You are beautiful to me

by Arian Blaze

Party Ponies Patrolling Ponyville

"Okay, okay, keep it together Cheese, you can do this," Cheese Sandwich began to pace back and forth outside of Sugarcube Corner "Hehe I-I mean, it's not like we're going to be doing anything bad. Right Boneless 2?". The rubber chicken slouched forward in agreement. Cheese let out a big, heavy sigh; he was nervous. Oh sweet Celestia he was nervous, but who could blame him after all? He had just asked the pink mare of his dreams out on a date that very morning.

"Now Boneless 2. If by any chance I do chicken out... Um, no offence Ol' buddy. Anyway, if I do chicken out; I just want you to know that it would not be on purpose. W-what I'm trying to say is; I-I love her. I can't deny it any longer, I LOVE....". The door swung open to see a beautiful, pink mare in a beyond stunning, silver silk dress.

Cheese fell back on his hindquarters; almost ruining his navy blue tuxedo that Rarity had so kindly offered to make him. "Gagh Pinkie Pie, I-I didn't see you there I'm so sorry. I had no intentions of..." He was silenced by a soft hoof, pressing against his muzzle. What didn't help him was the blush rapidly appearing over his face, causing his face to burn a little. Geez Louise Cheese, stop blushing it's only Pinkie, Cheese thought to himself.

"It's okay Cheesie, you don't have to apologize," Pinkie said in her happy, chirpy tone. She extended her hoof to pull Cheese up who took the offer gladly. "You know? You could have just knocked on the door, instead of standing out here like a dork". She said, putting on her "Serious Twilight" face.

Cheese returned the expression. "Oh, do you think so?"

"Oh I don't think so, I know so." The pink mare snickered, trying ever so hard to put her serious expression back on.

"Well then. If I'm so much of a dork. Then you're a.."

"Don't say it Cheese."


"I'm warning you." Gradually moving closer to Cheese, who didn't even move an inch.


"You'll regret it Mister."


"That's it, you asked for it." Pinkie tackled the tan stallion to the ground, and pinned him down. "Nopony calls me "Cutie Pie" and gets away with it. And now..." Pinkie inched her muzzle closer Cheese's, so that they were almost touching; she spoke in whisper "You will suffer the wrath of the Pinkiesaur."

"No. Not that, please anything but that." He put on his puppy eyes and quivering lip trick, which he knew Pinkie would never be able to resist. I've got you know, you peppy pink pony.

Pinkie tried so hard to avoid his adorable gaze. Which to her luck, actually worked. "I'm sorry Cheesie, but it's the only wa-Mmmff?" To Pinkie's confusion, she saw a rubber, yellow chicken, with the number two painted on its stomach in her mouth. What the hay? Boneless 2?

"How about this Pinks? If I take you out to dinner, will you not unleash the Pinkiesaur?"

Pinkie spat Boneless 2 out of her mouth, and looked into Cheese's enchanting emerald eyes. You drive a hard bargain Mister "Okay then Cheesie, shall we be off then?" And gently nuzzled Cheese's cheek, which caused his face to go crimson red. Pinkie giggled to see his face turn from gold to scarlet faster that a chameleon. Just before they left Pinkie spoke up, "Oh Cheesie, just one little request?" her eye lids were beginning to narrow as she jumped off of Cheese.

"And what might that be my little filly?" Replying with a gleeful smile, and placing a baby pink rose into Pinkie's forelock. Ahh almost, as beautiful as the pony herself, Cheese chuckled in his head.

"You Cheese Sandwich. Must not compliment me once tonight, and you have to Pinkie promise me that." Ha got him now, haven't I?

For just a brief moment of "Humming" and "Ah-ing", Cheese came to a conclusion, "Nope, I just can't Pinkie promise that Pinks" turning his head away in a playful huff.

"Wait. WHAT? WHY NOT?" She said, shouting almost loud enough to wake up Pound and Pumpkin Cake. Her eyes instantly becoming constricted by the shock. But wha-, ho-, he, prom- ise? Only jumbled thoughts seemed to escape her mind at that moment.

