Having a little sister is a new experience for Rainbow Dash. She had sort of assumed that this would be easy. I mean, how hard could it be? She's awesome. Who wouldn't want to have a big sister like her? So when she takes Scootaloo to the Wonderbolt Air Show, and they run into Indigo Zap, Rainbow Dash is not quite sure how she feels. Especially when it turns out that Scootaloo and Indigo Zap know each other, and Scootaloo can't help but go on about how cool the Shadowbolt is. But whatever it is Rainbow Dash is feeling, she knows for certain that she's NOT jealous! That's for sure! Not jealous at all!

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I have to confess that I find RD and Scootaloo to be two of the most boring characters in the show :fluttershyouch: , but this story was carried by their co-stars. Indy is actually cool (at the very least by virtue of not being Rainbow Dash :trollestia: ), and I remember liking Lightning Dust back in the day too, who I always thought was RD without pretending to be a good person (back in season three I didn't consider RD a very good person). By the way, with the big family, are you by any chance alluding to the family from the flashback in "Top Bolt" where there was a foal that looked like it could've been LD? :twistnerd:


It’s the same principal that makes the sky blue.

So in the human world the principals are still respnosible for the sky? :rainbowlaugh: :raritywink:

Anyway, it wouldn't be fair to expect the impossible (making RD or Scootaloo interesting for me), so I still gave a like because literally everything else was interesting, and heck, I actually like the asthma idea. Though it gives me horrible flashbacks of fighting evil cars in Mother 1 which would trigger the protagonist's asthma attacks with their exhausts and if you didn't happen to own an inhaler you were paralyzed until they killed you.

7747534 Oh really? They're two of my favorites :twilightsmile: Different tastes for different people, I guess? Honestly, Rainbow Dash ranks in as my second favorite in the show, narrowly behind Rarity (I...have a thing for ambitious, hardworking characters, and I'm really glad the FiM doesn't seem to view these traits as negative. The morals around them tend to be more, "Being ambitious is good, but don't take shortcuts or be a jerk about it", which I think is really good in a kid's cartoon). And the times when she tomboyishly dotes on Scootaloo are some of my favorite moments in the series. I'm a big fan of the siblings relationship tropes (hence why Shining Armor keeps coming up in my fanfiction...) and well...I just find it adorable :pinkiehappy:

Yup, the big family thing is supposed to allude to the theory about Top Bolt :twilightsmile: I was originally planning to have Indigo Zap reference it more directly by mentioning that Lightning Dust wasn't the only one who she felt she was overshadowed by, and mention that she has an older brother who's a figure skating prodigy (a sport that's very commonly done with a male-female partner combination). Ultimately, I couldn't work the line in without it seeming forced, so I toned it down to a more general, "I've got a lot of siblings, they're all high performers, and it's hard for me to stand out among them."

Sigh...I probably should have done a more thorough pass on spelling before hitting "publish" :facehoof: I was just excited to get it out. Thanks for pointing out the error, I fixed it!

Even if it wasn't quite up your alley, thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy: Glad you gave it a chance and enjoyed some elements of it! Even if this story doesn't do as well as some of my other ones (it's looking like SunLight is my bread and butter :rainbowlaugh:), I'm glad I gave it a shot!

7747741 I really hated RD's personality in the first seasons. She pretty much encapsulated everything I either dislike or don't care about in people. :trixieshiftleft: I've mellowed out towards her by season four or so, though. Scootaloo still remains incredibly boring to me, however her fangirling over Dash has kinda subsided so at least that little element of annoyance is gone. Funnily enough, in my rankings Rarity is also somewhere around second lowest. :applejackunsure: She can be really funny, but I don't much care for her personality or specific ambition either. My favorite is Pinkie :pinkiehappy: (I used to always say that Pinkie is the right kind of juvenile, while RD is the exact wrong kind of juvenile), and close second is Twilight. If we wanna piss off some people and count Starlight among the main characters, she'd rank between them. :trollestia:

Anyway, yeah, it's cool that the show has enough juice in it that people can enjoy completely different things. :eeyup:

And SunLight is definitely very popular. Even I, having never cared about shipping before, felt somewhat annoyed when SciTwi got officially shipped with Timber (though I liked him), because the idea of her falling for Sunset is just too delicious. :raritystarry: But hopefully you won't get tempted to just write SunLight all the time instead of what you actually want (I say that, yet I would totally jump on the SunLight bandwagon if I could do romance. Instead I write about freaking Principal Cinch of all people). Maybe just a few more to slowly attract followers and whatnot so that your next stories get some extra views :raritywink:

