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Arian Blaze

Friendship don't always last, but the ones that do are the best!


After a long night of recording with Neon Lights, Vinyl Scratch comes home to find that there has been a break in. She rushes in to find Octavia sobbing on the floor, a broken cello grasped tightly in her hooves. What has happened to her beautiful marefriend, and is there any way for Vinyl to discover what hides within a room filled with tears, blood and broken pieces?

WARNING: Very suggestive and violent scenes.

Proofreader and collaborator by the wonderful VitalSpark (thankies! :rainbowkiss::heart:)
Cover made by: ACharmingPony on DeviantArt.

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Parents and children argue, it's a natural occurrence. Although, for Spike and Twilight Sparkle, enough is enough. Neither dragon nor pony can stand it any longer. Spike leaves and says he'll never come back . . . What will happen to the Princess of Friendship?

I'd like to thank Lopito-Loopsona, Fracturedheart and the lovely VitalSpark for editing and proofreading this for me. Thanks, guys, it really means a lot. :rainbowkiss:

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This story is a sequel to I have a brother?

While young mare, Bread Sticks, is sitting in her bedroom, practicing with her fiddle, her baby brother, Cheese Sandwich, comes bursting into her room, his eyes bawling with tears.
Confused, Bready tries to figure out what's wrong with him by making him tell her what happened during his day.

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A little filly and her Father are waiting anxiously inside of Manehattan hospital, just outside of the maternity ward.
Each growing second Walnut Cheddar grows restless, hoping that his wife Marmite Sandwich is all right. While little unicorn filly Bread Sticks is jumping off every single wall in excitement. Could she be having a new brother, or a new sister? Or why not both?

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On one side, it is finally the night: Cheese Sandwich is going to confess his feelings for Pinkie Pie. As the night progresses, Cheese begins to notice something is up with Pinkie. What could it be? Was it something he said? Was it something he did?
On the other side, Pinkie Pie is currently confused by her emotions. Unfortunately, what makes it all worse are her nightmares about an old ex. She hopes that these nightmares do not become her reality, and ruin her relationship with Cheese Sandwich.

I do hope you all enjoy this, as much I enjoyed writing it.

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