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It the day of the summer sun celebration and Celestia's plan is in motion to deal with her sister Nightmare Moon, but there is one thing she didn't count on and that is a human that lives in Ponyville. A human named Sebastian Johnston, who has a talk with her about her plan to have eternal night.

Just an idea I had.

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Throughout most of his life, one question had been on Spike's mind since moving to Ponyville with Twilight. Who were his parents? It was something that he didn't think about too much, but was a question that happened to come back around whenever Twilight and her friends talked about family.

One day, a couple of dragons that claim to be sent by their queen arrive in Ponyville. At first glance, Spike thought that they were diplomats sent to discuss important matters with Twilight. Something that he doesn't usually take part in since he wasn't really experienced in such matters.

However, things take a bit of a different turn. For the dragons weren't looking for Twilight... They were looking for him.

It was about time I tried to write a story with Spike the dragon.

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When Blaze decided to enlist for the Royal Guard, it was because he wanted to be able to protect those that could not protect themselves. It was an opportunity to prove himself to the leaders of Equestria as well as the Princesses that he served.

However, when he serving as Princess Celestia's bodyguard, he got struck by a magical flask that was intended for her and blacked out. When he woke, he found himself in a new body and a new realm with a shattered moon that was in the sky... with no clue as to how he ended up there in the first place.

MLP/RWBY crossover, I own nothing.

Alright, this is my RWBY story. I am going to focus on the main story that Rooster Teeth has created, with my own twist.

I would like to thank FrostTheWolf, he help me a lot and I am not sure if could write this story without his help, so thank you.

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This story is a sequel to Time of Your Life

Jack was a human the arrived in Equestria, he lived in a town called Ponyville, the ponies there were afraid of him. Not Applejack and her family, not princess Celestia. He then found out that he had now way to get home, Equestria was his home. He tired to prove that he was not hostile at Harvest festival, it didn't work. He then left Ponyville to live in Sun shore city. For three months he has lived there and he enjoyed it, then he got a visit from the princess of the sun.

It's finally here, the sequel to Time of your life. I would like to apologize that it too so long, I have no real excuse. As you all can see, I had no help when it came to editing, I still hope you will give it a chance.

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Being the only human in a world where the inhabitants are anthropomorphic ponies is not easy, especially for Jack. Two months ago, he arrived in Equestria with no idea how he got there. He tried to befriend the inhabitants of the town of Ponyville, but it's not so easy when everypony sees you as a monster and the so-called Princess of Friendship doesn’t trust you either. However, at the local Ponyville Festival, he will give one last try, to prove to everypony he’s not a monster. And he'll do it all, with a guitar and a little help from a mare named Applejack.

This story was edited by The Fan Without Face.

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Summers, Springs, Winters, Falls. For many years these four alicorn control the four seasons in Equestria, they were called the alicorn’s of the seasons. That was until Discord showed up, he corrupted the magic in Equestria and the four alicorn’s lost their control over their season’s. For two hundred years the four sisters had no control over their seasons, they wanted that Discord pay for his cries but Celestia refused, so the ponies of Equestria became in charge off the four seasons. The four sisters were also four of the six of the elements of harmony, loyalty, honesty, generosity and laughter. Then Luna became Nightmare Moon and Celestia needed their help and then everything changed.

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This story is a sequel to Star Falco

What define a hero? Is it bravely? Heroism? Or is it just stupidty? Those thought went through Falco's mind when he flew his Arwing into the enemy ship when he sacrifices himself to save Canterlot. For six weeks, the ponies of Equestria didn't know who save them. All they got was that it was a act of good that save them. Then a new threat arrived and the royal guards is powerless and princess Celestia won't do anything to stop this new threat, the Shadowbolts. Only four pegasus are up for the challengs, they are Star Bolts.

MLP/Star Fox crossover, I don't own anything..

This is a sequel to Star Falco, I suggest you read that before you read this story.

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Many years ago Equestria was at war with sebra nation, the war lastet for a year and many life was lost on both sides. In the final days of the war Celestia and a pegasus by the name of Blaze Fury battle bravely against the army of the sebra nation. Then a zebra shaman managed to caputre Blaze in a time bubble for four hundre years, now his back and he realize that Equestria has change much over four hundre years. Can he adjust to this new Equestria?

Just and idea I had.

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One night Applejack saw a meteorite crash in the Everfree forest, so she went to investiagte. When arriving at the crash site she saw a giant metal bird, but what shocked her the most was that crawled out of it: a blue bird with a big mouth named Falco Lombardi. Now he's the only one that can save them from a threat that Equestria has never faced before, the forces of Andross.

Mlp/ Star Fox crossover, I own nothing.

This story has nothing do with my other two Star Fox stories; Team Harmony and Crystal Wolf

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The elements of harmony the most powerful weapon in Equestria. When Discord the god of chaos appeared and create chaos in Equestria, Celestia and Luna used them to seal Discord in stone. Everything was fine in two hundred years but when the ponies began to ignore the night that Luna created she became jealous of her older sister, the ponies played during the day sleep during the night. Luna wanted the night to last a little longer so they could enjoy it but her sister would not listen to Luna, then the Nightmare came. When Nightmare Moon took over Luna body because of Luna's jealousy over her sister, Celestia used the elements of harmony on her sister in hope that the elements could cure her. It work but in the progress the element was destroyed, who will now protect Equestria?

Mlp/Pokémon crossover, I own nothing.

I would like to thank Cyanjames2819 for the drawing.

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