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When the caribou invaded, it seems all hope was lost. Even Luna and Celestia were no match for the cruel King Dainn of the caribou. However, in their darkest hour, Luna called upon one last hope to save them all.

She summons a champion.

She summons a Kamen Rider.

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Me gusta seeing dead caribou:pinkiecrazy:

First off we should all not be ashamed of our fetishes, second great story and i hope to see more of your chrys-puff and more alt fall of equestia... question would you do one with your oc Sauron coming in killing the caribou only to take over herself?


That's another idea to consider. With all that negative emotions, I'm sure Horror Gates would be formed. Also, how did you find this oneshot?

8075746 Find? as it literally find it or terms of thoughts? cause for the latter i thought it was nice i mean you used your oc Topper quite well as a deus ex machina honestly i bet he's also like Discord and found it annoying someone took the power of chaos for their own means, I also like the king's break down to losing to a woman, hell if you do another one of these use Wonder Woman or Sailor Moon now that be really bad for his self esteem, but also i am always left curious at the end of this like with your first story of the succubus about the road to rebuilding but this is very statisfying and i look forward to more fall of equestia one shots.

Author Interviewer

Completely ridiculous. XD You really should put that A/N at the end, though, you've basically given away the whole story before it even begins.


Yeah, thanks for that. I didn't realize it.


Overnerd, you can read more of my oneshots on my profile page.

8075770 i know i've read most of them mainly the flufflepuff ones i'm not interested in the anon fics.


I meant my Rider fics on FF.Net.

8075868 Yeah i am the same OverNerd on fanfiction as well

Well this is good bit dark but then again I'm not a fan of rape so glad it wasn't wrote in.
It had that to defeat evil with a different kind of evil feel.
Only nitpick was when you reveled Jam's gender identity, you already wrote Jam as a She more then once.

Well I hope to see more Rider/Toku style X MLP stores as well as more fluffle puff one-shots.

And if you interest or you know someone who might I had an idea for a toku style hero set in the MLP-verse.


Thanks for mentioning that. I must've missed those pronouns.

Now this is a FoE fanfic that I can get behind, the Caribou King being defeated like that was PERFECT, not to mention that the Kamen Rider being a girl instead of a guy really threw me for a loop, showing that even women can take out asshole jerks easily, well done and I hope you write more stories like this.

Another downfall of the caribou my cup of tea

Hey, KR Chrome,

mind if I add this to the Post-Fall / Crossover section of Schorl Tourmaline's Fall of Equestria Fangroup?

Excellent job on the fic, and eventhough I wasn't expecting a female Kamen Rider. I actually did like why you put that there for Dainn to have a mental breakdown, because it would actually serve as good punishment to him for his blinded actions as he deserved no less than a humiliating death. I never liked this fan made universe, but I sadly admit that I've had my fetishes when I saw some comics and pictures of Celestia with big lactating breasts, and I do regret ever losing myself to those. But I am glad to see that there are others still against this dark alternate universe, and I've even seen a petition on the web signed by roughly 150 people to get it off the web. :)

Pay evil unto evil, I suppose. Guess that's the best way of dealing with the jackass.

Thank you for making a story with the caribu king being killed like the bastard he is.

A certainly nice read there.

Love seeing Kamen Rider fics with Luna in them.
Wonder what other Kamen Rider stuff Luna might be involved in?

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