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One is a pair of ancient magitech artificially created gemstone-mounted intelligences sharing a hardlight body fused together by mutual hatred and driven mad by their own self-imprisonment under the endless waters that they are capable of controlling, towering a good eighteen feet tall.

The other is a tiny gray horse.

Smart money's on the horse.

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What in the world?

She didn't even flinch; random monstrosities appearing out of nowhere to threaten the world were a bi-annual occurrence these days, ...

:rainbowlaugh: Most of the rest of the year, it's Friendship Lessons!

Though I have to wonder how Maud dealt with some of the weird stuff that happened. In the Shadow Wars Storyverse, Discord's powers can only indirectly affect her (she can't be directly Discorded or Twisted) and I'm not sure if Tirek could easily drain her magic -- as Fortitude, she has fairly major defensive abilities, in excess of her direct offensive ones.

Ironically, in the Shadow Wars, her maternal grandfather's name is Jasper Quartz. Different "Jasper," though.

This is basically a mlp x su fanfic where Maud eats a Homeworld Gem

My gratitude to the author and I would like to see more.

This story was hilarious and amazing. Although I found the part where Maud devoured Jasper (basically murder) to be a bit extreme. Although to be fair Malachite was trying to kill her.

Inb4 featured

No Jasper! Why?!

That's what you get for taking on the Earth Pony equivalent of Kenshiro.

DAMN, EQUESTRIA, you scary!

6284586 Agreed. I find it creepy how unswayed Maud is after eating a clearly sentient creature. :rainbowhuh: Even with Jasper trying to kill her, that was dark. :unsuresweetie:

I'm really glad to see a good crossover with Steven Universe. I've seen some others on the site, but I'm...eh, more or less afraid to see where they go.

Edit: I forgot to mention how much I like the idea of Maud Pie coming into contact with at least one of the Gems. I'm surprised it hasn't been done before this!

6285019 i agree, I don't think Maud would actually do that

Her fur is slate grey
Her eyes a slight blue
Omae wa mo shindeiru


What are you talking about? She's clearly freaking out about it.

Oh, right, most people can't read Maud. Sorry, I didn't make that clear.


Yeah, that's about how it'd go if this really happened, though the earth bending was a bit of a surprise, though not implausible for Maud.

And dayum, eating Jasper? That's stone cold! I'm so sorry

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Sequel with Lapis adapting to Equestria, please.

Sequel plz. If only to have a silly parody of that Trixie x Maud comic with Lapiz instead, and it not really being romance. Though you could if you wanted to, either way, Lapiz on a rock farm with Maud. Priceless.

6285720 That's the thing though. I get your joke, but if she had any remorse, she wouldn't keep going when Jasper is begging for mercy. It just makes me uncomfortable. Anyway it's still a pretty good one shot.


Ah, but Jasper isn't begging. She's demanding.

6290444 Ah, you're right! I didn't notice that, you sly fox! I feel a little better now considering she never got off her high horse (no pun intended). It makes me think she almost deserved it.

Amusing, if somewhat grim.


Came 'cause of the art, then the description, then the chapter title.

I wasn't disappointed! This was awesome!

Also cool how you explained how this happened as well! It was unexpected, but a nice touch!

This needs a sequel.

Maud and some Equestrian dragons need to visit the Gem Homeworld.

The carnage will be... hilarious. :pinkiecrazy:

Maud is clearly part dragon... I suspect parental shenanigans! :raritywink:

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