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Just a latin american guy who wants to post his stories in the site. That's all.


After asking Pinkie for help with her studies, Rainbow finds between the borrowed books the diary of Pinkie, full of personal information about the pink girl, but just one thing caught her attention.

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Really good story, hope to see a follow up.

this reminds me of another story I read that had a somewhat similar premise, but with only Cadence and Sci-Twi as the main focus. Still good though.

A good idea and not one you get often. Makes you want to see where Pinkie would go next but not required.


Thanks for the comment, maybe in the future there will be a sequel.:twilightsmile:


Thanks for the comment. :twilightsmile:


Thanks for the comment. :twilightsmile:

Oh my gosh, that was so cute!! I'd never thought of pairing Pinkie Pie and Shining Armor but you did an awsome job!!:pinkiesmile:

Shining Pie? Pinkie Armour? maybe Shi-Pink-ing-ie Ar-Pie-Mour!!

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