You are beautiful to me

by Arian Blaze

Make him go away

It was a late Winters morning and Pinkie Pie was found curled up on her bed, scribbling in her morning diary (Well actually her diary was called Lil' Buddy, because why not?). It was something she would do often, be it out of boredom or just to have someone to talk to. Today wasn't anything different. She was writing about how fun her day was going to be and how she was going to be spending it, with her very own special somepony, Pokey Pierce.

Hey Lil' Buddy.
Do you know what today is, huh, do ya? It's...... "Hearts and Hooves Day" Yaaaaay! Now normally I would be spending my day with Twilight, or Mr. and Mrs. Cake, or you. But today, I'm spending the day with.... Pokey Pierce. I can't believe it! I finally get to go out with the pony I've had a crush on for like FOREVER, it's just a dream come true. OK, maybeee he can be a bit of a grouchy pants, but that's because some ponies don't realize how sensitive he is. It's not his fault his horn is super sharp, when he pops all the balloons at my parties I know it's just accident. So why don't all of you just BACK OFF! Oopsie, sorry Lil' Buddy, I didn't mean to shout at you, it-it's just so..... frustrating!!! Pokey tries sooooo hard to fit in, but everypony treats him like an outcast. Well that is going to stop. When they see him with me today they will know. He. Is. A Good. Pony.

Any who, I think today is gonna be the most supery dupery fantabulous day ever! Today will be a wonderful day filled with flowers and candy, Oh and let's not forget about love. It's so romantic, but I don't think Rainbow Dash actually likes it, she says it's 'Too mushy-wushy, lovey-dovey' for her. But I don't think that's all that true, I've seen the way she looks at her Cloudsdale friend Soarin, (He's also a member of the Wonderbolts team) she looks at him differently, compared to when she looks at us. I think she has a crush on him. Oh please don't tell her that I said that, let's just make it our little secret. And you better not break it, 'cause I know where you live.

Okie dokie, Lil' Buddy. It's almost 12 O'clock, I need to get ready before Pokey gets here. He's more serious than Twilight when it comes to being on time. Sooo bye bye for now, I will tell you all about how my day went later.

Love you loads ~Pinkie Pie XOXO :)

"Pinkie Pie's a lovely young mare, I'm sure you are beyond happy to have her as your special somepony," Mrs. Cake and Pokey Pierce were sitting in one of the booths at Sugarcube Corner, talking about how he and Pinkie were first acquainted.

"Oh yes, I am ecstatic with Pinkie being my marefriend." Pokey said while forcing a smile. He was also hoping that Mrs. Cake did not recognize his sarcastic tone, at that moment he wanted the ground to swallow him whole. If there was anywhere in Equestria he could be, anywhere at all right now, it would be away from the ponies he hated oh-so much. Celestia, please give me strength.

"Ahh, seeing you and Pinkie together... It just reminds me of the day I first met my dear Carrot Cake. Oh yes, he was a real charmer back then. You wouldn't of guessed it but, back then, Carrot and I used to hate each other." Pokey choked on his coffee for a brief moment, giving Mrs. Cake a look of surprise.

"Pardon my Prench Mrs. Cake but, why on Tartarus would you fall in love with a pony that you once hated?" Pokey said, slowly liking where this conversation was going. If Mr. and Mrs. Cake hated each other at first, but then both found love within one and other. Then who was to say this could happen between him and Pinkie? If Pokey really loved Pinkie, he could be happy with her. He could spend the rest of his life with her, forever....

"Well to me, it didn't make any sense either. He used to aggravate me beyond my limitations. Be it from stealing my recipes, to losing my eight year title of 'The Filly and Colt Bake Off'." Pokey must of been hearing things, because he could have sworn he heard Mrs. Cake tone of voice sounding frustrated.

"Wow, it's sounds like you were both at each others throats. I take it you are happy now, right? Pokey asked, his golden eyes glowing with curiosity.

