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Not much to say about me. Got a few stories on fanfiction and thats about it. First story was recieved well and I've only gotten better as I've made more.

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Huh. Well this has my attention. Gonna track this.

Displaced stories are still a thing?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes they still are. It also seems like they won't die out any time soon.

Of course displaced stories are still a thing. It's a quick and easy way to get a lot of views.


My one piece of advice to you: Commas. You always need commas. This fic is lacking commas, and feels rushed.

Oh wow, of all the fanfics of Displaced characters i've seen, I think you're the most overpowered when you decided on being Broly. XD

Other than minor typos and grammar issues, the storys good so far.

Dude didn't even question the were a abouts of the luner princess. Loving this story though. Keep it up.

Well if he was aware the entire time he was a stoner he knew about Luna goin batshit

The question should be, will he need a reason to go super saiyan? It's probably best that he only uses it when he really needs it instead of doing it for intimidation purposes. But even so; Will he need to unlock it? Is LSSJ only going to be around when he goes officially insane?

Keep this sucker up, because this is the first one I've seen with a galaxy buster as a displaced.

Great story so far i like it !:pinkiehappy:

Dude.... I fucking love this! It also doesn't help that broly is my favorite DBZ character. I verry hope to see more of this story.

Wait. Why is she so passed?

Broly again: "bye?"
*instant transmission sounds*

7866405 She might have a crush on Broly and probably upset that he flirted with 5 different mares

Also don't you mean pissed?

Broly as the most eligible bachelor in Canterlot? Wow I guess I could under stand mainly because of his muscles and such and his reputation.

Damn autocorrect. And yeah that would probably do it. Then she's gonna have to step her game up or learn that Broly has a woman magnatizing penis.

7868092 This place could have the whole herd thing going on... So why not all of them?

That would be sweet.


Why all the hate on displaced stories? Am I missing something?

this sums up broly in this chapter

What a nightmare! Bud-um tsssss......
Okay, I'll get out

In the words of the entire TFS fan base,

So... Many... TFS references...

...I love it!:pinkiecrazy:

The revenge of the Legendary Body Builder Saiyan.

Wait did broly just make me realize that twilight sparkle and chichi are nearly the same person

7879371 marysue ness or just a lot of people looking for something unique

I'm honestly glad we don't start up with a vengeful displaced Broly. I would call this story a direct rip-off of Rage in the Darkness, a human didplaced as Frieza story. Though i did not some similarities.

While the original Broly is in the top five in terms of DBZ villains (Nr 1 going to Frieza) i do enjoy seeing a kinder, more generous side to him rather than just a bully. This story has officially caught my interest. Will continue reading.

The theme song for this story

I can feel the lone tear that she sheds as it fells on my shoulder.


Cool story, though.

...it's hilarious that brollys insanity has mellowed enough to make comments like that last one.:rainbowlaugh:

Frieza for power or brutality and overall overlord-like attitude

When is the new chapter coming out

Wow, I'm surprised this is still being updated despite how long it took ya.

So your back thats good. I hope to see more in the near Future.

Pretty good. Could use some work with the past and present tenses, but it's good. You have my interest. Maybe after I'm done with the next few chapters of my own DBZ story we can write a crossover, should you be willing.

Seen so many stories like this. They get summon to another time space. To many characters to uphold, not enough chapters for the main character to be on his/her own time period. This story is going to be on hold or gets cancelled. Suggestion, when he does get summon. Make a quick one, dont let the Displace get summon to the main character. Only happen once and never again. Don't bring or drag someone else to that dimension. These type of stories tend to drag on and gets boring, repetitive dull. Your a good author, just dont make the same mistakes as the others. Toooo much summons is just no beuno.

Unfortunately I have to agree. It's well written and a nice cross (sort of) and out of nowhere it gets neglected to the point it ends up dead. Frankly I'm surprised this got updated at all.

Srry for the late comment but yeah. Saw this a mile away.


Ok, the story is ok, but tone it down on Broly, he is supposed to be struggling with Anger issues and Insanity, you have done a terrible job in showing this (no offense). You need to moderate yourself, you can either have a rough character struggling with serious issues or a happy go lucky, smooth character, shifting between such contrasting characteristics takes out the realism in the story, I would even say it ruins the character.

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