My Secret Crush

by Exelion

First published

After asking Pinkie for help with her studies, Rainbow finds between the borrowed books the diary of Pinkie, full of personal information about the pink girl, but just one thing caught her attention.

After asking Pinkie for help with her studies, Rainbow finds between the borrowed books the diary of Pinkie, full of personal information about the pink girl, but just one thing caught her attention.

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Dear Diary

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It was a sunny day at Canterlot High, with birds singing and stuff, and a bunch of teenage students walking around, looking at things in their lockers and chatting before heading to their next class. For example, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were in front of the pink girl’s locker looking for something.

“Thanks again for letting me borrow some history books and your notes, Pinkie.” said Rainbow Dash.

“No problem Dashie, I love helping friends out, especially if it helps a friend avoid summer school and spend time together.” answered Pinkie, rooting around her locker.

“Yeah, I need the whole summer to practice, and I don’t have time to waste at school studying over and over again.” she added, resting her back on a closed locker next to her with both hands behind her head “Tell me again, how did you get so good at history anyway?”

“I really don’t know how to answer that, ooh! Look! A cupcake!” Pinkie exclaimed managing to stuff half of her body inside to grab it it “And it’s still fresh! Wait, what was the question?”

“Nevermind…” Rainbow replied, rolling her eyes as Pinkie pulled herself out of the locker.

“Oh right! the history thingy…” pinkie puts a hand to her chin in thought “Dunno, I just like history. Want to hear some awesome facts?”

“Now you sound just like Twilight and her nerdy lectures.”

“Which one?” Pinkie asks.


“Remember the first time H-Twilight hanged out with us?”

“‘H-Twilight’?” Rainbow asks, confused.

“You know, human Twilight.”

“And the other Twilight is what? ‘E-Twilight’?”

“No silly! She’s P-Twilight, the P stands for ‘Pony Princess’.” Pinkie explained, giddily.

Rainbow just nodded, mentally adding new Pinkie words to her dictionary as the school bell rang loudly, and everyone around them hurried up to their respective classes.

“Here!” Pinkie said, dropping a textbook and three fully used notebooks to Rainbow, who caught them in midair “Hope that’s enough for you to pass the test.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. thanks Pinkie, gotta go,” said Rainbow, running to her class.

“Bye!” Pinkie called, zipping off to her own class.

That night, Rainbow tried her best to stay focused on memorizing the contents of her notebook and the pink highlighted text. It was better organized that she’d thought, the owner was Pinkie Pie after all.

She’d skipped football practice and stayed up until midnight reading all she could. When the moon was at its highest point, she was tired, her eyes half-closing every now and then, her head resting in her arms.

“Stupid professor Discord and his dumb goatee.” Rainbow muttered, staring at the ceiling “Okay, that’s enough for today.”

She closed the book and threw it over her shoulder and onto the notebooks, knocking them over and falling to the floor. She leaned to pick them up, but something caught her eye: a notebook different from than the others with a colorful cover with Pinkie’s name in big letters on the top and a big letter “D” in the center.

Rainbow’s initial thoughts were dirty and she decided to read the little note at bottom: “D stands for Diary, you silly”. She chuckled and opened it, curiosity replacing her tiredness for at least a few minutes.

After reading for several pages, Rainbow discovered that the diary itself was boring; every page was a summary of her daily life with no big secrets whatsoever. The diary wasn’t worth the three-second fight she had with her conscience.

But before closing it, a page caught her attention, a few bits of pink glitter falling out, it was unusual because, aside from that one page, everything had been clean and well written by Pinkie Pie standards. When she turned to the page, her eyes widened and she gasped. Then a smile appeared on her face, an especially wicked one.

The next day in the cafeteria, most Rainbow’s friends sat chatting, however two of the usual occupants were missing until Rainbow Dash sat down with her lunchbag.

“Hi girls.”

“Hi Rainbow.” they all replied except for Twilight, who just waved her hand.

“Where’s Pinkie?” Rainbow asked, looking around.

“It’s choosing the perfect cupcake.” Fluttershy replied.

“Don’t forget today is cupcake day.” added Rarity pointing to the table full of cupcakes “Heaven knows she doesn’t”.

The others turned around to see Pinkie jumping from one side of the table to the other giggling to herself.

“Why’re yah’ asking?” Applejack inquired.

“Yesterday Pinkie lent me some history notebooks but one of them was her diary!”

