I have a brother?

by Arian Blaze

We're gonna be the bestest of buddies

"Can I see Mom now?" A little unicorn filly squeaked.

"No, Bread Sticks. For the eighty fourth time, you cannot see Mom." The owner of the voice came for a large, golden coated stallion, with a curly copper mane. Despite his heavy build, he had a surprisingly high pitched voice.

Both ponies were sitting outside of the maternity ward, within Manehattan hospital. If it wasn't obvious enough, they were both nervous and excited; one would say that they were nervouscited.

"But Daddy, I wanna know if I'm having a new brother or sister!" Bread Sticks cried. She could clearly see that her father was growing frustrated. Quickly, Bread Sticks hopped over to his side and curled up into a tight ball. The earth pony with name Walnut Cheddar brought one of his broad foreleg's around the small unicorn, resting his head gently on top of her.

"Do you think Mom will be alright?" Bread Sticks asked.

Walnut lifted his head from his daughter's and said, "I sure hope so Bready, I sure hope so." he tussled her long, wavy, cream coloured mane. "Hay, you wanna play a few songs while we wait?"

"Yes yes yes, what can we play?" Bready squealed, obviously excited.

"Hmm, how about we play 'My Grandpa'?"

"Okay then, you got your ac-accdo?" Bread Sticks stammered, unsure of the instrument her Daddy owned.

"Accordion, sweetie. And well, no I don't. Do you have your fiddle?" Walnut asked.

"I never leave home without it." Out of nowhere, the little filly pulled out a semi-battered fiddle. "Ta dah. You ready?"

"Ready!" With that been said, a cheery, upbeat tune began to play as both he and Bread Sticks began to sing.

Ohh, My Grandpa gave an apple.
My Grandpa gave me a pear.
My Grandpa gave me an cherry pie,
but he tumbled down the stairs.

He tumble over Ponyvillie.
He tumbled over Prance.
He over tumbled Canterlot,
and we saw underpants.

His underpants were yellow.
His underpants were green.
His underpants were black and white,
the worst we've ever seen.

We went to the candy shop
to pull the perfect prank.
It was so super funny,
Grandpa fell down on his flank!

A small crowd of nurses had formed around the duo, stomping their hooves joyfully. Bread Sticks and Walnut couldn't help but stand and take a bow, they were quite used to ponies applauding their musical talents. Every so often, when Walnut wasn't away from his family in the military, he would spend his time with his daughter, writing and singing songs. If that wasn't happening then he would be spending time with his wife Marmite Sandwich.

"Woohoo, we did great Daddy!" Bready cheered. She threw her foreleg's around her Dad's neck and squeezed tightly.

"You said it, baby doll." Walnut began to ponder, his head looking up to the ceiling while tapping his chin with a hoof. "Although, I do begin wonder, why is Grandpa wearing underpants?"

Daddy, you don't question the song," Bread Sticks said while trying to pick up her fiddle with her magic. "you just like it for its silliness. Like you, I like you for your silliness. You're my silly Daddy."

Walnut Cheddar brought a hoof to his daughters lips and winked. "Shhh, don't let Mommy hear you say that, you know she's a serious pony." He chuckled loudly.

He removed his hoof from her mouth to allow her to speak. "Yeah, I know. But I don't think that matters, 'cause I really really, superie duperie love her, and she can't be a serious pony all of the time."

"Hehe, I guess not." Their conversation was interrupted when a lime green mare walked through the door. Both Walnut and Bread Sticks turned their attention to her,

The young mare squinted at the piece of paper she was holding, looking at the rather peculiar name. "Mister Cheddar?" Is that right? She wondered. "You and your daughter may enter."

Walnut's ruby red eyes sparkled with hope and excitement, as so did Bread Stick's -Well, more excitement than anything- with a huge grin spread wildly across her face.

Both ponies entered the room to see a dazed, dark tanned unicorn mare gently grasping a bundle of bright yellow sheets, in a rocking chair. Walnut didn't hesitate for one second to trot right up to her. He pressed his muzzle against her cheek, forehead and the bridge of her nose. Her coat was soaking wet with sweat but he didn't seem to mind. Using a hoof, he brushed all of her sticky gold and dark brown mane out of her enchanting emerald eye's, staring deeply into them.

"Hay Marmy," He said in a whisper. "How are ya?"

"Mmm, very tired, Wally." Marmite said with half lidded eyes. She didn't even want to question how he got here. The last time she had seen Walnut was probably just over eight months ago. "Where's my little sweetheart?" She asked, her head slowly searching around the room.

"I'm here Mom." Bread Sticks squeaked, she wrapped herself around her Mother's hoof for a small hug. Pulling away, she spoke up. "So, what have we go, what have got?"

"Why don't you take a look?" Carefully, she pulled back the sheets to reveal an explosion of a curly brown mane. She drew the sheets back further to reveal a small, fragile earth pony colt. At this moment, both Bread Sticks and Walnut felt like they were going to tear up. The little foal was truly undeniably adorable.

Walnut scooped the little foal into his arms. A wide, teary grin was plastered on his face. Leaning forward, he placed a soft kiss on to his new son's forehead. The little colt's eyes blinked open, they were wide and as green as the freshest blades of grass. "Heh, he looks just like me. Well, apart from the eyes, he's got yours." Walnut chuckled quietly.

"You're right Daddy, he does look a lot like you." Bread Sticks said, as she stroked her baby brother's curly forelock. "Hay little buddy I'm your new sister. I hope you love kisses and cuddles, 'cause you are gonna get lots of them. I just know we're gonna best the bestest of buddies." She hopped around to face her Mom. "So what are we gonna name him? 'Cause he looks like Daddy but he's got your eyes."

"Well, I was thinking something like 'Cheese.'" Walnut spoke up before Marmite got to say anything.

Marmite chuckled faintly. "Well, in my family one pony normally takes the last name 'Sandwich', it if often given to the youngest in the family. So yeah, obviously I'm the youngest and this little one is the youngest here, so why not that."

Bread Sticks spoke up. "So whadya think, buddy? Does Cheese Sandwich seem like a nice name to you?" The little foal blinked in agreement, while also making a tiny nicker.

"Well then," Marmite Sandwich said. "Cheese Sandwich it is."

"Welcome to the family, little guy!" Walnut Cheddar quietly cheered.