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Considering the subject matter, this wound up a lot cuter than I expected.

And accidental inflation is my favorite kind of inflation!

In the mean time, how are they going to explain what happened to Spike and the others?

7448194 your picture and your comment go well together.

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Reminds me of another story I saw here, except with Sunset instead of Pinkie. I'm sure Megapone would be proud.

oh this should be good.

This is pretty much my reaction when I saw this fic (on the featured nice job dude) and then read the rest of the description.

Bunny:The seemingly innocent fic that's not going to give me the fetish.
After the slaughter: Saw the word Megapone and quickly left to avoid getting a fetish.

Still from what I'm seeing in the comments the background seems like the average Twilight X Pinkie Pie fic,except it's Twilight instead confessing. This analysis is of course based on the amount of times I have seen a Twipie fic.

This was pretty cute. Inflation is really not my thing, but things with Pinkie usually go one of two ways: Adorable. Or gorey. And this didn't disappoint (* 3 *)

Does anyone know the name of this fetish? Not the inflation or futa. The long distance sex part. I've read a few stories with variations of it (such as Twilight casting a spell that gives her Big Mac's disembodied penis, and not realising it's the real thing), but I don't know if it has a name.

7451453 Can you elaborate on it a little more?..


Generally it's referred to with the phrase "Thinking with Portals!" even though they aren't always involved.

I can also recommend an H-manga by the name of Sei So Tsui Dan Sha and the song "Detachable Penis" by King Missile.

Can you link that fic, btw?

Oh, and yes, cute fetishy fic. I'm not usually up for THIS level of inflation, but it was pretty good.

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inflation/cumflation (i dont see how those are different)

There's the superficial fact that "inflation" can involve a character getting pumped full of just about anything, while "cumflation" is very specific.

Digging deeper, cumflation kind of exists in the weird intersection of two distinct fetishes. The inflation fetish is the obvious one. But there's also a vague other fetish, and I call it "hyper-virility" because I don't know if there's a more common name. But it's a fantasy of sex where all or part of it is exaggerated, possibly to wildly unrealistic levels: huge genitals, impossible stamina/number of orgasms, huge volumes of bodily fluids, etc.

Fans of inflation aren't necessarily fans of hyper-virility, and vice versa. Hence, the scene in this story where Pinkie tries to clean her "toy" and accidentally fills Twilight with water—that's probably not going to do anything for the hyper fans. (Conversely, I think it was my favorite part.) With that in mind, it's worth tagging vanilla inflation in the story description, in addition to the cumflation.

In my (admittedly limited) experience, the inflation fans usually prefer bigger cumflation than the hyper fans do. So the "inflation/cumflation" also signals "Bigger than usual cumflation." Like, a "cumflation" tag typically means the pony winds up looking like they ate a large meal, while "inflation/cumflation" implies that they wind up looking something like this. ...Actually, I don't know if anyone else bothers to be that specific with the tags, but from past experience with callyoops2's work, I could tell exactly what he meant.

...That post kind of got away from me. I hope it wasn't too overbearing.

7452225 I guess I think that because I think inflation means inflation with anything, whether it be cum or water. (or any other fluid)

Am I the only person here who was hoping that Twilight would pop like a balloon?

7452333 On a literal level, you're right. But I do think the terms carry different baggage that isn't necessarily reflected in the literal meaning. Denotations vs. connotations.

I just realised I didn't actually give feedback, so here it is. Good work! I thought it was well written and had a premise that I've found to be pretty rare.

Stories with one of the following:
- Detachable body parts used for sex
- Portals used for long distance sex
- Sex toys enchanted so that a character can feel everything the toy feels
Bonus points if one of the characters is unaware of the other like how Pinkie was unaware here. Or you could have a reversed version where Pinkie knew she was having sex with Twilight but Twilight had no idea why she was suddenly getting filled up.

Thank you kindly. I've sent you a PM with the story link rather than advertise another author in this story's comments.

7451950 so, just to be clear to everyone, I don't actually give any shits how many people like or don't like this story. The whole point of that last line was a, I suppose, poorly worded warning to let people know I won't tolerate flame wars or shitty comments.

I'll be scrubbing comments related to this crap, so if your comment was deleted, you know why. Yes, even the positive ones defending me. I'm sorry, but I'd rather this section be used for it's intended purpose. For those who want to crap all over the comment section, I only wrote/write this kind of stuff for people who enjoy it. By all means, if you want to get on your skype group and tell all your no life friends to downvote my story, have at it. I literally don't care.

If you did enjoy this story, I'm glad, though I must admit, I didn't give it my all, and for that, I'm sorry.

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If you want to talk about the story or the myriad things I did wrong in writing it, I don't mind, cause trust me, there's problems in this story. If you want to complain about wording in the description you felt was "entitled," "toxic," or "problematic," there's tumblr. I simply have no time or patience for internet drama.

Comment sections are for discussing the story.

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All comment drama will be deleted? :moustache: *Ahem*
Drama drama drama, drama, drama drama drama drama, drama drama! :trollestia:
Good story though.

>I want to, but every time I try, I think how much of a freak I must be to everypony else.
-Honestly, that might be the weirdest thing in this story. From Fluttershy, yeah... Pinkie Pie, of all ponies ? *Everyone* already know she's all fun and freaky, and a bit crazy, that's nothing new and it never bothered her in the show.

I debated for a long ass time on that line. Right up until submission it was sitting underlined, italicized, and highlighted with a comment saying "fix!" In the end, I just couldn't think of anything.

Thanks for offering me some genuine criticism. I'm glad it didn't seem to detract too much from the rest of the story for you.

I sometimes like a bit of cum inflation, this was way more than I bargained for, it became more comical than sexual to me. It was pretty entertaining though.

Well, there's lots of stories on this site that features slight or medium amounts of cumflation. For people like me and the people that follow me, there are not a lot of stories that feature it on this sort of level. I'm sorry it wasn't what you were looking for. I probably should have specified the extreme amount in the description. I'll try to be more vigilant in the future.

7452875 Don't think so, just searched for a bit and the closest thing (I guess) was the desire for an amputee or the desire to have a body part amputated...

Sorry :<

7448924 The story you're talking about is A Gift from the Other Side.
Features human Sunset getting a magical strapon and a portal fleshlight.

7456120 That's the one.

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many fantasies have been fulfilled on this day:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

You sir... have given me many naughty ideas.

Sweet jesus... giving YOU ideas? That terrifies arouses me greatly.
By the way, I love several of your stories. Especially New Guard and Secrets of Love.

welp - had left the fandom for a while, decided to look up some good twipie - was NOT expecting a one shot to have me cracking up laughing in places like this did, though I think this could be a good inspiration for a more serious fic where maybe Pinkie accidentally impregnates twilight after first use?
Either way I LOL'd hard.
Or considering Pinkies 'tendencies' in my headcannon - maybe toning down the inflation aspect and just mybe have it with how much energy pinkie pie has that she just. doesn't. stop. That could be the mistake, twilight not realising how long Pinkie could go on for LOL

Sorry took so long to find/read this fic, but damn it made me smile

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