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Not bad like the idea of celestias dream taking place during the Horus heresy an her watching the fight between Sanginius and Horus

The dialogue isn't as bad as other crossovers here, but it's still kinda forced. There were some spelling errors and the plot feels a little rushed. For material like this to work, I'd recommend a Chapter length of at least two thousand, as the setup is proportional to the story's "scale".
All in all, head and shoulders above most of the 40k fics here.

Thanks! Still a bit new to this, and working out the kink with writing the cast. I'll definitely try and work on the dialogue.
I'll read it back over for the spelling. I should note I am Canadian, so I use "ou" in a number of words.
Glad you're enjoying it!

So far, you have performed admirably in your depiction of both the word bearers, as well as the primarchs. The details you have so far shown of the Word bearers points towards a goal that in no doubt will be made more complex as you carry your story. All I can hope for is that in time they shall perhaps become as fleshed out characters as Eliphas the Inheritor is.


You have gotten me hooked! Activating the tracking beacon!

7244562 Indeed Grand Master, let us show these foul traitors what true, unquestionable and not at all secretive closet traitors the dark angels are.

So, we have two noise marines, one sorcerer, melee and ranged units. All this band needs still is group of havocks and raptors, then it would be as complete as possible.

By the throne... You sir are a mistero at this!

Ah, Fear to Tread was indeed fine thing to read. Once again, you have made something that is pleseant to read. Only thing that I found confusing is why you did not use word Shipmaster when mentioning captain of the ship.

7247973 Honestly? I forgot shipmaster was the term. I'll fix that when I get the chance.

7244910 Really? You're gonna pull that on me? I'll have you know I've captured a few Fallen myself!

7251916 What are these "Fallen" you speak of? The Chapter Records say nothing of such things. Is there something the Dark Angels need to get off their chests?

7252040 *Expunges earlier statement* You didn't see that!

The Blood Angels have arrived... LET NO HERITIC STAND!

Purge these heretics from existence, lets us crush them and grind their bines into dust. FOR THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND AND FOR BAAL

Nice addition of the Furioso Dreadnought! And I did not realize that you were using your minis to tell the story, that's actually an interesting way of creating the story as it goes!

7258700 Thanks! Though I'm only sort of using the minis. Some stuff has to occur for the plot to work (I had a quota for dead Blood Angels that chapter), but otherwise you're right, the dice make it a bit more interesting. That'll get more common once we start the real battles.
Now that you mention it, though, I might just have to do a full story like that. Thanks for the idea!

Awesome addition on that whole tabletop scene, as fellow player, I can say that sometimes the dice roll in insane ways indeed. Do continue this strange combo of narrative campaign combined with fluent storytelling.

7259971 I will indeed.
By the way, which army do you play?

7260986 MY armies are many, both in number and variety.

I have small footslog of Necrons, Ally detachment of Blood angels, Blood Ravens(Ultramarines tactics), Questoris knights and Army/Legion of Iron Hands, led by Ferrus Manus himself! I also have Deathwing/Ravenwing and few other legion units, such as tyrant terminators and such.

I can't wait to see the scions of sanguinius go fucking berserk from the red thirst.

early days of the Gat Crusade

So, Emperor sought it after all. The greatest achievment to be undertaken under the guise of Reunification of imperium. Tho achieve a state where one could transcende limitations of conventional weapons, where concept of enough dakka is no more myth, but reality.

By the way, what dicepool is Castello going to use?

7263768 Better than the Black Rage. Hell, my own custom chapter, they're required to succomb to the red thirst much like the blood drinkers chapter

7263896 Probably Officer, if only because DC Dreads are pretty rare.

7263835 Well that's an embarrassing typo.
There, fixed it. Thanks for catching it.

7264504 From what I have gathered, BA currently have 4 HQ choises.
Earlier description mentioned that whole Angelic Host is 20 astartes strong, And that it has elements of sternguard veterans, command/sanguinary squad, assault squad and tactical squad. Then we add dreadnought and Stormraven. Barebones this is more than 1200 points of an army, but with thematic upgrades to ensure that the fluff is respected, correct number is closer to 1500.

On the other side, things are not looking so hot. Despite seemingly numerical advantage, chaos is in dire need of reinforcements.
2 HQ choises, Champion and Sorcerer.
Troops: 2 Word Bearer squads.
Elites: 8 World eaters, and lesser detachments of noise marines and plague marines.

