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Maud Pie and Frazzle Rock, agents of the Canterlot Geological Survey, are called in to consult on a problem deep in the bowels of the Canterlot Palace. What lies beyond the doors marked “speak ‘friend’ and enter”?

Written for Write Club. My original prompt, with which I may have taken certain liberties:

An honest to goodness Kraken attacks Canterlot. The Princesses are both away, and the Mane 6 are otherwise occupied. Who will save the day?


Mainly linguistic LoTR crossover.

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“Oh come on. You never let me use explothives!”


I d'aaaawwwed so much at that ending. Totes adorbs. :heart:

Oh, this has the tiniest bit of LotR crossover in it? Didn't even pick up on that. I should finish watching The Two Towers and Return of the King. And maaaaybe read the books sometime? But they're all just so long, and I at least read The Hobbit, so I think I'm good.

Private Parts

. . .
FUCK :twilightangry2:

6793081 It's basically just the door—in Fellowship of the Ring, the when the companions are entering Moria, they have to pass through a door with an inscription of ithildin, which will only show in starlight or moonlight. The inscription is in Elvish, and reads, "Speak, friend, and enter," the Elvish word for 'friend' being, unsurprisingly, "mellon."

There's also a vicious cephalopod lurking in a pool of water just outside that nearly kills someone.


Yes, exactly. Unicorns are elves, now, I guess? I don't know. Writing for story prompts is hard.

You'ld think Luna would have sicced the kraken on everypony during her time as Nightmare Moon. Oh well.


*carefully files idea away for later* :raritystarry:

Who is the pony (or at least I think it's a pony) in the cover art?


Frazzle Rock? The hot Geologist pony from Princess Spike?

Major Malcolm Function. Gah-ROAN.
Do want pic of Luna in her wetsuit! Rrrrowr! :pinkiehappy:

A delightful tale. I wonder what other Lunar relics lurk in the forgotten corners of Equestria, neglected, resentful, and longing for their mistress...


YAY! Thank you! Also thank you for digging on the deep cuts. :twilightsmile:

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