You are beautiful to me

by Arian Blaze

May I have this dance?

A young mare and a stallion were found sitting on the outskirts of Ponyville, giggling and guffawing at their amazing adventures that they had shared with their closest friends. It was something they both had in common; understood, the mare's adventures were a little bit more extreme compared to the stallion, but neither of them seemed to mind. Everyone is entitled to have someone to relate to. But these two these two were inseparable. Every single day you'd see the two of them running around, throwing a party here, throwing a party there. Basically throwing throwing a party whenever somepony needed and good 'Ol cheering up.

Everypony knew who they were. Pinkie Pie, 'the element of laughter.' Cheese Sandwich, the premiere party planner in all of Equestria. If you didn't know who they were, then you are clearly not from around here. Anyway, the two of them were underneath an old oak tree, sitting on top of a cliché red and white checkered picnic blanket.While Cheese had only made it through his third cupcake, Pinkie was now on her twenty seventh. He didn't want to question how she could manage that many, nor did he want to say it was 'Pinkie Pie, just being Pinkie Pie', because that was far from the fact. To Cheese, Pinkie was the definition of happiness and beauty, she was the reason he woke up every morning with a smile on his face, even in the coldest of Winter mornings she would be the one to brighten up his day. She was never 'just Pinkie Pie' to him, she was something much more.

Cheese Sandwich breathed out in a love filled sigh "Yes she is," Little did he know he actually spoke aloud. He now noticed that Pinkie was looking directly at him. Stupid Cheese, he scowled himself, you're such a twit. Now she's gonna ask who I'm on about.

"'Yes who is,' Cheesie?" Pinkie asked while stuffing another lemon frosted cupcake into her mouth.

Awe, that's just adorable, he stared at her with half lidded eyes. Wait! She's speaking to me. "Oh um, hehe," Might as well tell her who I was thinking of, "I-I was thinking about. . . you." He cringed at the last word, as he thought that Pinkie would think that he was an absolute nut job.

"Me, really?!" Pinkie exclaimed, a blush quickly smearing across her cheeks. Why would he be thinking about me, hmm, maybe because he might l- No Pinkie, he wouldn't be thinking about that. "Could I ask why you were thinking about me?" Her puffy pink tail began to waggle, eager for an answer.

"Well, I was thinking about you because I was curious. . . Uhh. . .when did you learn how to bake?" He mentally facehoofed himself, When did you how to bake. When did you learn how to bake? Smooth cheddar brain, real smooth.

Pinkie giggled. "Oh, Well, Cheesie, I've been able to bake since I was an itty-bitty little-wittle Twinkie-Pinkie. Granny Pie taught me everything on how to make super scrumptious recipes. Oh, like our famous rock candies."

"Hmm they sound delicious, would you mind if I got the recipe from you, so that one day I could help you out in making them?" Cheese heard Pinkie take in a sharp, deep breath. Did he do something wrong? He saw her hop up onto her hind legs, probably to emphasize her story.

"Cheesie, I can't just let know Granny Pie's secret rock candy recipe!" Pinkie screeched. "That would mean I would be breaking the 'Pinkie promise', you can only find out the recipe if you are part of the Pie family!" Seeing that she scared Cheese a little bit --she could tell, as he was avoiding her gaze and pawing at the ground with his hoof-- she knelt down next to him so that she could grab his attention once again. "Sorry about that, I kinda got carried away there. We still super-duper-party-pony-buddies?"

He gave Pinkie a confused look for a moment. I wish we could be more than just 'buddies', beautiful. Letting out a big sigh, he got up, "'Course we are, come here you." Without even thinking about what he was doing, Cheese brought the little pink mare into a warm embrace. Pinkie squeaked loudly, only to be followed by a little giggle of laughter, which then grew into both of them laughing hysterically.

As if out of nowhere, a bunch of birds began to whistle a very familiar song. Both ponies couldn't help chuckle as the music began to pick up. Now standing on his hind legs, the tan stallion extended one of his forelegs as he spoke up, "May I have this dance, young filly?"

"You may," Pinkie let Cheese pull her up as both began to waltz, basking in Princess Luna's beautiful night. Pinkie's glimmering silver dress matched with the night's beautiful stars, while Cheese's navy blue tuxedo matched with its enchanting sky. One pony --and fellow friends of their's-- would say that the looked simply divine.

Pinkie was surprised by Cheese, normally his dancing would be outrageous, it would match his personality down to the last detail. But this, this was something she had never seen him do before, he moved before her so elegantly. Who is this pony? And how has she never met him before? With curiosity overwhelming her, Pinkie spoke, "Cheesie?"

"Yes?" Cheese murmured.

"I was wondering, when did you learn how to dance like this?" She gestured with her head, for her forearms were interlocked with the stallions arms, while he had his hooves softly resting on her waist.

