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Hail King Sombra

We are all just stories in the end. Official scribe to his Royal Highness King Sombra of the Crystal Empire. His tales are as varied as they are poignant, sad and bittersweet. Remember them well.


One race's enemy can be another's savior. The Two Sisters never thought to even ask, and history is left to be written by the winners.

In a final effort to escape the prisons underneath the Crystal Kingdom, a race prepares their champion - a tiny child who may not survive to receive his new calling to save his people.

Shamelessly cute sleeping baby Sombra by the uber-talented madpony punzil504.

Book One in Dark Crystal Fires - The Chronicles of King Sombra. This is a complete, standalone story that will be followed by others telling of his life, adventures and reign in this universe. Please be sure to watch us and follow our blog for updates!

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Comments ( 16 )

I like it.

6773302 Heh, thanks! Oh Squee, another LunaXSombra shipper. ME TOO! Stay tuned and set your browser to stalk THIS story and me as they are a hot item in the chapters to come. Have one of my fav pics of their ship:

You've got my attention...

6773438 and you have my thanks! Please don't hesitate to hit that friendly upvote button whenever you think its deserving. See ya round!

6773399 that picture is great.

Interesting beginning. I'd like to see where this goes.

I might have to keep an eye on you. Your style's a little rough, but... hm. You remind me of how I used to write. That must be it.

Also, please continue this. It's not a bad first effort. Not bad at all.

edit: error fixed. :twilightsmile:

6774029 A threat, er promise of stalking? Ooooo...*shiver!* Reminds me of how My King traveled a thousand miles to wipe out the Marazon race just to possess my prophetic power. There's hardly a better compliment to be had!

Nyx? This is MY stalker. Get out out of here and get your own! *shoves my alter ego off to the side*

Sorry about that...she's a little fiery when she thinks she's gathered new followers for our King and he'll be pleased. But then, that's another day we both get to live, so it probably is something to celebrate!

Seriously, though, Cerulian, thank you so much for the vote of confidence. I like you think it's a rough style. The Umbrum have it pretty rough down there...no running water, public bathrooms and the pizza guy always freezes to death before he finds the front door at the crystal entrance *sigh*. I wanted this one to be rough and harsh 'cause they've cornered the market on misery and no more options in that hell-hole, so it fit.

I am definitely continuing this - I've been writing like a mad pony possessed ever since I got bit by the Sombra bug - since around the first of November this year. He's HOT and HEAVY in my blood - I wake up with story ideas, I drive to work risking life and limb dictating 'em into my cellphone. I can't even exist lately without a new scene and/or idea popping between my ears and by our hated enemy Celestia, that is SO making life worth living right now!

As to your sharp observation of something so basic slipping my mind - I don't know whether to die of laughter or embarrassment right now, LMFAO! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF! FACEHOOF!

There - it's out of my system. FIxed it, thank you for pointing that out and preventing further humiliation for all three of us - me, my mad seeress to his Majesty self and Our King.

Hail King Sombra!

6773717 Which? Sleeping Sombra? Oh HELL YEAH! punzil did an AMAZEBALLS job on him. There's a whole series of cute, sleeping anything and everypony we could possibly be in to, but then, punzil's so talented he/she could make anything look cute...vermin, Tirek, the scum in the public bathrooms in the Umbrum prisons...

Nyx? I hope that was not a reference to them needing effort to make me cute.

Uh oh, me and my mouth...'cuse me while I prostrate myself and do damage control...

"My King, I thought you wanted to be hated and feared, not thought of as cute?"

Sombra pauses, thinking about this. "Hmmm...good point. You may continue."

*phew!* Close one. Anyhoof...go check out punzil's other cute attacks on Deviant Art at http://punzil504.deviantart.com/. And take some insulin to dial down the diabetic shock to your blood sugar while there.

6774300 I was talking about the picture of Luna and sombra

6776002 Ah, gotcha! There is something uniquely beautiful about that one to me... how peaceful and serene they both look.

I have this idea for a similar look in an illo that would be set up like Luna and Celestial circling each other on the Equestrian flag, but it would be Luna and Sombra, the backdrop the stained glass window in his inner sanctum in the SFS Studio video, "Fall of the Crystal Empire". It would symbolize their one-on-one battle as Celestial lay helpless, possessed by Sombra's shadow power. If only I could draw...

I love baby Sombra!

Yay! Another Sombra writer!

6777302 YES! Baby Sombra is SO CUTE!!! :heart::heart::heart:

6956619 Welcome!!! Heh, I could say the same thing!!! As Evehly calls us, Dirty Sombra Plebes! Pixel_Spark is also a Sombraphile as well. She did the AWESOMETASTIC cover to my story Frozen Shadows, writes an AWESOME Sombra AND JUST TONIGHT whipped up a sketch for a sequel to The King's Gift which will be a future comedy story about Sombra's Heats n Hooves date with Nyx.

Life doesn't get much better than this, my friend!!!


Although I also love Luna...she is best pony after all! :heart:

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