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It's pretty hard to have to leave your home planet forever, especially when you know that your space craft is also holding an evil king somewhere within it. One can only hope that a safe journey may lie ahead.

Gore tag's only for Chapter 21's description of a zombie Sombra.

Woop-de-doo, here's the sidestory!

Edited by tsundere twilight Tsundere Twilight kinda left Fimfic after becoming my editor. :P

I'm also currently working on the sequel!

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Interesting concept.

Does this story take place in Sombra timeline form The Cutie Re-mark? I'm not stupid, I just want clarification.

Commander Dash, who had escaped along with Celestia at the fort, raised a hoof.

Wasn't it General Dash in the previous chapter?

Attention, citizens of the E.S. Golden Pride, be on the lookout for any and all suspicious behavior.

It was Equestrian Pride before.

6797702 Sorry, and sorry. It's just that I had a lot on my mind, so I'll change it.

Edit: Got it. It's all fixed now.

This feels like an ending, but there's still a Sombra onboard the ship right? Will you be covering that or are you finishing up early? If it makes any difference, I think you've got something interesting here.

6831382 I have a planned sequel, and this specific story isn't ending anytime soon. :twilightsmile:

Promising so far, although longer chapters would definitely help the story flow better imo.

7052568 Yeah, its just that I don't really have much time at this time of the year. :twilightblush:

and the final Element will go to...


Or Twilight?

Dang, I hate cliffies!

7177880 No worries, I'm planning a new chapter for tomorrow. It left it on a cliffhanger because I only had about an hour to write anything today.

6720255 Will we get to find out how Discord and the other villains were defeated?

7177886 Ah, okay.

Only an hour?! Dang!

Well, all I can say is that you certainly made the most of such a short time-period!

7178385 Wow.

Well, all I can say is that I wish that I could come up with something this cool when I was bored!

This chapter was frickin' awesome, man!

7178470 You really think so? Personally, I thought that this particular chapter would actually be a bit boring...

7178486 Yep, I do.

Really? Well, it certainly ain't that.

7180298 Workin' on mah newest chapter how. :yay:

EDIT!!! I'm done with the newest chapter. :pinkiehappy:

7177880 And the final Element goes to... Sunset, Twilight, and Starlight!!! :pinkiecrazy:

7180298 *Bump*

I'm feeling incredibly bored right now. :facehoof:

Thanks. I honestly didn't even expect to get a 2/10, given that I've kinda given up on this story years ago. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, sorry if it seemed a little harsh :twilightblush:. I’m sure you’ve grown a lot with your other stories. Best of luck and chip chip cheerio whatever.

Yup. I had one of my more recent stories reviewed to be rather good last round, so I decided to toss an older story into the ring just to see how it would compare. ^_^

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