“Rainbow, I don’t think it’s a good idea…” Sunset warned, knowing what Rainbow had planned.

“My conscience tried and failed Sunset, don’t even bother.” interrupted Rainbow “So I was looking at the diary and found nothing but boring stuff until I got to this page.” Rainbow said, bringing out the diary and opening it to the page.

“No, we’re not looking at it, it’s such a disrespectful thing to do to a friend.” commented Rarity, looking away.

The others also averted their eyes.

“It’s about Pinkie’s secret crush~.” Rainbow sang, grinning in victory

Everybody’s eyes widened and quickly took the diary to read the same words Rainbow had. Everything else wouldn’t have caught their attention; after all it was Pinkie, the happiest girl in town. It was a well known fact that her happiness existed thanks to her passion for baking, her friends and her family and nothing else. Because of that no one expected to find out she had a crush on someone, and that made her happier than usual.

Everyone’s reactions were unique; Applejack tipping her hat, Rarity playing with her hair between her fingers and Fluttershy patting Angel who sat on her skirt under the table. But of all the reactions, Twilight had the most confused one, a mix between happiness for her new friend finding love, but also the subject of it and her concerns regarding it.

After a whole minute of processing “My brother?!” Twilight screamed.

The others shushed her, Twilight lowering her head “But it’s my brother!”

“And it’s so sweet; our dear Pinkie finally found someone to love.” Rarity said, dreamily.

“How’s that even possible? She only saw him that one time when he picked me up from school a few weeks ago.” objected Twilight.

“And it’s love at first sight.” remarked Sunset, joining Rarity and Fluttershy in sighing.

“But he’s so much older than her…” Twilight replied.

“Looks like she doesn’t care about that, and it’s not like we were talking about the janitor, it’s just your twenty-something brother.” Rainbow refuted.

“He’s twenty five.”

“See? Nothin’ wrong with it,” said Applejack “And we’re just teasin’ you sugarcube, after all, it’s just a platonic thing, right?”

“Yeah... sorry, I’m not used to all the things that friendship implies.” apologized Twilight “It’s just a crush. It’s not like Pinkie would make a move on my brother or something like that, I got stressed for nothing.”

Everyone at the table nodded, except for Rainbow who was thinking.

“You’re right egghead, she would never try to make a move on your brother, but we can.”

“What?!” exclaimed Twilight.

Before she could say anything else, Pinkie took a seat next to Rainbow with a pyramid of cupcakes on her food tray, blocking her vision long enough to let Rainbow hide the diary. Everyone faked a smile when she ate half of her lunch in one bite, excluding Rarity, who turned a little green.

“Oh, hi Rainbow, didn’t see you there.” Pinkie said after swallowing “How was your study session? Did my notes help?”

“They were fine.” Rainbow replied, zipping up her bag.

“Great! Um… silly question, but did you find something strange with the stuff I gave you?” Pinkie asked with a begging smile.

Rainbow looked around to see her other friends glances, no one said anything, but she knew deep down that they will follow her lead on this.

“Nothing to report.” answered Rainbow.

Pinkie’s mind started mentally searching every place in existence where her diary might be. The cupcakes on the tray were disappearing as a result of this, as if they were fuel for her brain. The girls around the table looked at Rainbow, their faces asking the same thing.


The sporty girl just winked in response.

“So Pinkie, I was just thinking, now that we have a new girl, maybe we could invite her to her first pajama party with us.”

The word “Party” snapped Pinkie from her thoughts.

“That sounds great! You can finally join us on one of our special nights H-Twi.”


“Don’t ask.” warned Rainbow.

“We’ll watch some movies, play truth or dare, talk until sunrise, have Rarity give us makeovers, and prank calls.” said Pinkie, excited “And everything will be hosted at the best house to have parties, mine!”

“That sounds fi-”

“Hold on a second,” interrupted Rainbow putting her hand in Twilight’s face “Pinkie, it’s her first pajama party, remember that we have to do it in her place.”

Pinkie gasped “You’re absolutely right Rainbow! Silly me, how could I forget the first-pajama-party tradition?”

Twilight’s mind clicked, Rainbow Dash was faster and jabbed her in the ribs.

“Ehm, I would hate break such important tradition but…”

“Any plans this Saturday?” Pinkie asked.

“No, but…” Twilight replied.

“Strict parents?” Pinkie inquired again.

“No, my parents will be away for the weekend, but…”

“Any responsible adult in case of emergency?”

“Just my brother but…” Twilight was realizing she had no say in the matter.

