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After a particularly bad week at school, Sunset Shimmer runs away from home to get away from all the unpleasantness. Not long after, she meets some particularly weird-looking aliens and a half-human, half-space rock boy, who, for some reason, refer to themselves as "Gems". Soon, Sunset learns about the many adventures of the Crystal Gems and their roles in protecting Earth. The Rainbooms feeling guilty over what they had done, decide to make amends with Sunset. But when all of them end up in the clutches of Homeworld, can they get out of the situation they created before it's too late?

(Crossover with Steven Universe. Not related to either of my previous works.)

(UPDATE: Under new management)

(2nd UPDATE: Uncancelled, for now)

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The sequel to Miraculous Ladybug vs the Forces of Evil.

It has been two months since Hawk Moth and Ludo have been defeated, and peace has returned to Paris as Marinette and Adrien continue their lives as students and defenders of Paris. But the two of them will get another surprise, in the form of Twilight Sparkle and her friends from Equestria, on vacation after defeating Chrysalis yet again. But when old enemies return and a hero succumbs to the darkness within her, can a former bully find the strength within herself to save the day and write herself a happy ending? (Rated T just to be safe.)

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Long ago, in a galaxy, far, far away, a band of rebels dared to strike back against a tyrannical regime. Now these rebels are stuck a colorful land populated by creatures who they never saw before. Will our favorite rebels return home before they and their new friends be destroyed by the Empire?

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