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Canterlot has been liberated after the changeling invasion, but Twilight cannot let go of the heartache from being disowned by her brother.

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Thank you, I've been waiting for a story where they didn't get off scott free!

So, I read this and started hating everyone except Shining Armor. Who was under a spell. In contrast to that violent psychopath Twilight, and Cadance... ugh. She even admitted he was under a spell, but doesn't care! What a self-absorbed piece of work this Twilight is.

Hopefully, they leave Canterlot and never come back.

I'm not going to downvote this, but if the goal was to make things right... no. This Twilight is a villain.

False, Shining was in complete control of himself when he cast her out of the wedding.

As to this:

"So, there's no wedding?" whimpered Pinkie Pie.

Oh, yes, Pinkie.:ajbemused:
Because that's the oh-so important thing right now, right?!:facehoof::twilightangry2::ajbemused:

Especially Shining Armor!

Twilight even said he was under a spell. She saw him be mind-whammied. He didn't even know if the wedding was over or what happened. It makes no sense to say he was aware just for this one thing.

I mean, it's your story, but to me, it's many ponies being yelled at and injured over a stupid* grievance.

*not saying you're stupid, mind.

8272947 This man gets my respect, and my like.

Yeah, when he was in the same room with Cadence. It wasn't the same in the wedding rehearsal.

And keep in mind, this isn't a story that is complex like Faith & Doubt or have any major plot points. This is straight up, bare bones accusation to the core.

For what? Making an error in judgment? I'm not a fan of how the rest of the Mane Six acted in the first part, but they at least had reasons for it (thinking "Cadance" was just suffering from pre-wedding jitters, and being swayed by her false tears). Twilight would have to be pretty vindictive to not forgive them. And Shining Armor was brainwashed by Chrysalis, so he can't be blamed for it.

Having Twilight hold a grudge over those events would be the opposite of everything she stands for.

Nice very nice, that is what I called karma and it perfect.

This I gotta see.

8273038 I understand, but I just wanted to see one story where she didn't forgive them!

wow this story is pretty bad

Even though he was brainwashed, he legitimately sided with "Cadence" over Twilight. He meant the things he said to her from the bottom of his heart.

8273116 Thank you for defending me!

Comment posted by Barricade deleted Jul 3rd, 2017

It always bothered me that when Twilight accused Cadence of being evil that everyone pretty much just ignored her and left her, but Applejack was the only one that apologized to her in that episode, but other than that this is an interesting story I will continue reading it looking forward to the next chapter.

Glad you enjoyed, but it will probably take a while for me to brainstorm what to put up in the next chapter. Writing isn't my strong point, but I try. :pinkiesmile:

No he didn't, he was still under her control even during the rehearsal. If she had him under her total control why would she free him for any amount of time? It's counterproductive to her Invasion plan and therefore makes no sense.

So yes, he was under a spell the entire time.

Blaming him for what he did is the equivalent to blaming the Mane five for what they did under Discord's control.

These guys get it! :pinkiehappy:

"I'm sure they will eventually cool off. These are indeed troubled times, but hopefully it will soon pass." said Celestia.

Celestia, you have a history of making enemies who can hold pretty nasty grudges. Sunset Shimmer and Nightmare Moon are prime examples of what I mean.

"What would you done if you were in that position!?"

bad idea you idiot.

Sometime, you're greatest enemies is yourselves.

And I'm sure that that's just a fraction of all the grudges she's caused.

And of course, there's no excuse for rudeness. EVER.

Another one? I admit her friends did leave her, but they paid for it with the invasion. Her brother was BRAINWASHED! Seeing Twilight so violent is OOC.

This is about to get intresting.*runs to fallout shelter*

I imagened that if twilight ranted more it would have looked like this

I wonder if there are any angry unicorn powered fireworks. because if there were then they would be going off around now.

Well.....This has gotten interesting. And I'm gonna say it all to those who think Shining Armor was under "Cadence's" control the entire time. Though there are minor implications it looked more like she only used her power for minor adjustments. Though it may seem illogical keep in mind that this moron revealed herself to Twilight after she thought she won. To keep Shining Armor blissfully ignorant instead of fully under her control would have worked to Chrysalis's advantage because he would've viewed any accusation of Cadance being evil as an attack on his bride to be. So in my opinion Twilight is right to be angry but I do believe she went a bit overboard. I look forward to reading more.

Well. . . That escalated quickly.

*clears throat* Sometimes, your greatest enemy is yourself.

Interesting enough for you to answer with a sarcastic little post, eh? Fortunately, I'm not looking for trouble. So, good day, sir or madam.

"I guess I deserved this then." said Shining Armor in defeat.

Oh Shining, you have nopony to blame but yourself. :flutterrage:

Maybe she did, but what Shining just said right before she did brought her to the breaking point. She saw nothing but red.

hope there's more! i love it!

also, why is Applejack's name tag on this when clearly ALL of her friends betrayed her?

1. I reached the limit of characters to select.

2. She's the one with the most dialogue out of the other Mane 5.

understandable, but i'm pretty sure name tags don't matter because of dialogue, they matter cos certain characters have a part to play. lol

I could still take it out, don't really see the need now that you mention it.

though you should put the 'Mane 6' name tag on now.

Whoa, just... whoa... Twilght strangling her brother was both unexpected and kind of going too far, but so far so good with the rest of the story! We all await more! Also you made a small mistake of using goddamn when it should be something like "Celestia Damn" and at "He didn't just let his sister down but his fiancé as well," that should be a his and not a her..

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