“But what?!” Pinkie asked excited.

Twilight thought about it for a minute. It was it a coincidence that Rainbow had suggested my house for the party after showing us Pinkie’s diary? What’s the worst that could happen? Chills ran down her spine. It would risk Shining’s job in the police force if they found out that he and an underage teenager had…

No, Rainbow can’t be that mean.

Maybe it was something else; just to play with Pinkie’s feelings or…

“So?” asked Pinkie Pie again.

Maybe it won’t be as bad as she thinks.

“Yes, we can do it at my house.”

The following Saturday, the girls attended the pajamas party at Twilight’s place.

That night, they watched some tv, played video games with Rainbow’s system, ate a lot of whipped cream that Pinkie brought from her home. Shining Armor was in his room, reading an old book of his on his day free from work, sometimes he checked on his sister and her friends while grabbing something from the fridge and saw the girls playing around in their pajamas. On a normal Saturday, he would have hung out with his friends in the force, but after a request from his parent to watch over Twilight and her friends during her first slumber party, he gladly accepted, taking this opportunity to relax at home for a little bit.

The only time Pinkie went to the bathroom, the girls asked Rainbow what her master plan was. She said nothing, but she had everything set up, and it was time to put it into action. When Pinkie returned, Rainbow said:

“Okay guys, it’s time for some truth or dare!”

They exclaimed excitedly and sat in a circle on the floor when Rainbow brought an empty cider bottle that sat nearby. Her light blue hand touched the glass, putting every finger in position as previously planned in order to give the bottle the necessary force to spin fast enough and land on the right person. She took a second to look at her friends; a grin on her face, Pinkie was just in front of her, smiling, ignorant of whatever Rainbow had in store for her. Rarity and Applejack were waiting for her to spin the bottle, impatiently waiting for some secrets to be spilled. Fluttershy was, well, shy, but not as much as Twilight was; revealing secret information about herself at her pajama party was not part of her plan, with a nervous look she was thinking of an excuse to leave the room just in case, maybe taking out Spike to tend to his needs. Sunset was sitting next to her, also nervous.

“Let’s go!” said Rainbow spinning the bottle.

Everyone but Twilight cheered as the bottle started to stop on someone. Rainbow didn’t need to do that though, she knew exactly who the bottle will end up pointing at. It wasn’t the first time she’d done that, as on countless occasions she manipulated the bottle to make some of her friends confess their deepest secrets. No one ever suspected a thing. It had taken several nights of practice, but she mastered it.

That’s why she didn’t react when the bottle pointed at Pinkie.

“Alright Pinkie, truth or dare?” asked Rainbow.


It wasn’t part of her plan that Pinkie’d choose truth, but she had a backup plan.

“Okay, tell me... the secret ingredient of your mega party cupcake is-?”

“Wait!” Pinkie interrupted her “Did I say truth? I meant dare!”

“Okay then, I dare you... to go to Shining’s room a kiss him!” Rainbow exclaimed, pointing her finger at Pinkie.

Everybody gasped at Rainbow’s plan and looked at Pinkie, who had a nervous expression on her face and nervously looking around.

“O-on the lips?” Pinkie asked nervously.

“Yeah.” Rainbow replied, grinning like a cartoon villain.

“S-simple kiss or French kiss?” Pinkie asked again, but this time with a slight blush in her cheeks and digging into in her fantasies.

“Simple Pinkie, we don’t want to scare him.” Rainbow said, rolling her eyes

“I-I don’t know Rainbow, maybe we’re making Twilight uncomfortable with this.” she said bringing Twilight to her side with a fake smile “See?”

“I’m not uncomfortable with this, and it’s just a simple kiss, Shining will understand.” Twilight replied, her glasses askew.


“Pinkie, you go in there and kiss him or you’ll have to tell us the secret ingredient of your most delicious cupcake, your choice.” warned Rainbow.

“Okay, okay, I’ll go!” Pinkie relented.

She got up and walked out of Twilight’s room, closing the door behind her. Pinkie let a sigh of relief escape, getting a few seconds of peace before confronting the subject of her feelings. She had seen Shining’s door a few times that night, but never heard a sound coming out, not even music or a tv. As she was approaching the room, she imagined he’d brought work home, or maybe he was with his hot, sexy and similarly aged girlfriend making out passionately, getting intimate and reaching second base.