"Why don't you ask this little one, right here," She motioned Pokey to move closer with one hoof, while patting her stomach with the other. Pokey scooted himself closer to Mrs. Cake and her largely swollen belly. "My little darling has been growing for a good ten months now, I'll be packing up for maternity leave in the next two weeks. Would you like to have a feel?"

Pokey almost instantly felt his face burn up, a blush bled through his greyish azure cheeks within a split second. He had never had been asked to touch a pregnant mare's belly before, let alone a mare at all. He lifted his right foreleg and slowly moved his hoof forward. Gently, he placed the sole of his hoof on the mare's stomach, only for him to retract his leg very quickly, as he had felt something move. "It's alright," Mrs. Cake said in a gentle voice, "They're not going to hurt you".

Mrs. Cake's words of comfort seemed to relax the unicorn stallion. Using the same motion as before, Pokey extended his right foreleg and placed it in the same place as before. Like earlier, he felt the mare's stomach make ever so little movements. It felt so... Wonderful. To think a whole new life was growing, right before his very eyes.

"So, do you have any idea on what you're going to name the foal?" Pokey asked as he slowly pulled back his hoof.

"Well, Mr. Cake and I were thinking 'Pound Cake' for a colt, or 'Pumpkin Cake' for a filly. Although, I'm starting to wonder, maybe I'm not having just one foal, maybe I could be having two foals. It is possible, the other night I could have sworn I felt not only four tiny hooves, but eight. Huh, I think that would be just perfect, Mr. Cake and I would be in our elements of happiness and Pinkie Pie...."

"Ooo, did I here somepony say my name?" Pinkie Pie said, somehow materializing in between the both of them. "Heyyy Pokey, you OK? I'm doin' great." She buried her face into Pokey's chest, only to have herself being pushed back by his yellow magic.

"She's a whole seven minutes late" Pokey said in a gruff voice under his breath. "Hello Pinkie Pie, I'm alright here, Mrs. Cake was just telling me about how here pregnancy was going."

"Ahh, so you know that I'll being earning myself a new friend. It'll be so much fun, I'll get to teach them all of my best songs and how to make the most tastiest cupcakes in all of Equestria!!!" She shuffled herself a little closer to the stallion, looking deeply into his eyes while he wasn't looking.

"Yes, well um, don't you think we should get going now? It's already..." Pokey turned his head to the clock on the wall. "Ten past twelve." He jumped out of the booth and walked to the exit. Using his horn, he motioned Pinkie to follow. Let's see how the day goes then.

"Okie dokie lokie, bye Mrs. Cake, bye 'Baby Cake'." Hehe Baby Cake, Pinkie gave the older mare a quick kiss on the cheek and a firm but gentle hug on her stomach. As doing the same as her Coltfriend, Pinkie jumped out of the booth and trotted over to the exit. Both Pokey and Pinkie waved goodbye, as so did Mrs. Cake.

As both exited the building, Mrs. Cake let out a big sigh and looked down at bulging belly, rubbing it gently with her fore hooves. "I don't trust that stallion, not one bit." The older mare grunted as she pulled herself up, "Come on you, Mommy needs to get back to work."

The day went exactly the way Pinkie planned for it to go. Both Pinkie and Pokey walked around Ponyvillie talking about the exciting adventures on how Pinkie and her friends stopped the evil Nightmare moon, turning 'The Lord of Chaos' Discord to stone and stopping the Queen of the Changelings-Queen Chrysalis from ruining the 'Royal Canterlot Wedding'.

"Wow, honestly wow, you go on all these amazing adventures while I..." Pokey lowered his head in shame, "While I mess up on everything. I'm worthless." He stopped dead in his tracks and dropped to the cobblestone floor, sniffling a little bit.

Right now Pinkie's element was begging for her to cheer Pokey up, she wasn't going to let anypony, not even her own Coltfriend gut upset. Doing the same as Pokey, she dropped to eye level with him. She moved a stray piece of mane out of his golden orb eyes to get his attention, they were now making full eye contact.

