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Come join me in my insanity. I wish to write till I write no more. If I stop now, I fear I'll never start again.


Twenty years before the release of Nightmare Moon from her prison, Anonymous is locked in a deadly dream battle with her. This all comes about when Nightmare establishes a strong dream connection with Equestria after five-hundred years of concentration and learns of a creature named Anon. She also learns that he holds the key to more power and evil knowledge then anything Equestria has ever seen and she wants that knowledge for herself. Join us, as we see this epic battle for the knowledge that should never be in Equestria. Enjoy the nightmare that comes.

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This was interesting but it feels a little incomplete. Not sure why.

7885147 Sleep deprivation will do that to you, hehehe. Regardless, thanks for the feedback. Sure can use it.

Interesting story. Would be interesting to see a followup story one day.

7885393 you could follow to find out. I've got a similar type of premise in my next one.

Really good idea, please continue this line of thought.

7891093 hmm, maybe I should. I'll start brainstorming to see how that would work.

7891142 If you need any help with coming up with ideas, I'm willing to help. I think you've come up with a good idead and I think that idea should grow.

7891182 I'm good on the ideas portion. I'm just structuring it in my head. I've got to let it ferment before its ready. I know I'm describing something more akin to a drink here but for all intents and purposes, that's what these stories are...drinks....for your brain....close enough of an analogy I would hope.

I'm surprised no one is calling out anon's logic. I mean, during the reading I was wondering why any of the ponies were letting this happen until I read this:

For now, you were just happy you avoided nearly telling Celestia what was going on. You felt like you had to deal with this problem alone.

So is there any actual reason he couldn't tell probably the only pony who would be the most experienced in this topic other than "because the plot"?

7895509 Honestly, I think I was relying a lot on the fact that people who read Anon fics can get this personality that transfers from story to story and understand that a lot of the time the "loner type" is a common personality trait for Anon. It's a cheap trick but I'm still trying to get the bugs sorted out on conveying thoughts and feelings adequately. Will do better next time. Working on edits for this story to fix what I can without changing things.

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