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Very cute so far. I do enjoy some puppy roleplay. :twilightsmile:

Not related to the story but isn't VitalSpark Banned(or at least been gone for awhile now)? I'm confused how she proofread it.

Proofread through Discord. :twilightsmile:

9616913 Ah. Then in that case, my previous comment is moot.

Now, that escalated quickly.

9616 pretty sure a slav puppy is a lot more different than a slave puppy

You kinda quoted a wrong comment?

Most likely meant to answer the author

It was a joke in the small description. That is all.

I thought this was pinkie pie g5

A strong start I really enjoyed! For a three year break you did fantastic. I'm glad you're making it through some bad stuff. Trust me, it'll get better with hard work.

Thank you so much. That really brings a smile to my face.

This was a fun read :) I hope you keep going with it.

Nunnally I don’t read this type of story, but this was actually pretty good

I looked through MagnaLunas Deviantart page a few times and still cant seem to find the image you used. Mind posting a direct link to it?

If the picture as explicit content he can't post a link in a public location according to site rules, even if that public location is a mature fic that requires you to say yes you are legally allowed to view this. He could PM it to you though.


You can find it on Derpibooru.

And I'm a she, by the way. :raritywink:

Yeah, it's weird I usually go straight to they. Side-effect of being tired I guess.

I am super curious and excited to see where this is going~
I really love imaging Twi using Pinkie as her pet~ <3
I'm excited to see what she may do to her in Chapter 2

Knock-knock! Dear author, are you still there?

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