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Is This Place Still Alive? · 10:56pm Dec 17th, 2023

Heck, I've been on this site for over nine years. It's different now and a lot of things are different. Like what's happened to old friends and former friends on here? I'll be honest, I miss conversations here. It's just me and one other!

I'm happy to catch up with absolutely anybody, so add me on snap! It's Lillivvywivvy

Love you!

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New Home + Kitty! · 7:06pm Sep 26th, 2022

Hi everyone! Guess what?!

I've finally moved out, across the country and things are finally piecing themselves together. Also I have my very own baby queen!

Meet Jinx :rainbowkiss:

So how is everyone doing?

Sending love! :heart:

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What The Goose?! Two Years?! · 8:16pm Jul 21st, 2022


Hi guys! Been awhile! :rainbowderp:

Two years since I last posted a thing. Is this place even still alive? Missed a lot of you and it's a shame we lost touch. Always happy to talk. How's everyone doing and what have I missed? :twilightsmile:

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Icelandic Dreki Commission · 1:48pm Jul 27th, 2020

I've been quite a peachy mood lately. I've gotten hooked on Hazbin Hotel and Hamilton on Disney+ and they're literally all I've been watching for three weeks straight. Also I've got pink hair now! Anyone can message if they wanna see, I think it's pretty cute :3

Following with that, if some of you remember last year I bought an adoptable of one of my favourite artists original species. GaƫlleDragons' Icelandic Dreki Logi:

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Ponehs · 8:21pm May 24th, 2020

Posted it on another blog, but wanna see what everyone thinks of my new drawing of my OC. This is my first ever hand drawn digital art piece and the first time I've drawn in four years!

Any feedback would be lovely. :heart:

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Cider · 5:32pm May 2nd, 2020

Lotta shouty people so who is up for a ciders?

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I can now drink in America · 3:38pm Apr 19th, 2020

I've now turned 21 today but still feel no different. Quite shitty about things for the past few years. But hey, I got a marshmallow pillow out of it.

Much cute

Kind of wish I had somewhere to go and something to do, but lockdown stops all of that. Even had to make my own birthday whilst my parents bought my twin one.

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I'm a pupper · 11:33am Jan 3rd, 2020

So yesterday was a nice day. Had some commissions I ordered come in the post. What are they? Take a lookie:

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5 Year Anniversary · 7:16pm Dec 7th, 2019

Welp i'mma be enjoying this by myself. People are shitty but me too. At a birthday so I'm gonna get shit faced and this gonna be fun

Who has there Fim anniversary coming up? Wanna fuck something up with me? Yay

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Christmas Shopping · 1:33pm Dec 6th, 2019

Fancied a day out in a city not far from me with family for some Christmas shopping. I said I'd treat them to a restaurant, but my mum invited my aunt and cousin, and they seemed to have taken control of everything. Wanted to go to a nice restaurant, but everyone seems to be ignoring me and have all decided to go to McDonald's. The place makes me sick. I know it's silly to complain, but I don't like making plans to be ignored.

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