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A good story displays a moral, the best ones attach you to the characters who display them.


When AK Yearling- noted adventure author and teacher of archaeology -invites Twilight and Rainbow to be VIP's at the convention, and her ulterior motives are exposed: what will the two most hardcore fans think of the next book, once they are asked to proofread it?

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Awesome Daring do story! I've always wondered how the Daring Do version of the 4th Indiana Jones would go. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Welp, I'm interested to see where this goes.... On to the next chapter! Onward!

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. And I hope I do not disappoint. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I hope you enjoy. :twilightsmile:

No... It's well written enough, but you didn't do the world building you needed to. Equestria doesn't have hand guns or cars. That basically threw me out of my suspension of disbelief right there. Out of place lines like saying Daring Doo had retired didn't help. The framing device was great though.

If this is just going to be a carbon copy of Crystal Skull, I don't need to read it. I've seen Crystal Skull. I know there will be a market for this, but I'm not part of it.

Thanks for the pointers, I'll be sure to keep those in mind.
I'm planning on establishing the world-building as I go, in a way that's not forcefully expositional, and fits well within the storyline.

And technically, this will be my attempt at improving the Crystal Skull, while sticking with the basic plot: I'll be expanding on scenes I feel need expanding, and redoing scenes I found unnecessary, or poorly scripted.

Side note: Sci-Fi tag has been added, I appreciate the feedback. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I hope I can continue to please with this adaptation. :twilightsmile:

Oh good, you didn't nuke the fridge. When I saw the title of the story I was worried for a second.

Don't worry, I'll be poking fun at the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a lot here. :raritywink:

Would the aliens be the same or are we the aliens of MLP? :rainbowhuh:

Colonel Dawn


Ah, that's where that picture comes from...

In time, in time... :raritywink:

:rainbowhuh: Huh... well, congrats on spotting that before I did. :rainbowlaugh:

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