ladybug's home life before Mari revealed herself?

On a different note, I'm thinking that despite the VERY rough start, something about how Star and Marco acted hanging with Chloe after the great battle changed Chloe's perspective on the 2. Marco's adorkability, Star's positive attitude, their bravery and kindness, Star's generosity towards others, etc. But the bit about Chloe mentioning her jealousy towards Jackie actually shows something that Chloe mentioned before: even if she was a jerk about it, Chloe always wore her heart on her sleeve. Never holding back how she feels about anything. And she trusts Mari enough that she can be truthful about that part of herself.

But the bit with the book? I think Chloe recognized it. I think she knows about the friendship journal now from...someone. That means she wants to know more about the lessons on how to be a good friend. But I think without the book, this might be the small push that Twilight needs to go under. Let's find out soon enough.

Way to many words for a single comment if you ask me. But that being said, some of those question you asked i have thought of them also.

My philosophy for these things is that if you don't get all your thoughts down, you'll forget things you did/didn't like, so go all out every time. treat these like actual books rather than just fics.

Structurally, this chapter has...some interesting quirks. Mostly in referring to what you see the aftermath of Canterlot wedding as. Namely in that there's the question of confrontation and patience in how Twilight and her friends addressed the issue in the moment, but that Twilight never brought it up again. The shock in having her friends, family and mentor walk out on her. The pain of being abandoned. Stuff like that after the moment. I mean, obviously she moved on at least for a while, but that's where the quirk again bugs me with all the continuity in between.

Anyhow, there are some interesting elements here though. The mythology building is interesting. Getting into how earth, miraculouses and equestria are tied together. Perhaps a bit too babylonian for me in the duality view of creation, but that's just me.

I also like how after everything Marinette is standing up for Chloe in so many ways. Even if that means a lot of pain with Sabrina. And...much as it might be fanciful dreaming, your laying the groundwork for the justice league of miraculous holders. First handing off the peacock to Gabriel, then the fox and bee falling out, and hopefully, one day Marco getting the most dangerous weapon back from Michael, cause you know, the bad butterfly is back and all that. I wonder if he got dropped off by Ludo afterwards or something? I don't know if Ludo does gratitude really, but obviously Ludo let him go, or he escaped back to earth somehow. I would've loved to see how that conversation went.

Speaking of conversations and timing, I just have this vision of Master Fu fretting about not being able to drop off Nooroo, while meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Star Butterfly: I love the end of school parties! I love doing magic! (Sparkle Kitten Fireworks!) But most of all, I love you Marco Diaz! I love how you ground me, and taught me so much about earth, and care about me, and are my bestest best friend in all this dimension. I love you!
Marco (while eating a nacho and smiling): I love you too star. I admit, I kinda became your boyfriend out of guilt and needing a rebound after Marinette rejected me, but I know I love you that way now. By the way, Jackie says she wants to borrow the dimensional scissors to go to prom with Nathaniel this weekend. That ok?
Star: Why not? She deserves to find love too. Oh! We should visit Paris this summer vacation! We could team up with Ladybug and Cat Noir again!!
Marco: That....sounds like a great idea! Definitely.

But now, now the darkness creeps forth once more. And soon, the war shall return.

Cancelled? Did I miss something?

Since hawkmoth is back it is either Chloe of twilight who will get akumatized. And by the cover it's twilight. And it's a combination of Chloe Sunset, Ladybug and Cat Noir

Chole will give up trying to be nice and somehow get the moth miraculous from whoever will have it. And then pray on Princess Twilight because of her hidden anger at the girls. Maybe sunset might get a turn a bit?

Don't compare Miraculous Ladybug with Equestria Girls / MLP. They are not completely the same. Equestria Girls characters are older and Miraculous Ladybug are young pre-teens. They don't have the same size.

Is this cancelled? Please let it not be cancelled because it is really good. Also you left it at such a suspenseful part.

I'm on vacation right now, but I'll try to continue when I come back.

The sun shone through the curtains in Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s room, the golden rays illuminating the pictures of her past exploits which now replaced the photos she had of her crush-turned-boyfriend, Adrien Agreste.

Little correction for you. Good work over all!

Yeah, the shift is awkward. Maybe a bridge of notes and vocalization would help the transition better? Like, do some of the MLP: FiM theme but then speed it up a little bit and grow into Miraculous note patterns.

It also doesn’t help that the Miraculous theme is set to a tempo that’s a little faster than MLP: FiM’s own theme tempo of around 80 bpm. (Did I make sense? I hope I made sense....)

Haha, your point is totally valid! I had no idea who the Mewni princess was until you mentioned Star vs the Forces of Evil. Thanks for pointing that out!

I want to continue reading this, I do! But it’s a little too hard for me. I at least made it this far....

Basically, I like the idea, and I kinda like the execution. I just have a little difficulty reading it.

Maybe I can try to write my own version of this crossover, or look for another story on this crossover. Good work, though, and good luck! Happy reading, Author!

Disclaimer: this comment was not meant to be offending in any way, shape, or form. If it was, then I sincerely apologize.

Did anybody see the SUNSET today? It literal SHIMMERed

“Let anybody down,” they finished in unison. They froze upon realizing this, then chuckled uneasily.

Oh wow. Its rainbow rocks all over again.

“You poor thing,” Marinette said. “On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?”

Big Hero 6

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