He gave Pinkie a playful wink, smiling happily, "Well, Pinkie, you pick a few things when traveling all around Equestria. Although, I think my best dance partner was probably Boneless. I mean sure, Boneless two is a good dancing partner," Cheese spoke in a fairly loud whisper. "But just between the two of us, he does make me trip up quite a lot when he's not focusing properly. Promise you won't tell him?"

Pinkie giggled, Cheese found this completely and utterly captivating. "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" With that said, she smashed a red velvet cupcake into her right eye, some smearing onto the bridge of nose, while the rest of it hanging off both her and Cheese's forelocks.

Lifting his hoof, Cheese tried wipe away the chocolate frosting from Pinkie's nose, only to be met with her tongue licking the soft padding. He retracted instantly as both began to blush heavily. Well that was embarrassing, he thought to himself. Still, it did feel nice.

Oh dear, he probably thinks I'm an idiot for doing that, Pinkie panicked to herself. Although, his coat does kinda taste nice, it tastes a little bit like grass. Both pony's shook their heads rapidly, saving themselves from more embarrassment of touching each others manes. Both looked at the other to see if they were still looking. After letting out nervous laughs, they looked in different directions that didn't involve eye contact.

Despite the perfect moment they were both in, it was becoming near impossible for them not to look into each other eye's. Either felt like they would be complete fools if the other one of them saw their flushed face's. Time seemed to move very slow where they were, each and every second seemed to be pure blissful, aside from the very awkward silence.

Not wanting the moment to be ruined, Pinkie Pie thought almost too quickly and began to sing with the whistling birds. "My name is Pinkie Pie, and I am here to say, I'm gonna make you smile and I will brighten up your day."

Cheese could see where Pinkie was going with this, so he decided he would join in himself. "It doesn't matter now, if you are sad or blue, 'cause making this mare laugh is what this cheese is gonna do." As if on cue, Pinkie let out a snort and then a loud laugh. Ha-ha, perfect timing Pinks.

Both began to sing in unison, "'Cause we love make each other smile, yes we do. It fills our heart's with sunshine all the while, yes it does. 'Cause all we really need is a smile, smile, smile, from these happy friend of ours." They chose not to carry on singing, for they were lost in each others eyes.

Cheese brought one of his hoof's up to Pinkie's cheek, caressing it gently. Pinkie froze for a moment, it was quite a surprise for her, still, it did feel nice. Although, she couldn't put her hoof on it, somehow somehow this felt. . . familiar.

Smiling, she pressed her head into his neck, sighing contentedly. Seeing that Pinkie was now relaxed, Cheese decided that this was the perfect opportunity to tell her how he felt about her. Moving his muzzle closer to her ear, his warm breath slightly tickling her fur, he whispered softly, "Pinkie Pie, do you know why I said 'yes she is', earlier?" His hoof was still rotating around her cheek.

Removing her head from his neck, she looked up --staring deeply into his soft, green eyes--, a slight bit of confusion lingering in her face. "N-no, why?" Suddenly, Pinkie began to become very nervous, she could have sworn something like that happened a long time ago.

Doing the same motion as Pinkie, Cheese brought his head back, looking at her with an affectionate smile. "I said it because I thinking of the most beautiful mare my eye's had ever laid upon." Pinkie's ears perked up, along with her eyes dilating to the point where whites could no longer be seen; it was as though they were saying 'Really, you mean it?' Cheese planted a soft kiss on the tip of Pinkie's nose and ceased stroking her cheek, he slowly moved his hoof to the back of her neck. It felt. . . odd.

The second Cheese's hoof made contact with the back Pinkie's neck, he noticed that the texture was much more different to the rest of her coat. It was a line. A perfectly straight line that kind of felt like. . . a scar? Why would Pinkie Pie have a scar there? She was never that clumsy. Unless, i-it wasn't her whom left the mark.

Pinkie was instantly met with hundreds of memories, flooding her mind with nightmares. She swatted the earth pony's hoof away, screeching loudly and then backed up. No, no, no, no, no. She began to silently panic, Not now, please not now! Shutting her eye's tightly, she tried to rid the image that was appearing in her mind. It was a stallion. A stallion she knew well, yet, not one she wanted to remember. Celestia, please help me. Slowly, her eye's opened to a new pony, it was...

"Pokey Pierce," Pinkie shuddered. "W-why did you come back?" She asked the fuzzy figure before her.

Pokey Pierce, who the hay is that pony? An unusual high voice cam from the unicorn's mind. "Why Pinkie, sweetheart, I never left." Pokey said, a maniacal grin spread widely across his face.

"Wait, are you saying you've been following me since that night?" Pinkie's voice began to crack, like the last time they saw each other.

