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"That's how we got Majin, the anthropomorphic personification of Depravity. But he's like Pratchett's Death, where he's wholesome and caring." —RBDash47


Midnight Sparkle has destroyed everything, leaving her and Discord.

But now that she's consumed all of existence, what's left?

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And thus, begins the first wave of Midnight Sparkle fics....

May Midnight have mercy on us all, in her soon to be various fimfic forms.

“..and that’s how Hipporia was made!”

I'm picturing Discord as a hippo right now.
Goddamnit Majin.

:rainbowderp: My God... it all makes sense now ...

I am also now re imagining the entire cast as hippos, and it's beautifully terrifying. Well done, Majin Syeekoh. Well done :twilightsmile:

This was odd.

:pinkiehappy: First fic I've seen of Midnight Sparkle, and this one makes me look forward to more!

Majin Syeekoh
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Part of me wants to point out that "hippos" is Latin for horse.

Another part of me really enjoys the idea of a hippopotamus Equestria.

What do?

6467306 Well, I know hippo means horse, but that's the base of the word hippopotamus. Also, I'll go with the hippopotamus theory. That'll make for an interesting fic someday.


Goddamnit, Syeekoh.

Anyone ever read the final Skulduggery book? This kinda reminds me of the final.

Majin Syeekoh
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6467418 I have not read that series.

It sounds interesting, though. I'll have to check it out next time I have money.

6467423 Want me to spoil it? Just a little?

Majin Syeekoh
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6467438 No thanks.

I'll wait until I read through all of the books.:twilightsmile:

6467445 There are 9 books, 12 with the side books so, good luck. It's a worthy read... And the main character is a walking, tuxedo-wearing skeleton who cracks jokes and is a detective.

Majin Syeekoh
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6467452 Sounds like it'd be right up my alley, then.

Thanks for the tip.:pinkiehappy:

We're gonna get a lot of Midnight Sparkle fics now, aren't we? Imma jump on that bandwagon, too, I bet. Nice story, by the way. Screwed me up a bit.

Did Twilight destroy the multiverse or just one universe? :rainbowhuh:

Majin Syeekoh
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6467508 Thank you! It was... interesting to write, to say the least.

6467512 She effectively destroyed the multiverse, yeah. I guess Discord hasn't studied up on what multiple universes are called(also I screwed that one up, but it's easier to blame Discord:twilightblush:)

Well . . . that was handled rather well. No real fight from Twilight to continue to exist. But then again, once you've destroyed everything, then recreating everything is the only thing left to do.

6467508 Your right about that and for good reasons, Im interested to see if Midnight get's her own Character Tag in the FIMfiction site.

What an Awesome story!!! Keep up the Awesome job as usual!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Once upon a time, in the magical land of Hipporia...

This was an interesting read. :twilightsmile: I can't wait for all of the Midnight Sparkle fics.

Wow, this is a neat "what if" scenario. wow, what an insightful and well fleshed out commentary I just left here!

No idea why, but I was really intrigued by this story.

Why people called her Midnight Sparkle is beyond me...

"Facetaloned" is the word of the month!

This story really broke my heart...I thought it was so sad...but the ending...:pinkiesad2:

6467995 It's apparently somewhere in the associated materials that's her name in that form

Nothings come up saying otherwise, so...

6468015 Okay. At least it's fitting...

Majin Syeekoh
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6468042 Yeah, Horse News revealed the toy about six months ago. They just never used the name in television.

Kind of like Chrysalis and Aria Blaze.

6468086 Oh! That makes finally sence! Thanks. I'm not watching american televison nor having intrest in actually buying dolls, so never got that.

I am actually kind of amazed.
You´ve worked with such a depressing concept as the destruction of the entire reality, and still managed to keep it on a funny note. Seriously, Discord´s snarky remarks are hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:
I really enjoy these dialogue driven stories.

Speaking of which, Twilight´s dialogue. At first I thought that she was kinda... stupid due to her constant choice of words, but then I realized. This is a teenage girl who has just destroyed all of creation. Of course she would be kinda slow trying to process all that information.

