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Applejack recounts the events surrounding her cousin's death to an interested stranger over a bottle of hard cider.

A short tale of unspoken retribution, wild-west style.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 57 )

Never forget the red rule.... :ajsmug:

Wow. Just. Wow. I can honestly imagine this happening, wonderful job!

Yup, green thumbed. This story seems so cannon it hurts. Great job!

Whoa. Badass Applejack :ajsmug:

Dayuuuuuum. Nice story, Dawn!

Good story! Needs lasers though.


Daymn, son. Apples don't play.

Tears were shed from sheer badflankery.:ajbemused:

'grats on EQD!

Beautiful. That Red Rule really made the story xD And that was sad too. Honestly sad and beautiful, but so canon it hurts.

Damn, the Apple's don't take shit from no pony. :ajbemused:

I can so see this happening. Well done. :):ajsmug:

:eeyup:eeyup I could actually see this happening


Oooof, never piss off an Apple 's all I'm saying.

All my apples. This was magnificent.

This has made me have a whole new level of respect for Applejack. You have done an amazing feat my friend. An amazing feat. :ajsmug:

Wow, this is one awesome story. Makes me wish I could write.

Did Granny Smith join in with a plinker, or was it a wheelchair-mounted minigun?

Seriously, though, great story. Few Appleoosa stories capture the Old West romanticism this well.

I really hope that Braeburn received a decent burial and that that scumbag didn't do anything to his body :twilightangry2:

'The Red Rule.' Hmmm.
I has a headcanon. :twilightsmile:

...well. Lesson learned. You fuck with an Apple, you run. You never stop. You just run and hope to whatever gods you believe in that it never takes through a town with an Apple.

*clicks The Red Rule in to headcanon*

Oh my god. The last line.
That made the entire story...god. I can't even.
"Don't fuck with the Apple family." Just...oh my god.
I've read quite a few good fics, and Applejack isn't my favorite pony, but..
This is my favorite fic now. Of all time.

Can't say I agree with it, honestly.

But that's just me. Good thing she didn't tell me; I probably wouldn't let it go...

...aaaaaand now I'm scared of the Apples. Very gripping, awesome story! :pinkiehappy:

Yeesh... that last line. My spine tinkled there for a second.

Very amazing short story. Nothing else to be said.

A moment of silence for the fallen Braeburn..........
Well done Apple family, well done.:moustache:

Applebloom is guard dog.

Okay with a title like that I was kind of expecting a reference to Assass of Jesse James; but got none. I'm saying that cuz its one of my favorite movies and I see it as a seriously missed opportunity..

But its an awesome fic nonetheless.

I love the mental image of Applejack shooting a guys ear off with Big Macintosh blowing off his shins Red Dead Redemption style.
Ill tell ya, I'm gonna sleeep easy tonight

And the Red Rule should always be remembered.

The title itself was the reference, I didn't want to pollute the story with anything too overt. It was just a quick nod in that direction before I began my own western-themed story.
Regardless, glad you liked it :)

Dang, didn't know AJ could be such a badass...

Flim and Flam better be thankful that they lost!

This is so badass it should be canon xD

The Red Rule must never be broken :pinkiecrazy:

Remind me never to F with Applejack. Or any of the Apples. The Red Rule must never be forgotten... :ajbemused:

Gah, once again I'm amazed at how vibrant the character interaction is. The atmosphere set by the characters mannerisms and the way its intertwined with the dialogue creates the setting better than the use of long winded detailed descriptions. You dont have to paint the scenery because the atmosphere you create invokes the readers imagination to do it automatically. I have scene it done before, but never this sophisticated. *Squee* YAY!! I learned something, onto the next one. XD

This is like a hard ass spaghetti western, this needs to be animated :rainbowdetermined2:

Loved every minute reading this :D

Short, sad, serious. Simply super.
Love it. :pinkiehappy:

Holy mother of FUCK THIS IS GOOD SHIT (so sorry for the cursing) :twilightangry2::twilightsmile::scootangel::duck::fluttershysad::flutterrage:

You did a good job on this story :derpytongue2:! I loved it!

This is simply amazing! :twilightsmile:

My mind just put Granny Smith in one of the windows with an old hoof crank Gatling gun.

Either way, bravo, my friend. Bravo.

Oh hell yes. Dawn, please do us all a favor and write more westerns like this. :pinkiehappy:

Rest in peace Braeburn. Now NOPONY will breaking the red rule

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I produced a dramatic reading of this story. Thank you for writing such an awesome story! :twilightsmile:

Hey this is awesome, thanks for this!

Author Interviewer

Well that was a lot of fun. :D I do love me a good Western.

The scary part is I can really see the apple family being like this.:ajsmug:

quick, simple, brutal......all the makings of an awesome little western tale. :ajsmug:

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