7747783 Timber...I honestly didn't love him. PART of it is the ship-sinking he brings in, but frankly, I could totally ignore that. I just...don't find him that identifiable, to be honest. That's shallow of me, but I'm not really much of a "nature" person, so it was hard for me to get into a mindset where I could relate with him. I also felt like we were pushed to like him a little too much too early, but that's not really a major obstacle either. So, no really good reasons why I didn't like him...just couldn't get into him as a character :unsuresweetie: The same sort of thing is really why I like Rarity and Rainbow Dash so much: I find them relatable on a personal level, and I can relate to the struggles they have to go through and the lessons they learn. To contrast, while I love her and think she's adorable, I have difficulty relating with Fluttershy and the struggles that she has to overcome, so her episodes aren't the ones I tend to go back to a lot. Even though I enjoyed, "Filli Vanilli", an episode on stage fright isn't going to ring as true to you if you just don't have stage fright, you know?

And I still absolutely love to write SunLight :raritystarry: It's adorable and awesome and I'm totally writing more of it. I'm just hoping to test the waters of what else is out there. I feel like the Equestria Girls universe gives fanfic writers a lot to go with, because it's more or less isolated from the main series and we only get, like, a 70 minute movie every year, rather than a season's worth of episodes. So, we get a lot of opportunities to explore stuff that's left out of this universe, and how it relates to the FiM one, like how Scootaloo's disability would manifest as a human.

Also, I was surprised by how much I'm enjoying Starlight being in the mane cast. I was sort of against her reforming, I didn't love her as a villain, but I think the writers have done a really good job with her this season. My only real complaint, I think, is a fairly common one, and it's that I feel like she should be a part of the plot more in episodes where she's not the main character, but maybe we'll see more of that next season!

7747854 I definitely agree about the merits of EqG for fanfics. I mainly read EqG fanfics nowadays and so far all of mine included it, and most of the crap I have planned will too. The concept of parallel versions of characters is very interesting because you can explore a character by contrasting them to the pony version. A lot of them seem to have somewhat different personalities. For example, Trixie seems perfectly nice in movies that aren't Rainbow Rocks, Fluttershy isn't all that shy, then SciTwi is obvious, the principals, etc. This is part of why Friendship Games is my favorite movie: it dedicated itself to introducing a counterpart to the more or less "main character" that is incredibly different. It wasn't shy about using the potential of the EqG setting's nature as a parallel world. Whereas Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree, I think, did much less with it.

As for Starlight, I like to be a complete heretic and say that she's almost Sunset Shimmer done right. For all of my love of EqG, I honestly don't much care for Sunset herself. As far as "reformed villain who becomes friends with Twilight's friends and a student to Twilight", Starlight is much more interesting about it. Sunset just flips to "great person" and puts her past behind her, whereas Starlight had to learn how to be good and such. I can't wait to see where her character goes now. Though I liked her as a villain as well, maybe apart from the slightly weak-sauce backstory at the end of the finale (still better than Sunset's though, she didn't even have one to speak of).

7748261 Really? I love Sunset! I sort of feel the opposite of you in this case, I feel like Sunset spent a lot more time trying to overcome her past than Starlight did (she spends pretty much all of Rainbow Rocks trying to make up for what she did). I guess I feel like Sunset spent a lot more screen time dealing with the consequences of her actions, whereas when it's brought up with Starlight she's more dealing with her anxieties about being a former villain, rather than the direct consequences. And I enjoy the symmetry of her coming back around and basically facing her own demons in Midnight Sparkle, and helping someone who's making the same mistakes that she did to make a better choice. But eh, again, different people are going to see things differently. I still like Starlight's new characterization...I just prefer Sunset :twilightsmile:

7749363 I feel like they discarded everything that could've made Sunset interesting. She was a villain with about one line of backstory in the original movie, at the end of it she gets rainbow-blasted into being a different person (unlike Starlight who was brought to "the light" psychologically), then she spends RR skulking in the shadows and occasionally smacking some sense into the Rainbooms, kind of accidentally saves the world without much effort (by being a sensible person and singing once), completely drops having any issue with her past (in that one extra song) and becomes a pretty bland character that ignores all of the potential. The one good moment was her relapse into anger in Friendship Games. I really don't like how she basically does a 180 at the end of the original and that's her whole reformation. She literally becomes a different person and doesn't seem to need to learn anything from Twilight afterwards. Part of why I love Starlight is that she spends the whole season six figuring out how to actually be good, that her old methods can't be applied for good, etc. She also doesn't get over her past as soon as others forgive her.