And that ending is more clever than what it looks like. It makes you wonder... how many universes has Discord lived in after some maniac decided to destroy reality? Just, which maniac destroyed reality the last time to create Equestria? A G3 villain? Is that it? Every time a MLP villain of certain generation succeeds in destroying the universe they become the universe to lead a new generation, waiting for it to be eradicated in a never ending spiral or death and birth? :pinkiecrazy:

In any case, this was quite an entertaining read. I really enjoyed it; great job!

6467553 You should know; as a Time Lord I presume you´ve had to deal with these kind of situations more often than us.

Interesting ... I think what floors me the most is that Discord is somehow immune to The End Of All Things ... or at least partially immune - I don't expect it's good for his mental state. I suppose in time, he may become Kefka or something like him.

I wonder what this Discord has seen, what he's done, what forms he's worn, what names he's gone by ... Loki, Q, Coyote, Sheogorath, El-ahrairah, and more come to mind.

6468252 I like to think discord could get bored enough to create the universe himself and let whoever consumed the last one tough it out on their own, just for something different.

Great story! When Midnight Sparkle appeared in the movie I was bouncing off the walls from fanboying so hard. I've wanted a evil Twilight to be a thing for so long now. I'm looking forward to the many fics people are going to write about her!

Discord looked at his wrist. “Now to wait several billion years…”

After reading that line I imagined Discord floating through the void, sitting on a cushioned armchair with a bubble pipe in his mouth while reading a newspaper.
...Now I really want someone to draw that.

Hippos is greek for horse, while the latin version is Equus.
Which is why Luna's alternate totally should have been Selene.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

6468288 ...yes, you're absolutely right. I must have missed that when I looked it up.

Thank you.

Man, I fucking loved Midnight Sparkle's design. When I saw the part of the movie I was hyped as fuck for boss mode Twilight. Too bad there was no actual fight scene, and instead we got a deus ex machina sunrise shimmer or whatever her boss mode is called.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

6468316 Yeah, I was a little disappointed that Midnight didn't really get to show her stuff, either.

Maybe we'll get a fanfiction that extrapolates a full fight scene.

6467342 hippos is Greek for horse potamos is Greek for lake. hippopotamos is hippopotamus so river-horse.

I'd honestly like a Human Twilight tag to distinguish from Equestrian Twilight, since she is plainly a distinct character.

Heck, they interact at the end of the movie.

Hopefully, but honestly, I find fight scenes to be incredibly hard to write well. So might be awhile before we get anything actually good.

Well to be fair, just like the Princess Twilight Sparkle tag, it would be fucking pointless. We don't need more than one tag for a character.

6468330 What we need is an actual Midnight Sparkle tag. We can't simply search Twilight Sparkle fics looking for Midnight Sparkle fics. And since we already have a Luna tag and a Nightmare Moon tag, I don't know why this shouldn't be a thing.
6468329 I knew it was something to do with rivers, because they live near the water, but was too lazy to search and find the actual meaning of Hippopotamus. I'll still stick with the Hippopotamus version of Equestria, though.
Just picture Nightmare Moon like a hippo and you'll understand why.

At least she didn't go and pee on the rug like that last nihilist did.

That rug really tied the room together.

6468334 Luna is Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon has her own tag.
The Mane 6 are the Power Ponies. The Power Ponies have their own tag.

This kind of reminded me of that Futurama episode where Fry is constantly traveling through time, seeing the universe end and be reborn several times. Anyways, great story! Also, hippos better be the theme of G5 or I leave the fandom. :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon are different enough though, there is a legitimate reason for them having separate character tags, plus last I recall the dark magic in Luna basically controlled her and used her as a vessel unless I'm thinking of some fanfiction reason and in which case, nevermind about that part. As for the power ponies, the reasoning behind this is for the sole fact that they aren't the mane six. Did you even watch the show? Because if you did, you would know that they were sucked into the comic and replaced the characters in said comic. They aren't the power ponies.

And if anything, Scilight/EQG Twilight is essentially a modified S1 Twilight. Another problem that arises with having a separate character tag for the EQG counterparts, is if Twilight had one, so would everyone else.

HA!!! Clearly I'm superior to Midnight Spackle since I SURVIVED recreating the universe after blowing it up!

...which was totally an accident when I was a little too curious about what would happen if I had everything meet anti-everything...

I had just enough energy left to become a human! :yay:

With MRSA on my butt... :facehoof:

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