Pinkie Pie, what are you talking about? It's me, are you alright? Once again, that voice didn't seem to shut up! Pokey let out a stone cold laugh, followed by a big sigh. "You could say that. I've also noticed that you've been dreaming about me quite a lot, you see me as a 'monster,'" he made air quotations with his hooves to explain himself better. "Quite frankly, I find them rather intriguing; but no where near as fascinating as that Cheese Sandwich, fellow."

"You, you keep away from him! H-he's none of your concern!" She stammered a bark.

Who's none of my concern? Pinkie, I'm concerned for you, right now, please let me help you. Now this voice was beginning to break, Pinkie tried to listen to what this 'thing' was saying, but it was muffled by Pokey's laugh. "Oh, but it is my concern, Pinkie. If you recall the last time I was with you, I said: 'If I ever see you with another stallion, I'll make you and them suffer.'"

Pinkie felt something prod her in the chest, it felt like a hoof, but it wasn't Pokey; he seemed to be standing perfectly still. The only movements that could be seen were his expanding and contracting chest, his blinking and his lips moving whenever he spoke.

"N-no, y-you can't do this, p-please. . ." Her mane started to droop more, and more until it was fully straight. She couldn't contain herself any longer, tears started streaming down her muzzle, causing her face to burn. Her breathing became very erratic, making it harder for her to draw in air.

Pinkie Pie, please, please forgive me for this. Pokey smiled menacingly, he tightly shut his eyes and began to concentrate. A bright light started to glow around his horn, but the colour was different, it wasn't its usual golden yellow, it was green. . ? Once the unicorn stallion opened his eyes to fire, Pinkie had noticed that his eyes were green too. "Goodbye Pinkie, I'll miss that ugly mug of yours." He said, laughing evilly.

The little mare only had mere seconds to react, in a panicked scream, she turned around and bucked her hind legs into the stallion's face. Her breathing was now fully out of control, wheezing and gasping, she stood in the same spot, shaking uncontrollably. She had to give herself a moment to let her eyes focus on the image before her. Once the world was clear again, Pinkie looked down.

What she saw in front of her was beyond horrifying; it was Cheese Sandwich, lying on the floor quivering as he clasped his nose that was bleeding profusely. His eye's tightly shut, one had already turned a dark shade of purple. Using all of his might, he bottled himself up from crying with shaky breaths.

"Cheese!" Pinkie screeched, dropping down to him. "I-I'm so sorry. . .I didn't m-mean to, it wasn't you I was trying to get." Her hoof brushed across his forehead, trying to comfort him from the intense spreading across his face. Why would I this? Why did he make me do this? I'm so sorry Cheesie, I never asked for this.

Cheese groaned faintly, he tried to speak to her but his hooves were muffling him from talking, plus, blood was beginning to run down the back of his throat. Seeing that Cheese was struggling to breathe, Pinkie helped him sit up. After several coughs and splutters, the earth pony's breathing was somewhat back to normal.

Opening one of his eyes, only enough to see part of the pupil, he smiled a little bit, his hooves still clasping his muzzle. "It's alright, beautiful, I-I know you didn't mean to. Are you alright. . ?" Cheese said in a croaky voice, much more slower than usual.

Oh dear, look what you've done, Pinkie. A sympathetic sarcastic voice said, coming from the mare's mind. Pinkie went back to crying and whispered, "No, n-no I'm not alright, I think it would be best if you just left." Little did Cheese know, she was actually talking to Pokey Pierce.

Cheese was wincing in pain now, part of his world was going red due to blood covering up one of his eyelid's. "I'm not going to leave you, Pinkie, I need to find out what's the matter with you." Once again Cheese lifted his hoof --although, this time it was covered in a bit of blood, but nowhere near as bad as the other-- and was about to stroke Pinkie's long, straight mane to calm her.

Heh, he's gonna hate you for all that you've done, you dumb, stupid, hideous, worthless mare. The harsh words of Pokey's voice only upset Pinkie more. As Cheese's lightly bloody hoof touched her dark pink mane, she gently pushed it away, not wanting to cause him anymore pain that he was already in. "Please, don't touch me. I-I'm sorry C-Cheese, I have to go..." With a loud sniffle, she got up and ran as fast as her hooves' could carry her to who knows where.

No. He was so close. He was hoping to ask her to be his special somepony, and he blew it. Staggering up, slightly dizzy, Cheese let out a big, heavy sigh. He spoke in a whisper, "I love you, Pinkie, and I'm going to help you no matter who I confront. Now," His eye's searching around the area, squinting through bloodied blobs, "Where did she go?"

To save himself from scaring anypony, he decided to pull a bandage out of nowhere and wrap it around his tender, swollen eye, followed by a black patch. Once that was done, he looked down at his muzzle which was still bleeding quite a lot. Wow that Pinkie sure had a powerful kick. I hope my nose isn't broken. Oh stop being such a filly, Cheese He snapped at himself, I need to go find her. I'll just have to let the blood dry. With that said, Cheese got up to go find the little missing mare.