She shook her head, returning to reality. Now that Pinkie was in front of the door, she could see the light escaping from under it, he was in there. She raised her hand to knock and noticed how it was shaking, she was about to fulfill one of her dreams, kissing the guy she’d desired for so long. She bit her lip, and then knocked three times.

“Twily? What’s up? Everything’s okay?” Shining asked from inside the room.

He’s so caring.

“Hi, It’s Pinkie Pie.” she answered through the door.

“Oh, do you girls need anything?”

“No, Twilight sent me looking for something in your room.”

“Come on in.” Shining replied.

She gulped and grabbed the knob, contemplating for a few seconds running away before she opened the door and entered the room.

Meanwhile, when the door closed, the girls looked at Rainbow.

“So that was your plan all along?” asked Twilight.

“Brilliant right?” Rainbow replied, still grinning

“It was rather clever, actually.” Rarity said, smiling.

“Yeah, why don’t ya put this much effort inta school?” questioned Applejack.

“What are you, my mom? Besides, this is important. I have a feeling that Pinkie will thank me for this.” answered Rainbow getting up “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make sure that our pink friend doesn’t turn yellow and actually does it. No offense Fluttershy”

Rainbow walked out to Shining’s room and putted her ear to the door. Soon she heard Pinkie talking with him.

There she was, in the same room as him, breathing the same air, she was looking at him, he looking at her. Dressed in a grey shirt and jogging pants of the same colour, Shining was sitting on the edge of the bed, a book open in the place he’d been reading before sat on the night table under the lamp. Although his room stayed almost the same after high school, he was planning to move out someday in the future, and Pinkie was surprised by all of the the nerdy stuff in there; he was Twilight’s brother after all.

“So what’s she looking for?” asked Shining, breaking the silence “I didn’t take anything of hers.”

“Oh, uhm… I really don’t want to bother you with silly things.” Pinkie said with a nervous glance.

“C’mon, you’re not bothering me. Just tell me anything and I’ll help.”

And then he stood up. Pinkie could see how tall he was, a big smile appeared on her face and her legs were trembling. It was his fault for being so handsome; how could he dare to have that blue hair, those light blue eyes and that little smile?

She was once again daydreaming with a notable blush in her cheeks.

“Don’t you remember? Let’s go ask Twilight.” he said, heading to the door.

“Wait!” she exclaimed.

Her eyes begged for him to stay, with her. He stopped mid-step, confused. Then she took a deep breath.

“I’m not here because Twilight asked me to look for something. I’m here ‘cause Rainbow dared me to.”

“And what was the dare?” he asked, still confused

“Kiss you…” Pinkie whimpered, looking at her feet.

Time froze in that instant. He gave her a weird look and put his hands behind his head.

“On the lips…” Pinkie continued.

“Okay, I think I…” Shining began.

“A simple kiss, not French.”

“Okay, I think I get it Pinkie.” Shining replied with a small frown.

Neither of them could find the rights words to say. She wanted to end this so badly, the tension was unbearable, and both could feel it bearing down on them.

“Just kidding, gotta go!” Pinkie yelled, running past Shining and grabbing the knob.

Rainbow Dash jumped backwards in surprise, ready to sprint quietly back to Twilight’s room. But she watched the knob instead, waiting for any signal of movement, but it was still. Instead, Shining and Pinkie kept talking.

“Wait, there’s no need to leave.” said Shining “If you leave now, they’ll punish you, right? I’d feel guilty if you got hurt.”

Pinkie slowly turned around to find an enthusiastic smile in his face.

“C’mon, I’ll help with your dare.” Shining said, extending his hand to her.

Am I daydreaming again? This can’t be real. Pinkie thought to herself.

She looked at his hand, then his face, and once again at his hand. Pinkie doubted for a second but in the end, she extended her hand and held it. Her hand was subtly sweating and his hand was cold as always.

“Let’s get comfortable.”

Shining brought her to his bed and they both sat in the edge. Now the same height, Pinkie noticed that the lamp on the night table behind him gave Shining a glowing silhouette. Time slowed down again, contrary to her heartbeats that quickly escalated as they drew even closer.

Rainbow once again had her ear glued to the door, waiting to hear the exact sounds of two people making out; and that’s what she got.

Their lips connected with a single motion, a blush appearing even brighter on Pinkie’s face. Shining remained calm during the kiss, but Pinkie giggled excitedly without breaking the kiss.

In that moment, her doubts were gone, this was real. Real enough to feel it without seeing it, an action strong enough to break the barrier of dreams and turn it into a reality. But just like real life, it was short.

