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For the love of CELESTIA


Your second sentence has a spelling mistake. "Her" instead of what I presume should be "Here."
There are commas all over the place (I should talk)
A SEVERE lack of periods,
I'm sorry darling, this is hardly readable.

You need a prereader and an editor.

Wow, good start! Interesting idea, but you may need an editor.

I agree with the other comments. You need an editor and someone to proof read this. In fact, proof read it yourself for a second draft. This seems simple enough to edit to remove obvious mistakes, so I can do so if you want.

This is looking very promising. However, I agree with what the others have said. You should get an editor to fix all those mistakes.

I hope this continues. I'm really curious to see where this goes.

7782838 Don't worry it will continue I'm hoping to have the next chapter out before the end of the year.

EqG tags have been updated

7878900 Thanks for reminding me I had forgotten about that. :twilightblush:

When is Thi going to be updated?

8100549 Should be very soon ive had a bad case of writers block lately on top of being busy with things.

8118600 Cool. Because this story idea is good.

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