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Twilight Sparkle is a pony that eveypony thinks has everything together. She has her studies, her friends, her talent for magic, and being a student of Princess Celestia. There there is something on Twilight's mind, something missing that has revealed itself after an event.

Now Twilight seeks to find the one thing she's missing. Can she understand something that is so powerful and complex, or will she be forever alone?

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This seems like a cute story. Twilight, you are such a bookworm!:twilightsmile:

Oohhh, no. Rarity just had to say magic. This is so not going to turn out well for Twilight. :facehoof:

Twilight you goof.

Looking forwards to this.

Also, keep an eye on your words-

"today as well of of course" Is an oopsie.
"we should take are conversation" This is 'our', I think?
"you don’t have to shy about it." Missing a 'be'.
“What do you tell me about love, Rarity?” 'do' should be 'can' here.
"never seemed to show an interest" In the place you have this, it should be 'have' an interest.
"past few years, I always felt" Should be an 'I've' or 'I have', not just an 'I'
"But you mustn’t give up and keep going." Doesn't sound quite right. Try saying it aloud- it sounds off, hard to figure out where the break between introduction and either option goes. I think either 'and you must keep going' or 'you must keep going and not give up' would be good.

Those moments notwithstanding, you've got fairly good writing skills. Maybe just going over it once extra or something would be enough of a help to avoid small slips like these.

Keep writing! :twilightsmile:

I'm fairly interested in how this will play out.

Yup, I was right. Magic and love put together is a recipe for disaster. And a helluva good story. :twilightsmile:

Love works in mysterious ways.:rainbowlaugh:


Yep. The next chapters are going to be revisions from an defunct story called I, Little Pony.

But I thought it would be cool to see a pony that was similar to Twilight, even being a student to a Princess.

Woah. Plot twist! I was expecting that stallion to be completely summoned from that spell. But he has a past.

Unless that past was something fabricated by the spell? :trixieshiftright:


Interesting idea. Not to spoil the fun, but that magic spell will make a return later on.

Too short, need more. :trixieshiftleft:

If I was him, I'll explore by myself if I get the chance.:eeyup:


Ok, so right now I'm redoing some chapters from a previous story to fit here. Then it will be on to new chapters!

Now yes, this will be a ship/ romance fic, but not a clop fic. It wil be more of the Dawww love variety.

Hi Lux! I noticed a couple typos, one of them is that you misspelled "Equestria".
Overall a good story, but it may have been better to keep some mystery to it. Before he's able to give his life story and the how/why he came to Ponyville, he's interrupted by nurses/doctors, and his own health problems- we can't expect him to be so coherent just after waking. This leaves Twilight on edge, desperately needing to know more about this mystery stallion, but she'll have to wait a while.
Otherwise, I'm happy to continue reading this story!

Still an enjoyable story... now I want cupcakes...
A couple more typos: "With that Pinkie bouncy walked her way down the road"
And a couple times, when you meant to say "Mystic" or "he", you say "I". Are you writing this like in your mind, you're Mystic, and these are typos? Or are you purposely trying to fade the narration from the third person to the first, gradually turning Mystic into the narrator?

There are still some grammar/spelling errors here and there.
Why does his name change from "Mystic Study" to "Mystic Lore"? Is that a typo, or a mystery that will be revealed later?
He had the ability to magically gather information... that sounds like a pretty cool talent to see in action!

Our storys have the same name!!:heart: Guess we thought alike (was thinking about using the great minds think alike but i dont think mine would work with that maybe yours would)


Hello Flutterpieroxs! I see the same name. Granted the story name is basic yet poingiant.

Hello Tipheret! I think the problem was that I was trying to retrofit some chapters from a defunct story into a new story. Well, I fixed some things and hope to move on to the next ones error free. And yes, Mystic Study had Claircognisance, the ability to know beyond knowing.
Now, even though some mysteries are revealed like his name and being a certain student to a certain Princess, there is more to this story than that. Plus, Mystic still has to know Twilight more.

Yes! A new chapter!
You still have some grammatical errors and still sometimes say "I" as opposed to "Mystic". That's a tad annoying.
Twilight? Tardy? Loved what you did there.
"she probably has a stallion friend already with that cute body of hers and how smart she is." That quote really made me smile. Twilight is pretty adorable! :twilightsmile:

886444 Twilight is indeed very adorable. Perhaps even... adorkable.


Oh, quiet you.


Yes. If somewhere out there I can find a girl with the personality of Twilight, life would be awesome. Of course hopefully she won't have Twilight's crazy side.

OF COURSE she'll have Twilight's crazy side, either that or an altogether different kind of crazy. Who is totally sane anyway? Love her when she's at her best AND at her worst. :pinkiecrazy:
Just... hopefully the best makes the worst worth it, and that the worst is tolerable.


Dawww! Thanks!

The way you wrote Rarity's part really said "element of generosity"- good job :raritystarry:


Thanks. Rrity is now friends with Twilight and an acquaintance with Mystic. Hmmm.... should be interesting later on.

Why are you switching to first person?

OR she COULD have used the memory spell she used when Discord was around...


She could have used that, but one has to wonder if that would work on restoring spells since they're more complex.


I'm going to be just sticking with this story until its completion.

It works better if I focus on one at a time.

You have to do what works best for you. I suppose there are storytellers who can work on several at once, but I am not one of them.


I usually do two at once, but since the next one I anticipate as being bigger that any story I wrote so far in quality and lenght, the it's best to wait until this one is done.

:twilightsmile: Nice chapter. Please Continue.

B'AAAAAAWWWWWWWW :rainbowkiss:

d'aaaaaawwwwwww :rainbowkiss: (HHHHHNNNGGGGG :heart:

Here comes conflict! :twilightangry2: (assuming that this issn't the end of the story)

noticed that the comma in the last sentence should go after the sigh, not she... aside from that, liking the story :yay:


Short chapter this time. Only two chapters left!

Matchmaking Pinkie:pinkiegasp: whatever will become of this:derpyderp2:


Nah. Just pinkie doing what she like best: planning a party, even if it's a date night.

Princess Luna is awesome!!!
I like the relationship between Twilight and Mystic, but something's not quite... right. Maybe they're both socially awkward, unsure how relationships typically go, or they don't follow the typical relationship pattern.


Well, not being a pro on the relationship end, i don't know. But we know that twilight is a little socially awkward and so is Mystic. So what better thing to do than share their awkwardness together!:heart:

Amazing Story, I loved it :twilightsmile:

Will there be a Sequel?


Well I have several stories in the works coming up, but maybe you'll see Twilight and Mystic again in another story. For now let's just say they lived happily ever after.

So this story is complete?

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