Pinkie spoke in a serene voice, "Don't you dare say that, you are anything but worthless. Ponies just don't understand that you're different." She moved her muzzle closer to his own so that they were nearly touching. "You can't allow them to take advantage of you, otherwise... they'll never give you the chance to see your true self." With that, Pinkie closed her eyes and connected lips with the young unicorn.

For some odd reason Pokey wasn't blushing, his mind was too focused on what Pinkie had said. Ponies had seen his true self, in fact they saw his true self every single day. They knew he was a ruthless, self obsessed pony that didn't care for any other pony's feelings. So why was this pink mare making him change his own mind? Who was she to say such a thing? Wouldn't that mean she was taking advantage of him? He wasn't going to let her get away with it, if anything he should be taking advantage of her.

Once they broke the kiss Pokey gave Pinkie a smug look, "Do you really think that's going to fix anything?"

Pinkie felt her skin grow cold and her heart rate pick up to a rapid pace, "Wh-what? Pokey did I do something wrong?"

Pokey lifted a foreleg up to Pinkie's cheek and rotated his hoof around it, it seemed to calm her as she closed her eyes once again. The moment was interrupted when Pinkie felt a sharp stinging pain across her right cheek. She quickly opened her eyes, realizing that Pokey had just struck her.

"You're really pathetic Pinkie Pie, did you know that?" Pinkie was about to open her mouth to say something, but she held her tongue, "All you ever do is try to make everypony you come across smile, it sickens me."

"Pokey, I don't understand. Don't you want me to be with you?" Pinkie began to rub her sore, tender cheek as tears began to well up in her eyes. "Do, do you even love me?" Her voice was beginning to crack.

"Of course I love you, Pinkie. Why in Eqeustria would you think that I didn't?" Pokey said in a heart filled chuckle, as if nothing had happened those moments ago.

"Well, for starters, y-you called me pathetic," She hiccuped loudly as she tried to suppress her crying. "And secondly you hit me, that doesn't make any sense."

"Pinkie, this entire world is filled with ponies like you, you may not notice it, but I sure as hay do." Pokey stood up from his crouching position and motioned Pinkie to follow. "Each and everyone of you is the same, all of you try your utmost best to make any and everypony smile, and I think you forget that that makes you a bad pony." From what Pinkie heard, it sounded like Pokey said the last three words in a bitter tone.

"Pokey, if I'm such a bad pony then why did you go out with me? The reason why I try to make ponies smile, is because it breaks my heart into a million pieces when I see them sad." By now, Pinkie was glaring deep into the azure unicorn's eyes, with an angered filled voice. "I try my utmost hardest to make other ponies smile, even if I'm the one who is feeling down, I will not stop until they are happy!"

Pokey cupped his right forehoof under Pinkie's chin and leaned head against her's. He spoke in a soft whisper. "I went out with you, because I was the only pony that saw you were beautiful. And I understand that it is important to you to make ponies smile, but, don't you think your special somepony deserves you more?"

The pink mare slouched down a little, "I-I-I guess, but what? What do you mean 'You were the only pony that saw me as beautiful', are you saying that I'm not pretty?" Her voice grew quiet.

"Yep, have you seen the way ponies look at you? I mean really, you're hideous. Nopony would ever want to be with you, I just happen to be one of those ponies that sees past all of your outside features, and looks at what really is on the inside."

"Y-your the only one that thinks I'm beautiful?"

"Yes, you're mine Pinkie Pie and I'm not going to let you slip out of my hooves." The golden eyed unicorn put his muzzle up to ear Pinkie's and whispered, "And, if I ever see you with another stallion, hehe I'll make you and them suffer." With that, Pokey slid his horn across the back of the mare's neck, leaving a little but deep cut, which caused her to screw up here eyes tightly while clenching her teeth. "Now just picture that happening to you, only on a bigger scale. You got it?"

Pinkie nodded slowly, trying to fight back her tears.