Cheese rolled his eyes and sighed, followed by a heart fluttering chuckle. "I can't do the Pinkie promise," He explained to Pinkie, while doing the Pinkie promise actions. "Because you are a pony whom deserves to be complimented on." He gave her a side smile. "How about this? I won't compliment on you for one entire hour. How does that sound?".

Pinkie paused for a moment as she tried to shake away her flushed face. Hmm? He's not going to stop until I say something, C'mon Pinkie. Say something, Pinkie rubbed her temples with her hoof and sighed. "Ah fine then, your one hour starts...." They both stared at the clock tower, as it was about to strike 5 O'clock. Bing, Bong, Bing, Bong, went the clock "NOW!!!" Pinkie pulled Cheese up off the ground, and slowly made their way into town.

"So Cheesie..." Pinkie said, gently elbowing Cheese in the ribs. "Where are we going?"

"Well Pinkie..." Cheese replied with a soft chuckle "That's for me to know and for you to find out."

"Awh, you're no fun" Cheese gaped his mouth wide open in shock, to hear Pinkie make such a remark.

"Wha-, I-I am too". He barked at Pinkie. Hmm lets play with her, shall we? Cheese snickered to himself. He decided to make little whimpers, only loud enough for Pinkie to hear. "That hurts Pinkie Pie. Sniff, That really hurts, nopony has ever said "I'm no fun". I-I-I just never thought, you of all p-ponies would say t-that." He began to force tears out of his eyes, and quivered his lip.

The pink mare slowly walked up to the lanky stallion, with a look of concern on her face. She wrapped her left foreleg around his neck, whispering ever so softly "Phony pony". It was a game that Pinkie and Cheese tended to play a lot; whenever one of them told a lie, the other one would have to say phony pony. Cheese couldn't contain himself any longer, he bust out with laughter and laughed so hard, that his sides began to hurt.

Tears started to rolled down Cheese's muzzle, but these weren't tears of sadness. Oh no, these were tears of happiness. "Y-you, ah-haha- got m-me Pi-pfft, Pinkie."

It took a while, but after what seemed to be about three minutes of laughing, Cheese looked at Pinkie, who still had her foreleg around him and decided to pull her in for an affectionate hug. For Pinkie this was normal, she had always gotten hugs off her friends, but this? This was different, sure Cheese and Pinkie had hugged plenty of other times, but why did it feel... strange? What is the matter with you Pinkie? Get a grip, as Pinkie mentally scowled herself. She finally gave in and released her tensed muscles, returning the hug and giving Cheese an affectionate and quirky smile that went from ear to ear.

They finally broke the hug, and Cheese was the first to speak. "Be honest Pinkie. Even though you are not the "Element of honesty" Am I really, no fun?

"Cheese, you are tons of fun, you of all ponies should know that." Pinkie giggled and booped him on the nose, which caused Cheese to giggle like a little school filly. "So, are we there yet?" She asked eagerly.

"Almost there. But you'll need to wear this..." He pulled out a red scarf, that appeared out of nowhere. "You know? So that it doesn't ruin the surprise." He gently wrapped the scarf around Pinkie's eyes, waving his hoof in front of her to make sure she couldn't see anything.

"Cheesie it isn't really a surprise, if you say "It's a surprise". Pinkie snorted with laughter, "Besides, anything you do will be sure to make me happy". T-that came out wrong She panicked silently to herself. "Um hehe c'mon let's go" She zipped off into lightspeed, with the blindfold still covering her face, only to be stopped by a tree, which caused her to collide with it head first with it. With her hoof, she gently rubbed her nose only to let out a little yelp.

Cheese just simply rolled his eyes, after witnessing Pinkie's usual actions. He slowly walked up to Pinkie and held out a hoof to pull her up. "Have you already forgotten, that you are wearing a blindfold?" You are so random Pinkie Pie, and that's why I love you. Cheese thought with a chuckle, which also caused him to blush heavily and his ears to fold back.To his luck though Pinkie's face was still blindfolded.

"Oh HaHa Cheesie, that's very gentlecolt of you to laugh at a mare falling over. Sigh No matter, can you at least guide me there please?" She said in a slightly agitated tone, but instantly shook it off.

