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This story is a sequel to Embodiment of Rage

Celestia had made her choice: she refused to kill that demon child. Fed-up with the ponies and their xenophobic ways, Julian and Alex leave Equestria in order to search the world of a new place to call home. On the way, they must hone their skills if they are to be ready when the demons invade, whilst also warning the different countries leaders about the demon invasion.


This is a direct sequel to Embodiment of Rage, knowledge of that story is required for this one.

Character tags will be added as the story progresses.

Chapters will include Julian and Alex surviving in the wilderness, as well as encounters in various cities and the like.

Art found online, no idea who made it but props to them. Also if anyone could, could you make a cover photo for the fic? Something similar to this one but with a male instead of female (since both characters are guys), I'd really appreciate that.

This is a self-insert/Diablo 3 crossover.

Part of the "Displaced-verse"

Credit to Sketch D. Tail for editing/looking over

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 81 )

I do hope that alot of ponies will die before they come back to help them. They have to be shown how terribly wrong they were.
Normally dead isn't a solution to anything, but they kind of deserve it to see the consequences of what they have done.

7499368 Don't worry my friend, when the war starts there will be death.

7499368 I totally agree ponies need to be put in their place, they need to she not all are sunshine and rainbows, that friendship can not always save then day, and see that the consequences well be harsh,

I wonder though when the Demon invasion happens what well it be like the one in Yu Yu Hakusho Chapter Black Saga, or something out of evil dead army of darkness?

Poor, dumb, ignorant, hatful ponies you all disserve the demons that are coming, I hope you all get show fear, and that I hope the other races listen to these two because hell is coming, and it is going to be Doomsday. and Rainbow Crash I hope your wings get ripped off. because the Nephalem are not to be taken lightly, some are taller then trees others are something out of Love Craft.

if an alliance is made hope they let the ponies suffer for awhile, as I'm sure that they have felt the xenophobic ways of ponies too, but I can see it now an alliance made of, Zebra's, Griffon's, Changeling's, Dragon's, Minotaur's, Yak's, and other races fighting off the demons together, as ponies hide behind weak leaders, that can not save them.

7499412 if that happens i wont feel bad for them, because they are a highly Xenophobic & Racist society and country to anything not a pony and follow a style of thinking that is so rigid that it see in only Black and White and has no room for the morally gray like Julian, and even though he became "accepted" by the town he was still ostracized by it.

7499627 I planned on having the demon invasion focused at one point, much like in Diablo 3 when Azmodan invades Sanctuary, with the combined armies of the world. The part about Rainbitch's wings... well, without saying anything else, look forward to it ;)

this is gonna be good.

so this worlds norwegians are dragons... sweet, cant wait for the next chapter

I would like to see some chapters in the pov of the Elements of Harmony and how they are dealing with the aftermath of what just occurred.

7506130 interesting, I'll throw some interlude chapters in here and there

7506647 I wasn't expecting someone going through with my suggestion.

7506680 It's not a bad idea, and I've got some things in mind already.

Did you place a want it need it spell on this? cuz i love it

7517704 Hahahaha nice.
Thanks bro, I appreciate the love <3

I really enjoyed the first story... I'm really looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds!

7525902 Hey mate thanks! Hope you like it :)

Really? Well, I'm game, if you like. Also, nice chapter.

Alex might just be a candidate for the "barbarian" berserker of the group. At least, based on how he reacted once he was injured.

7526808 Up for a crossover? Cool man, send a link to your story and I'll give it a read.

7526937 Here you go. You might find it to be matching, sort of, for where this story of yours is going.

we are going to need a map

I have a serious question. Are they both gay cause it seems like they're gay for eachother

7527250 That comes next chapter

7528190 No they're not gay. The MC hasn't had any friendly contact in over a thousand years, and while this would make a lesser man insane, his powers prevent that from happening. So he has developed a reliance on Alex, the only one who is friendly towards him. In a world where it's essentially two against all, they have to rely on each other more than anything, but Julian's reliance is more so that Alex's presence prevents Julian from falling into despair and madness, which would ultimately result in his death. So he relies on Alex in a way that his life depends on it.

7529306 Well it's true for the fic lmao. We're not gay in the fic nor real life, just close mates.

Wow I finish chapter 2 and about to go read something else then chapter 3 came out and I was like "Wut? " then YAY ANOTHER CHAPTER!

Well, this better not become a Clusterfuck.

i bet the fifth feudal lord has been recently replaced by a demon and if not then hes is just a dick.

7526967 I'm only 7 chapters in so far (sorry for delay), but really liking where it's going and will let you know when I finish for the crossover.

When is the next chapter coming out?

7582884 soon, I just started study break

7601072 It's nearly over, and fun was had.

7601119 oh im sure the history wont be just porn hub im just sure.... :)

7601175 hahahaha nah bro been playing WoW. New expansion came out so been having fun playing that.

When is the next chapter coming out?

7715812 Soon, Alex is nearly finished and then we have to wait for it to come through.

Ahhh.... The old Trojan horse strat.

Works Every Time.

I cant help but wonder what Alex rolled. Julian is a DH. The healing and being prone to melee, my guess is Monk, though I do not know what the Crusader can do, never played him (so maybe that?).
I also am not clear on what exactly happened. Julian having played WoW and D3, goind to a Convention makes me think he comes basically from our world. But seeing as being a Nephalem and having DH abilitys is a thing, I am not so sure.
Also what did Luna see when she was in the human world? Did she see the game D3? Probably not or Jul would have lost a lot if not all credibility. But it feels like they weren't fighting demons either or she should proabably know the danger they present.

Ouch, what a bitch that must have been. Still though, great chapter.

Glad to see you got around the blockade against your writing

wait what, how did I miss an update?. . . Oh well more reading for me.

a demon huh?... make him burn... send him back to the pits of hell :pinkiecrazy:

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