"Hey Pinkie Pie." Both Pokey and Pinkie raised their head's to see that Rainbow Dash was flying over them, on what seemed to look like a rain cloud.

Pinkie quickly wiped her eye's and tried her best to put on her happy, chirpy tone. "Oh um, hey there Dashie, what 'cha doin'?"

"Take a wild guess, Pinkie," The cyan pegasus tapped her hoof on the cloud, only to allow a few raindrops fall onto Pokey Pierce's snout, he shook his head to rid the cold, wet feeling from his face, only for him to let out several sneezes. "Pfft, hehe sorry Porkey."

"Its Pokey" The stallion grunted to himself.

"Wow, you really should have seen the looks on all their face's, it kinda looked like Porkey's, see?" Pinkie and Rainbow turned around to see a wide frown spread across the stallions face. "Heh, yep just like th-... Wait a minute..." Rainbow landed on the ground and narrowed her eye's. She found herself staring at one particular part of Pinkie's coat and mane, it was different to her typical cotton candy look.

"Uhhh, Pinkie? What's going on with your coat? It kinda looks like a mushy red..." With that, she lifted her foreleg and placed on the side of Pinkie's neck, only for to have it smacked away by Pinkie as she let out a little yelp. "Hey, what gives?" She asked in a concerned tone.

"Dashie, I'm fine, I just..." She turned her head around to Pokey Pierce, who was now glaring at her with furrowed eyes. "Fell, yep I fell. Oh how silly of me, hehe." She said, letting out a nervous chuckle.

Rainbow knew something was up, she could tell just by the look of someone's eyes, and right now Pinkie's eye's were screaming: 'Help me I'm hurt'. Without hesitation, Rainbow marched up to Pokey, pushed him to the ground and pinned him down. "Alright wise guy, tell what you did to her, NOW?"

"Dashie please, leave..." Pinkie was cut off by Rainbow's glare.

"I'll ask again, what happened to Pinkie?"

Pokey let out a maniacal chuckle, "Oh Dash, are you hard of hearing? 'Cause I could have sworn you heard Pinkie say that she fell over."

"Oh really, how? Because that doesn't look like a cut you would get from falling down, especially on the back of someponies neck." She said looking back at Pinkie with a face of horror spread across her face.

Returning the same expression, Pinkie screamed out, "DASHIE, LOOK OUT !!!" Rainbow turned her attention to Pokey, his eye's were tightly shut and a bright yellow aura began to glow around his horn. Before Rainbow had a chance to get a hold of the stallion he vanished right before her eyes. She rose her head to hear an ear-splitting scream coming from Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie let out a loud whimper. "Pokey, please don't hurt her," Within a split second Pinkie's mane had completely deflated, with not even a sound to be heard. Her attention was turned to Pokey, who had now had a anger filled smile spread across his face.

"Dawww, what's the matter Pinkie? Isn't a coltfriend supposed to protect their mare?"

"She. Is not. Your. Mare." Rainbow Dash was about to strike Pokey with a solid punch to the neck, but Pokey deflected her attack by using his magic and throwing her into the closest object he could find, which happened to be Pinkie.

Both let out pain filled cries. Rainbow grunted as she shuffled closer to Pinkie, who was currently covering her face with her hooves, making loud weeping noises and whispered into her ear. "Pinkie, why in Equestria would you go out with this, this, this monster?"

Pinkie looked up at the cyan pegasus, her face burning red with tears. "I-I don't know, sniff I'm, I'm so sorry Dashie. So sorry."

Rainbow extended her wind around Pinkie's warmish, blood covered neck for a brief moment. "Shhh shhh, it'll be alright, kay? I'm gonna make sure this pony never forgets that he messed with the wrong mare." With that, Rainbow stood up, her chest puffed out and wings arched forward, ready for round two. Pinkie was found cradling herself, growing more tired and dizzy by the minute.

"Oh, so you're ready for the next round? Eh, what can I say, the ladies always come crawling back to me." Pokey said sarcastically, brushing a hoof through his blue and silver forelock, as a way of complementing his own good looks.