The best three seconds of her life until then.

Shining leaned back and broke the kiss. There he could see the big smile on her face, with all her teeth.

“I think that’s all.” said Pinkie, standing up to leave “Thanks Shining, now my secret recipe will still be a secret after all, I’ll send you a couple hundreds of cupcakes someday in gratitude.”

“Wait!” exclaimed Shining.

“What? Are you mad about the kiss? Please don’t tell your parents, Twilight is a good friend, she doesn’t deserve to be punished.”

“No, it’s not about the kiss, there’s something in your eyes.” Shining said, stepping closer.

“Where?” she asked, worried.

“Here.” He leaned down to hold her chin and kissed her again.

She had to be daydreaming, it couldn’t be possible that Shining was kissing her again, at least not the way he was doing it; it was more passionate and loving. At first she tensed up in surprise, but when she grabbed his free hand looking for something to touch and feel, she knew it was real. Not only was it real enough to break barriers, but she could feel her mind leaving her body and flying through the sky until reached the limit and there, in the thin line between the night sky and the space, fireworks of every colour in existence exploding around her, the sparks raining down on her, tickling her skin.

She wanted to scream, to jump, to do Pinkie stuff so bad, but when Shining broke the kiss for to take some air and return, her mind returned to reality and reminded her to stay cool and enjoy the moment. So when their lips connected again, she did her best to return the passion. She hugged him and their bodies touched, synchronizing their heartbeats.

Neither of them knew how much time they had spent like that, and even if she didn’t want it to, it had to end. Pinkie broke the kiss and made some distance; and this time, she could see a gentle smile on his face.

“Wow…” they said at the same time.

“Th-that was so good, b-but why did you do it? A second and even awesome kiss wasn’t part of the dare.” asked Pinkie.

“Well, I saw the look in your eyes, the same one I had long time ago.” Shining admits.


“Yeah, when I was about your age, I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in my class, but I was kinda shy back then and I sorta did nothing to get her attention” Shining took a moment to sight, staring at the ceiling “And I always regretted that, not being man enough to talk to her and all that time I wasted thinking about her.”

When Shining looked at Pinkie again, he noticed the look of confusion on her face, so he decided to ask her a question.

“You have a crush on me, don’t you?”

Pinkie’s eyes widened.

“Oh c’mon, you can’t make that face after a kiss.”

“Y-yes, I do.” Pinkie admitted.

“That’s why I did it. In the end, if I could’ve gotten anything from the girl I had a crush on, it would’ve been a kiss. Nothing more, nothing less. Though I don’t feel the same way, I can at least give you something to remember your first crush by. With joy, not sadness.”

“That’s the most beautiful thing someone’s said to me, ever, but...” her tone became serious “Would you do that for any girl with a crush on you?”

“Well, not everyone, but I would for pretty pink girls like you.” he answered gently caressing her cheek, eliciting a blush.

“I think it’s time for you to go, the others must be waiting for you.” Shining said, grabbing her hand and leading her to the door.

“Can I ask you one more question?” Pinkie piped, looking up at him.


The pink girl took a deep breath and asked in the fastest way she could.


“What?” muttered Rainbow to herself from the other side of the door.

Shining could barely understand the question from the excited girl who was waiting for an answer. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings and ruin the moment so he answered with the first thing he came up with.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Pinkie cheered, hugging him “Okay, bye!”

She grabbed the knob, opened the door and left the room, unknowingly slamming Rainbow between the door and the wall.

Shining stood there, asking to himself what he had agreed to, but decided that was Future Shining’s problem.

After walking down the hall she entered Twilight’s room, and everyone looked at her.

“So? How was it?” asked Rarity.

Then, Pinkie took a deep breath once again and opened her mouth, ready to release all of the emotions in her chest.

“It was okay.” she said with a barely contained grin, sitting down to continue the game.

Everyone gave her a smile, knowing that she enjoyed the opportunity to kiss her crush.

“Hey Pinkie, think fast.” Rainbow groaned, entering the room and throwing the diary to Pinkie, who caught it in midair.

Confused, she stared at Rainbow and realized that everything had been planned from the very beginning. Then she looked at the other girls, realizing that they were part of it, even Twilight.

Pinkie jumped onto Rainbow, trapping her in a hug and the rest of her friends joined in. The first pajama party at Twilight’s was special. It was organized by Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, after all.

“Thanks, Rainbow.” Pinkie whispered in her ear.