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Synthetic Soul

Everything I do is mediocre. Anything good that I do, I do on accident.


Crackfic: take NOTIHING seriously For years, Celestia has dreamed of having a child. And now, after many years, she has found a child of her very own. And he is a precious gift from above.

Look, I had some stuff prepared for this description, but I forgot it, and there's something funny on TV right now, so I...

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thats a VERY, VERY, disrespectful son :pinkiecrazy:

how I stay the gorgeous hunk that I am! You have a problem, you want to go? I can bench 270lbs and I can curl 80s in each arm, come at me bro, I’ll wreck your shit!

this is so awesom you made my day ha ha ha!!!

7991656 Thanks! Also, you're my 200th follower, so thank you for that!

7991685 wooohhhoo!! Yeee!!

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