"Yeah, I can see that. You know every trick in the book. I think I may need to borrow the 'How to beat your marefriend senselessly for dummies' guide sometime." Rainbow snorted. She began to trail circles around Pokey, as he did them same to her.

Pokey made the first move. Using his magic, he picked Rainbow up by the tail and spun her around until her eye's almost looked like Ditsy Doo's. Once realizing he had done enough spinning for her, he slammed the dazed mare to the solid earth.

"Ahh, so so your, your tryna get m-me to go all ti-tipsy, are ya? Rainbow stammered out, falling on her hindquarters with an ooof. Then finally falling on to her back.

Rainbow lay across the floor a couple of feet away from Pinkie, her wings fully stretched out on either side of her. Pokey saw this as an opportunity to finish her while she was still trying to refocus. He quickly trotted up to the-still-dazed mare and violently slammed his hooves into her wings. A loud, pained scream came out of Rainbow's mouth as she tried to buck the stallion off her.

"LET ME GO!!!" Rainbow shouted. Her legs were flailing as fast as possible to at least knock Pokey off, which to her luck actually worked. Pokey went somersaulting through the air and landed roughly on his back. This time, Rainbow had him pinned down and seeing that Unicorns are known to be the weakest species of pony, Rainbow didn't find it too hard to keep him restrained.

Once again, Rainbow had noticed that Pokey's horn was beginning to light up. She wasn't going to let him get away with it for a third time in a row. "Oh no ya don't!" Knowing that all Unicorns have sensitive horn's, Rainbow Dash thought up a quick idea. Without hesitation, she stomped one of her free front hooves' on to his horn, causing a tiny bit to chip off.

Pokey was instantly met with a sharp agonizing pain, that caused him to tear up a little. "AHH, YOU STUPID MARE!!!" He shouted. "WHY THE HAY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!!" He shielded his face with his hooves to make sure he wasn't going to receive another hit.

"If I ever see you hurting Pinkie again, I will personally make sure that you wished that you were born an earth pony. Ya got that?" Pokey tried to make a run for it only for Rainbow to push him back down again. "I said, ya got that?"

Pokey knew it was pointless trying to run away, especially from a pony as fast as Rainbow Dash and especially because he could no longer use his magic without causing himself a great deal of pain. With a sigh of defeat he said, "Got it."

"Good. Now scram, before I kick your flank a second time." See backed up, still slightly dizzy and allowed Pokey to get up, himself.

"Alright, see you around Pinkie Pie. Oh, well that isn't good, now is it?" Pokey said, looking back at a semiconscious Pinkie. "You should get her in bed quickly, hehe she doesn't look to good." With that, Pokey walked away, still clasping his sore, tender horn with a hoof.

Rainbow snorted as stallion walked down the road with not even a trace of regret. After walking out of Rainbow's vision she turned her attention to a small, fragile mare that was growing weaker every second. Rainbow crouched down and gently started stroking Pinkie's straight magenta mare with her hoof, only for Pinkie to swat it away, screaming loudly.

"No, no Pokey, please stop, I don't want to be hurt anymore."

"Pinkie, don't worry its me Rainbow Dash." Rainbow said in a comforting voice.

"Dashie? Dashie, please, make him go away. I-I don't want him to hurt me."

"It's alright Pinkie, he's gone now. I made sure of it." She looked back just to make sure he wasn't hiding anywhere, luckily he wasn't. "C'mon, let me carry you." With that, Rainbow picked up the now fully unconscious Pinkie and ran back to Ponyville hospital as fast as her hooves could carry her.

A few hours had passed and the time was now twelve thirty two, just over half hour since "Hearts and Hooves Day" ended. The mane five were found sitting in the waiting room, hoping that there was nothing too serious with their friend. Twilight Sparkle was found staring into nothingness, while Rarity lay pouting underneath her wing. Applejack was currently cradling a fast asleep Fluttershy, who probably cried herself to sleep. Finally, there was Rainbow, see began pacing back and forth which she knew wasn't doing any help, but it was the only thing she could do.

