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Moon Glow

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


A Legacy of Kain crossover

Ever wonder why Canterlot was built into the side of a mountain? Well, after Nightmare Moon's birth, Celestia had it built to be closer to Equestria's greatest secret. Now, a millennium later, new guardians are born and Celestia must train them while Luna recovered.

The Mane Six discover that the Elements of Harmony were not their only mantles they had to bear. Upon Celestia's words, they learn of Equestria's secret: The Pillars of Equestria.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 35 )

Looks good so far, my friend! Consider it faved and followed!

I really like what you have so far hope to read more soon along with a new chapter for both Five Flowers for a Maiden Mare and Daughter of Magic.:twilightsmile:

A legacy of kain crossover?!!! :pinkiehappy: you immediately have my respect:twilightsmile:

7464437 By far, this is better than my "Legacy of Belladonna" MLP/LoK crossover.

So I inspired something? That it also has great potential?

Wha- what is this feeling? Does pride feel like this?

Just kidding, great intro and this works as a good reminder that I must write that second part (now Chapter 4) of Harmony's Rise.

Keep this up, it has great potential.

This interests me.

Also, if the good Doctor isn't the Time Guardian, I will request that you turn in your brony membership card.

7466751 Then which Guardian do you propose Applejack would be. Check out the link connected to this story to see who I have as Guardians.

7466791 Oh, I guess you have a point. But you have to admit it would be cool.

7466878 You know, I can do a chapter circling around those two. The Doctor and Applejack could team up to take care of some sort of Time Distortion caused by Mobius' meddling in Nosgoth and the two would have to work together to solve the problem.

Also, what did you think of Pinkie Pie as the Dimension Guardian? I call Headcannon!

7466924 That is a very, very, very awesome sounding arc, full steam ahead.

Isn't it everybody's?

7466949 I'm not sure everybrony knows of the Legacy of Kain games.

7467015 Correction, it's the headcannon of everyone who's familiar with both franchises.

7467069 Maybe we should create a group for these people on this site. Because I only know a small few. (Then again, I haven't been a part of fimfiction for long.)

7467074 I have to be honest, I'm not really one of them. I think I played a demo for one of the games, but that's it.

Just gave this a second read and it still looks good, although now I wonder how will the show be affected by this (specially regarding the Guardian of State and how it will be integrated to the story)

Dude you should continue writing this.

7562431 I got the second chapter going, but I got stuck.

7562801 I was just thinking and you don't have to go with it or anything but I thought maybe Twilight could stumble upon the room and walk in on Celestia and Luna looking at the pillars. But I will wait for the next chapter and see how things go:twilightsmile:

7563682 No. The Mane 6 are summoned. That's how far I got.

*thump* and all the magic in Equestria cut out for five minutes, pegisi fell from the skies earth ponies became weak unicorns across the gloge dropped anything they were carrying

Well, after seeing how this chapter ended, I understand why you skipped so much and I don't blame you.

Since you've seen how I write my stories, you may be aware that I would've taken the long route and build up the moment, albeit slowly, and even giving hints at who could be the States Guardian but, considering it took me over a year to reach my first set piece, I won't blame you if you decided to skip that.

Still, I'm glad to see this story being updated, for I enjoyed reading this, and I hope you get to update this soon.

What did I skip? :rainbowhuh: 16 pages is pretty long for me.

Nah. Everything is fine. Just that Twilight's brain needs to reboot.


What I mean is that I would've made a chapter to show how Nightmare Moon reacted to them at first (with a cryptic message of how she sought them as "equal to her" or "you have the same blessing as I do" something like that) and then one chapter for each showing how their abilities as Guardians have been developing on their own with some normal chapters here and there to show how life was going. I would've even used Discord in some way, like how I plan to use him in my story as [REDACTED].

That's what I mean with "skipped" or "I would've taken the long route", I just like to build up this kind of stuff, like I'm doing right now with [REDACTED].

BTW, I recommend you to put this story in the Shameless Self Promotion Bureau, you can promote it there (like in the Insane Creators Guild) and get much more views.

Oh. So that's what you meant. :facehoof:

To be honest, I've never thought about Nightmare Moon's and Discord's reactions. Perhaps I can incorporate them into flashbacks.

Now you've gotten me curious as to what or who [REDACTED] is. If I may guess, it it a certain vampire with one of the most awesome swords in gaming history?


Well, Twilight Sparkle its knocked out so, instead of Flashbacks, use dream sequences. Twilight dreaming and finding moments in her life where hints were given to her (like feeling as if she was touching something whenever she hugged Celestia and it didn't feel like skin or how Nightmare Moon saying something like "so history repeats itself, they came against me before and, just like them, I'll destroy you" or Discord seeing them as "more than just bearers") or how certain reactions now makes sense and, if you want, make the dream sequence give the audience a hint of who would be the States Guardian (you can show random ponies in the dream sequence that may be a hint to Twilight of who could be it so we cannot be sure exactly who) and that way wake Twilight up feeling as if now "everything made sense".

Oh, no. [REDACTED] its not a vampire, that character won't show up in a long time. He will be mentioned for the moment though. [REDACTED] its more events that will happen and I don't want to spoil them although, if you search, you can take some hints of where am I going next.

That may work.

Ugh! I'm too impatient! :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry I just read chapter 2 now I didn't find out until now I never got a notice for chapter two. Anyways I just want to say that it was a grate chapter.

Grate chapter hope to read more soon.

Upon Celestia's words, they learn of Equestria's secret: The Pillars of Equestria.

And what do the group of characters actually named the Pillars of Equestria think about all of this?

That's another chapter. :raritywink:

This is back, yay!!!

Good pacing and dialogue.

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