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Just a latin american guy who wants to post his stories in the site. That's all.


In one of her night flies, Rainbow Dash finds Pinkie Pie talking alone and decides to find out why. The surprise that take's only surpassed by the lesson learned at the end.

Set after "Tanks for the memories".

Translated by myself.
Edited by Troubleshooter
Pre-reading by my friend Mistress Spectrum

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

The story itself is good.
But please, do get somebody to proofread next time yes?
The changes in tenses and other grammatical errors just make it hard to appreciate a good story.

I concur.


So both are saying that, even with the editor and the prereader, there are grammatical problems with the fanfic? :derpyderp1:

It was a good story but your 'proofreader' didn't do a good job of helping you fix the mistakes.

Sadly, yes. For what it's worth, I still enjoyed the concept, but there were a few obvious problems.

The story was good enough that I managed to enjoy it despite the errors.


Thanks, I'll take care of the mistakes in the near future. :twilightsmile:

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