"Rainbow Dash, darling, please will you stop that." Rarity said, clearly growing frustrated.

"Stop that? Heh, he didn't stop, did he?" Rainbow snapped at the grayish white unicorn.

An argument was about to break out, but was ceased when a earth pony with a baby pink mane walked into the room. Fluttershy woke up and was the first to notice that nurse Redheart was leaning against the frame of the door, waiting for somepony to notice her. Fluttershy quickly leapt to her hooves and trotted up to the nurse. "Oh um, hello nurse Redheart. I-I hope it isn't too much to ask but, um could we see Pinkie Pie, please?"

"Of course, you and your friends can go in now." Redheart took a step back, allowing the mane six to enter the room. The sight they saw before them was a fast asleep Pinkie, with three stitches on the back of her slightly shaved neck, still showing off her straight deflated mane.

"D'ya think Pinkie's gonna be alright?" Applejack whispered into Twilight's ear.

"I hope so AJ, I hope so." Twilight looked at Pinkie's sleeping form, hoping for just a small smile, anything, just to let her know that she was still there. "The doctor said she'll make a full recovery and hopefully she'll come out tomorrow or on the Saturday." She looked up at the other ponies with a frown plastered on her face. "Unfortunately, they also said that she is now suffering from 'Post traumatic stress disorder'."

"Hold up a second." Rainbow Dash spoke up, sounding a little bit confused. "Are you say that whenever Pinkie thinks, sees or hears that horse, she's gonna go full out panic mode on us?"

"That's pretty much it. Although, you are forgetting a few minor details like uncontrollable thoughts, severe anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks." Twilight took a quick glance at the softly snoring mare then turned her attention back to the group. "We all have to make sure that Pinkie stays happy and avoid any subjects that involves Pokey Pierce." All five ponies shuddered at the sound of the name.

Rainbow flew across the room and sat herself down on to Pinkie's bed. It wasn't like her heavenly soft bed like back at Sugarcube Corner, it seemed as though it was made for old ponies that could only lie on their backs. She took Pinkie's hoof into her own and began to caress it gently. "You're gonna be okay, Pinkie. All you gotta do is wake up..."

Wake up...

Wake up...

"Pinkamena Diane Pie, wake up, you have a visitor." Mrs. Cake called from the bottom of Sugarcube Corner, while trying to restrain two adorably cute foals from destroying the place.

Pinkie Pie groaned loudly as she mushed her face deeper into her pillow. "I'll be down in a minute, Mrs. Cake." She mumbled. She slid herself out of bed only for her face to be met with the floorboards. Pulling at her big, pink, fluffy cheeks she groaned again, this time was because she was trying to forget that god-awful dream. "Relax Pinkie, he's gone. He can't hurt you anymore." Can he, she mentally asked herself.

Shaking the thought off, she trotted downstairs. Once Pinkie had finally made it downstairs, she felt something fly into her cotton candy mane. Glancing up, she saw that Pound Cake had flown into her. Kicking his hind legs frantically, Pound turned around with his little head poking out of the top of Pinkie's forelock, finding himself very comfortable with where he was sitting now.

"Awww, that's so cute. But where is your sis-ahh" Pinkie was cut off by yet another object hitting her mane, she looked down as she heard a squeak when the object landed on the floor. This time it was a yellow rubber chicken with the number two painted red on its stomach. She looked up to see a tall, tanned, curly maned stallion before her, with a wide grin spread across his face.

"Hehe sorry about that Pinkie, this little tyke wanted to know how powerful her magic was." Cheese Sandwich gestured to a little unicorn sitting in his forelock as well.

"Oh, it's alright. Soooo.... what is it you're here for then, Cheesie?" Pinkie said while shuffling closer to him.

Cheese's face instantly lit up with a blush. "Umm, w-well hehe, ya see I...."