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Set in an ending to "Friendship Games" where Twilight stayed at Crystal Prep to make friends with the Shadowbolts. Twilight and the others are trying to be more friendly with one another...but friendship doesn't come easy when your entire life has been competition and personal accomplishment. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, so any progress is good progress? Right?

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7554470 Why, thank you so much! =) Glad you liked it! Sugar Pie kind of just jumped into my mind and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it =) Thanks for reading!


Ahahaha, man it was fun
The Shadowbolts wont admit it, but they are enjoying whatever break they can get lol
Was hoping Sunny Flare to be the bullying type, but this calmer one is fine too

That was pretty cute.

You might want to shorten the wall of exposition at the start- that's what the story description is for (and you pretty much covered everything that needs to be said there already). But once the dialogue started, everything was spot-on!

7554582 Thank you very much! =D I'm glad you liked it! Sunny Flare can be difficult to write for, since she has so little characterization in the movie, so I think everyone has sort of a different view of who she is. Ultimately, I decided to use her line when they're at the gym as inspiration, and basically cast her as a way more condescending and less tactful Rarity, haha.

7555066 Thank you! Yeah, the beginning sort of went on longer than I expected...but I still ended up liking it, so I decided, "eh, throw it in", haha. Glad you liked it!

This (and "Indigo Zap and Sunny Flare Drink Milkshakes", which I'm gonna get to next) was recommended to me in the mlp subreddit based on my love for the shadowbolts and EqG in general. Great little story and the characterizations of the Shadowbolts seemed spotless to me. Very funny and pleasant to read, but it's sad that something of this quality isn't getting the recognition it should. If you liked writing this, I think you should continue despite the slow reception and eventually you'll get a bunch of followers. It would probably help you if you put your stories in a bunch of different groups (for EqG stories in general for example, or for Shadowbolt stories). And maybe grab some FG screenshots or fanart for cover art. I wish you success if you want to keep writing (if you don't, well screw you then! Just kidding)!

7568501 Thank you so much for your kind comment :twilightsmile: I'm glad you liked it so much =) Yeah, I just sort of getting started with this...I may try submitting these stories to a group or two at some point, but I wanted to sort of get into my rhythm first before I tried anything like that. I've got a few more ideas for stories, so there will very likely be more coming. Glad you're watching!

7569344 Don't be shy about groups, definitely. I'm not sure how much it actually helps, but surely it must. Though it might get you a dislike or two from people whose notifications are swarmed by like 9 instances of your story being added to groups. But I'm not sure they actually do that, who knows. Anyway, you're welcome and I'm glad to see another person tackle EqG and especially Shadowboltery competently (apart from like 3 people who do that on this whole site). Us budding EqG-appreciating Shadowbolt-featuring struggling-for-recognition authors need to stick together!

This was an interesting read. I love Equestria girls and strangly the best chracters are those introduced in the movies: Sunset Shimmer, dazzlings/sirens and the shadow bolts. Sci-Twi was also interesting as she feels really diferent that her pony counterpart unlike the other mane 5.

I myself enjoyed the alt. ending better as it could lead to good stories like this fic, even legend of everfree could have been a trip for both schools.

Returning to your fic the interactions between the six girls were really good(i loved Inigo's jumping the window). The only thing i didn't like was that its a one-shot. The site needs more stories like this with these characters and idea of Twilight staying in Crystal Prep.

7783349 I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: Thank you so much! Personally, I loved The Shadowbolts, and it made me sad that it seems like they aren't showing up again in Equestria Girls anytime soon...but you never know! I agree, I feel like there was a lot more potential in having Twilight stay at Crystal Prep, and it just seemed more in-character for her to stay there and try to spread friendship there, rather than transfer...sigh...but still! I really enjoyed Friendship Games in either case.

If you're disappointed that this is a one-shot, I have been continuing with this idea in some other stories. Most of my stories take place in what I'm calling the "Prep-Verse" (a name shamelessly stolen from River Road), where SciTwi stays at Crystal Prep. So, if you're ever interested, there is more!

Thanks so much for reading! :pinkiehappy:

7783362 Thanks for telling me. I myself didn't think much about the shadow bolts but some stories were Twilight had an OC friend in crystal prep made me want to look more crystal prep centric stories.

This was good. Budding friendships can be a little rough around the edges but giving it some time and they can be smoothly sanded down. Indigo Zap, always thinking with her...whatever it is she thinks with. As always, Sour Sweet steals the show for me with her last text.

7784768 I'm not sure Indigo Zap was thinking with anything :rainbowlaugh: Sour Sweet was real fun to write in this story, even if I struggle a little bit in writing her. Thanks for reading :pinkiehappy: And thanks for the fave!

Always interesting to see how things begin. Human Twilight may not be the best apostle of friendship in the world, but she's definitely the best Crystal Prep can ask for. If nothing else, I don't think anyone saner would last very long.

7847359 :twilightsmile: Thank you! Yeah, Twilight's still got a lot to learn about friendship here...but I think she's doing alright, all things considered :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading!

Well this was unexpectedly enjoyable.
I also now must find this alternative ending...

7878658 I'm glad you found it entertaining! I'd really suggest watching the alternate scenes, I think they really add to the film...hence why I've written what amounts to a small book in fanfiction that's basically a love letter to it...:twilightsheepish:

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Why did she jump out of the window?

Sunny Flare technically said ‘Indigo, I dare you to jump out the window’, and Indigo didn't think far ahead beyond, 'complete the dare' :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for reading!

I found this very entertaining, especially the part where Sci-Twi and the Shadowbolts call Sunset for help.

Sunset sighed. This was really all much easier in the heat of the moment, when she had borderline goddess powers. Apparently, it was somehow easier to talk down a nearly demonic entity fueled on Equestrian magic and intent on ripping the universe apart just to understand it better than a ticked off teenager. “Well, then...make something up. Pretend that you understand her.”

I found it hilarious that a non-magical problem is somehow more difficult than then fighting an evil demon.

But it also ties into your point that true friendship is a rocky thing, and that magical rainbow lasers can't help one form overnight.

I'm so glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: I like the sort of humor that comes from taking the world-changing events that these characters find themselves in, and bringing into an everyday context, like this.

Thanks for reading, and for commenting! :raritystarry:

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