"Sure." Cheese picked up Pinkie's left foreleg and they both began to trot down the path. He started to feel Pinkie's hoof clasp his own tighter until it began to hurt. What is the matter with her? "Um Pinkie, are you feeling alright?" He asked in a concerned tone.

"No Cheese!!! No I am not alright..." Cheese's eyes became constricted like Pinkie's earlier. "I'm half left, you silly filly." Cheese sigh in relief, as he thought Pinkie was upset. "Why would you think, I would be upset?"

"Well um, for one thing Pinkie, you're kind of crushing my hoof" Both Cheese and Pinkie looked down at each others hooves, even though Pinkie clearly couldn't see a thing, she felt embarrassed looking down.

"Whoopsie, sorry" She instantly released her tight grip around Cheese's hoof in a panic. Get a grip girl, you're never like this, her face began to heat up, getting hotter and hotter.

"It's okay Pinks; second of all, your face is more red than Big Macintosh with sunburn." He gave a little nudge with his nose, on Pinkie's shoulder to make sure she was paying attention.

She felt like her whole body had turned to jelly, the second she heard about her bright red face. "N-n-no It's not" Pinkie barked, trying to hide her face behind her pink, fluffy tail. "In fact I'm pretty sure your face was redder than mine earlier."

"Wha-, no it was not!" Cheese said in a annoyed, but happy tone.

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not. Sigh Look we're here now!" Cheese spoke in a much calmer voice now; he undid Pinkie's blindfold and threw it up into the air, which somehow made it disappear. Thank Celestia, I don't know how long that argument would have gone on for. Knowing Pinks, quite a while in fact.

Pinkie slowly opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful candlelit dinner in all of her life. Her mouth gaped wide open to the point where it hurt. Tears started to roll down Pinkie's muzzle, she was simply lost for words. Did he really do all this, for her? What did she do to deserve this?

Cheese on the other hoof, had his heart in mouth. Oh no, Pinkie is crying, I knew I should have taken her to a restaurant like any normal pony. He began to sweat rapidly through his tuxedo. "I'm so sorry Pinkie, if this wasn't what you where thinking then I promise I wi-Agh" Cheese was cut off by Pinkie giving him one of her famous bone crushing hugs.

In one breath Pinkie managed to shout out, "OhmygoshthankyousosoSomuchCheesienoponyhaseverdonesomethingthisperfectforme!!!" Tears started roll down her muzzle at a must faster rate and her grasp around Cheese's torso became tighter too.

"You are, gagh welcome P-inkie!" The tan stallion's magnificent coat rapidly turned into a dark shade of purple, almost the same colour as Rarity's mane. "Um Pinkie, I, I breath".

"Oh hehe, my bad. It's just..." She struggled to find the right words. "Did you really do all this, for me?"

"Of course I did," Now regaining his full colour. "You've have done so much for me you know? You helped me earn my cutie mark, I did the best party ever with you, and I get to spend time with you right now, you're..." Dammit no complimenting her Cheese. Don't worry, I've only got... another fourteen minutes. "You make me happy Pinkie, and for that I am eternally grateful".

Pinkie gave a nervous laugh and started having an unusual sick feeling from her stomach. She wasn't hungry... well technically she was, but this feeling.... it was something she couldn't quite put her hoof on. "I, I'm glad that you think that." Am I sick? Nah it's nothing, besides if I really make Cheesie happy, I might as well be the Pinkie he knows and lov-likes.

"So?" Cheese clapped his hooves together, and spoke in his light-hearted tone. "Who's hungry?"

Pinkie came back to reality, and threw her hoof eagerly into the air. "Oh me. Me, me, me, come on Cheesie let's go!" She started to hop around Cheese in circles. Which caused both of them to give off super wide smiles.

"Okay, okay hold your horses. Um... hehe, no pun intended, but anyway lets go." Cheese was slightly relieved after admitting some of his feelings for Pinkie, he felt as though he could do anything now. Well, almost anything. Whew, ya did it Cheese, you got Pinkie to go out on a date with you, and soon you get to tell her your true feelings for her. Although, I do fear there is something up with her. He shook the thought off, and followed Pinkie with a chirpy smile spread across his face.