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One night Applejack saw a meteorite crash in the Everfree forest, so she went to investiagte. When arriving at the crash site she saw a giant metal bird, but what shocked her the most was that crawled out of it: a blue bird with a big mouth named Falco Lombardi. Now he's the only one that can save them from a threat that Equestria has never faced before, the forces of Andross.

Mlp/ Star Fox crossover, I own nothing.

This story has nothing do with my other two Star Fox stories; Team Harmony and Crystal Wolf

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I absolutely enjoy this! I'm happy that you have finally returned and I enjoy your new fanfic looking forward for more chapters Aswell as more chapters in your other books :heart::pinkiesmile:

once again your star fox stories are quite something. And that is a good something

Falco your my hero!!

8024277 hes so cocky i Love it!

Happy feet, WOMBO COMBO!

Sorry, I saw Falco and I had to do it. :twilightblush:

This is getting good. Can't wait for more.

Oh shit. Andross. That's bad.

8101831 I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's not Andross, it's only one of his minios. If it was Andross I would have written emperor or lord Andross, sorry.

8102153 Ah, I see. It's cool anyway.

This is so good!
Celestia is a bitch bring her down!
Great work.

Celestia suck so much!

Your avatar image looks like the Super Smash Bros. symbol. :duck:

Fantastic work man really well done.

I hate Celestia now.

Ok so this is so good right now :pinkiesmile: I'm looking forward to see what will happen next when I read the next chapter

This is so good and amazing! And
Celestia is a ... IS A TOTAL bitch! She needs to go down! Bring her down!

Oh my goodness Celestia! What is wrong with you! He tells you something and you go straight up believing him! Oh you really suck right now Celestia

:raritycry: s-so sad! To see Falco Sacrifice himself! And Celestia is being a more bigger bitch then ever! And now I'm looking forward to seeing the squeal

“Did you all see that shooting stare?” All of them nodded. “Well I got a close encounter with it, it looked like it was heading for our house but then it changed direction towards the Everfree. I did not hear an explosion so I went to investigate, when I arrived I saw a giant metal bird and that.” She pointed at the bird in the bed. “Fell out of it.”

You mean shooting STAR

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