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Two Authors with one goal to combine two stories to produce a story worthy of the gods. Nah just fucking with you, we just want to try a crossover fic.

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awwwwwwwwwwww yeah so hype for this.Got two of my favorite authors.

if flare created this then im on it [FAV]


Ooooooooo. Please do go on!:raritystarry:

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:pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:hehehehehehehehhehehe im likin' this:pinkiecrazy:please continue:eeyup::pinkiecrazy:

I foresee shitstorms of epic proportions

It is highly recommended if not mandatory for you to read The Scent: Lust of Mares and XY Chromosome to understand this story's concept.

You might do well to provide links to these stories here, as they are not part of your own list of stories.

Looks like a compilation of the worst of the Cupcakes, The Weather Factory, and the pony.MOV universes. Very dark, very nasty, and verrrry eeen-erestingk.

My brain:Keep on writin'!Ma frenz r cravin' for fappin'!!!GO ON!!!GO ON!!!!!!

Me:Ehh....good...good....Keep writing it.At least I don't clop.

Looks like Daniel and Lachlan have found their way to the realm of the Grimdark ponies. Can't wait to see more.

created by my 2nd and 3rd fav authors hells yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moon lulu and tia are best ponies molly can go and suck it.

meh....its ok. I'd prefer stories with only one protagontist but this is a good story far.

Whats the update rate on this gonna be ?

3522571 It was the combined effort of Distorted flare and Der-Arzt


Le cliche Manticore returns.

I'm sorry, were you expecting clop in this chapter?

3524700 no when I first pulled up the chapter thrte was just a blank page but that is no longer a problem

I can already see them comparing the notches on their belts and relating over being a walking sperm bank and a walking pheromone producer and how they are both used for sex. Then again maybe it will just annoy Daniel that they keep getting jumped by everyone because Lachlan's pheromones don't have an off switch.

I really can't wait till they both meet Nightmare Moon! This time they both get raped!

what happen next chapter?

let me guess, he saw flutters raping daniel

Does the canceled mean that you are going to finish your respective stories before continuing or that its dead? :rainbowhuh:

When, when will there be more?

4582324 that good sir is an excellent question.

Huh. I am highly intrigued. On the one hand, I get to see a collaboration between two talented authors. On the other, I FINALLY get to know what a relationship would be like with Flutterbitch (she's as himedere as I imagined:trixieshiftright:).
After getting more familiar with the community, I now see that her appearance was based off Emoshy. Kudos to you!

Awww. I wanted to see other characters. :fluttercry:

Man fuck you and most certainly fuck that Distorted Flare jackass.

I haven't checked this place in such a long time. Coming back, things are exactly the same as before, no wonder I forgot about it.

Another good story gone why do Good ones die young

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