Even when fully upgraded and giftedf they are behind in terms of points. I however am Certain that you have plans just for this exact situation, and that chaos is far from beaten. If I may however give a proposition, it would be to grant this army a detachment of Warpsmith and a retinue of Iron Warrior havocks, to counter BA vehicles and any siege that is going to happen. It would serve as great thematic catalyst as well.

7267286 Hm... you make a good point. I'll admit I know the BA Codex much better than Chaos, so I've not thought the latter's gear through as well. Some Iron Warriors mercs would work perfectly, now that i think about it.
And, oh, don't you worry, Chaos is far from done yet. Give it a chapter.

Doc. Whooves , really? *sigh* I won't go for petty downvoting, but having one less story to read/follow is always unfortunate. Still it wasn't bad while it lasted, so GLHF with completing it.

So this is taking place before the 13th black crusade nicely done

I cast my vote on Fluttershy(IF those six can be voted for) simply because it would be funny to see how things would develope, who knows, maybe she can neutralize warp effects like she did with Discord.

Celestia simply nodded in response and took another sip of tea. “Twilight, have Spike send a letter to Princess Cadence, and tell Luna to go ahead of me to Canterlot. We will need an army.”

And she shall have one!
*Teleports in with entire strike force*

By the way, does anyone have any idea what a DC Librarian would be like? Regular DC or Psyker Unleashed? Something else?

7271036 DC Librarian would be nothing short of impossibility, Codex Astartes would be clear with such example(with no mention of black rage naturally).
In terms of fluff, BA can strech how they would aproach the subject. If the flaw hits them in the midle of combat, they can be allowed to life for further notice. But there must be atleast few chaps that are ready to chop his head of at any time if things get too serious, like daemons and whatnot start poppin to reality.
It really depends on how much controll he still can retain over his self, if he knows thet his time is short, he could always join willingly and seek death before he gets the whole "rip and tear" mode on.
But it must be said, librarians are some of the most high individuals that MUST have high willpower, so when rage hits, they would become like Mephiston would, only with +1 to each stat.

7271187 Okay, thanks. I'd just realized that Renato could technically count under officer, and then realized I had no idea how the Rage affected psykers. Also, totally forgot about Mephiston. So again, thank you.

7271875 Anytime, it is sad how much I remember about the fluff sometimes.

By the throne... their sacrifice will not be forgotten!


Even tho I find solitude in the depravity of chaos, these troops gladly and honorably went to there deaths. I salute thee fellow warriors, may we fight against each other in another life.

As always, marvelous work on these things. To answer questrion number one, Chaos Space Marine codex from 2002 has this:

Mark of Chaos Undivided: "Reroll all failed morale checks."
Icon of Chaos: "Summon Daemons; models with Mark of Chaos Undivided within 6" are fearless."

There is one homebrew that can work better IMO(link bellow for reference)

Mark of Chaos Undivided: Truly all the Chaos Gods are worthy of equal worship! Surely no man can deny that without one, the others would be lessened -- but together they are a force unequaled throughout the galaxy! So blessed is this individual that the entire Pantheon of Dark Gods looks upon them with favor.

At the beginning of the controlling player's turn, he/she may choose the model with this special rule to have one of the four Marks of Chaos (Mark of Khorne, Mark of Slaanesh, Mark of Nurgle, or Mark of Tzeentch) and all it's effects. This Mark will last until the beginning of the controlling player's next turn. The same Mark of Chaos may not be chosen in two consecutive turns.


As for the question about the terms, nooks differentiate those two between wether they are mentioned for individual or unit.
In this case, if my memopry serves me correctly, Gene-Forged refers to entire units or legions, while Genhanced refers more towards individual warriors.
Example1: "The warriors of Death Guard legion were famed for their endurance. Their Gene-Forged bodies were able to endure even most toxic and hostile enviroments with litle effort."

Example 2: "Brother Geratus parried the hostile blade with his own gladius, trusting that his genhanced reflexes would ensure his survival untill opportunity ro make devastating counter presented itself."

Okay, I'm calling it now, Celestia is the reincarnation of Sanguinius.

Fucking boss bro, the emotions, the feels man

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