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Just a latin american guy who wants to post his stories in the site. That's all.


Falling in love is a wonderful thing that everybody should feel in some point of their lives. Sometimes in early years, sometimes in old years. But everything in excess can be harmful, even love, especially if this lasts too long.

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This story is AWESOME!!:raritystarry::heart::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

I ... I .... I do not have words to describe how my heart stayed after this story, it's serious:twilightsmile:! Loved their one-short. I'm new to this site, and I'm brazilian (but that has nothing to do with it, right?:facehoof:) Please if this has a sequel I'll just let you continue.:heart::heart:


Thanks for the comment. :twilightsmile:


Glad you like it and welcome to the site :twilightsmile:

This was really nice to read. Great job1 ^u^

You know, read this in Spanish first, and now here, and I'm going to say... It's still cool. My heart broke with the end (wouldn't mind a sequel with the answer to why dumb-Rainbow didn't answered, like, you know, them talking after practice or something) like it did with Spanish, but. It. Was. Awesome.

(Going to put it in Soarindash and Other files 'cause I have no idea in wich it would go)

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