Overall good story, enjoyed seeing yet another form of Indigo and Dust being involved, really would like to see more of their sibling interaction one day, especially now that RD knows....

7790583 Yeah, I'd like to expand on these guys a little bit more...originally I was going to have Indigo Zap and Lightning Dust seeing a movie together in "Shadowbolt Movie Night", to show that, despite their rivalry, they still love each other, but I just couldn't work the scene in :twilightsheepish: Thanks for reading, and thanks for the fave!

7791712 no problem, looking forward to more stories! :)

Hmm... Not sure how to feel about saddling human Scootaloo with a disability, but I suppose if one had to do it, you handled it in the best way possible. Acknowledge, but don't dwell. She's not "the brave little asthmatic," she's Scootaloo. A respiratory condition shouldn't change that, and here, it doesn't.

As for the story itself, great character work all around. I can always appreciate a good dose of Scootalove, and this definitely qualified. Thank you for it.

7845392 Yeah, I can see why some people might not like having Scootaloo have a disability in the human world. To me, it seemed like a nice symmetry, and it feels like a part of Scootaloo's character is, "persevere through adversity", and it helps if she has a consistent adversity to fight against. But...yeah, I didn't want her to be too overwrought about it. Maybe a little big disappointed that her asthma may disqualify her from military service, but she's a tough kid!

I'm glad you liked this one! :twilightsmile: It's...frankly my least popular piece, and I can understand why. But still, I really enjoyed writing it, so I'm glad you liked it too! :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reading, and thanks for the fave!

I enjoyed this.
An interesting look at two similar but different characters.
How much the two groups intermingle due to SciTwi and Sunset is something something I dont know the word.
There attempts at friendship between there own group is a struggle but goes almost easier with their opposing group.
Im really liking the way you've developed their characters and backgrounds. And the world as well.

7880892 I think the reason for the friendships going easier with the opposing team is, at least in part, because they have at least one counterpart on the other team, each. Plus, The Shadowbolts are, at least in part, versions of the Main Six without character development, so there's some identifiability there. Rarity remembers what it was like to be like Sunny Flare, Rainbow Dash remembers what it was like to be like Indigo Zap, etcetera.

I'm glad you liked this one! :twilightsmile: I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for reading!

You know you're in a vast minority of people who think like this. A lot of people absolutely ADORE Sunset after her redemption in Rainbow Rocks. Why do you think she has such a large fanbase these days and that people are still not used to seeing Starlight around? I think you are missing something crucial here...

Of course I know. However, until someone can explain to me what's actually good and interesting about Sunset's character in a way that allows me to at least understand, if not agree, I'll continue firmly believing that Sunset simply got to everyone by turning into this meek, flawless waifu in Rainbow Rocks, the effect of which was multiplied by contrasting her to her only other depiction - from the previous movie. Doesn't matter if it's the majority opinion: lots of people fall for cheap psychological tricks all the time.

I'm not sure why she didn't grab me as she did many others. I love Rainbow Rocks and EqG in general. However, I don't see anything to especially like about Sunset's character. She has no interesting flaws (there was a glimmer of one - in Friendship Games when she lost her temper. Guess what? Never happened again), no personality to speak of (she's the epitome of generic goody-two-shoes now). She doesn't make any sense: why has she completely abandoned Equestria and everyone she might have there? How did she turn from a two-dimensional evil bitch into a two-dimensional little angel? As far as I'm concerned, the only time Sunset is a good character is in some fanfics that actually make her into one.

Even if Scoots doesn't get accepted into the Wonderbolts, if they exist in EqG, she could fly for FedEx Express, National Airlines or UPS

“Rainbows are people. PEOPLE!”

Ok, major thumbs up for the Soylent Green reference :moustache:
Ive never read Rainbow Factory (or Cupcakes either :fluttershbad:) so i dunno if SG has been compared to it before, but i appreciate it here nonetheless :twilightsmile:

Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed that! I don't know if that reference has been made anywhere else either...I think I read it on TVTropes at some point, so maybe I stole it from there? I'm not sure :twilightblush:

I'm so glad you're enjoying these stories! thank you so much for reading! :pinkiehappy:

“R-right…” Scootaloo said. She’d actually been looking forward to this earlier, being bunkmates with Rainbow Dash...alone...in the wilderness...with no to hear her scream…

Ohhh rainbow what did you do

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