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I'm new at writing stories, but I want to give it my best. I'll take all the positive feedback I can get, and hope everyone likes my stories.



All Scootaloo wanted was a family that cared for her, not one that treats her like trash. Her parents bring her down every day, and ridicule her for the smallest mistakes. The only one that seems to care is her big sister, but not even Rainbow Dash can help her out of this predicament. Desperate for an escape from her torment, Scootaloo ends up lost in the Everfree Forest. One fateful encounter will bring two creatures from an entirely different world into Scootaloo's life, their arrival will either put her on the path to true happiness or even greater troubles....

(I had to add Romance later on because of the ship I created.)

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Jurassic Park shows good Dino's

Gonna be honest, the story picture had me thinking, "Scootaloo gets raised by a Timberwolf" since the dinosaurs didn't show up very well on my Itouch screen. But still, I find it amusing that a Tyrannosaurus and an Indominus would take Scootaloo in. Now we just need to have a pack of Raptor older siblings to really make it a family that will terrify her DNA donors and the local bullies.

6677090 I'll keep that idea in mind for later. I might be able to incorporate raptors into the story later on, or do a one shot of them being introduced after the story is finished. Diamond Tiara wouldn't dare mess with Scootaloo if she has this kind of family.

6677444 Oh, and if Scootaloo's former parents get killed by the dinos... have them NOT get eaten. Those two are filthy and would make them sick.

6679237 Oh, don't worry about them. I have something more gruesome in mind for her former parents. Getting eaten wouldn't be cruel enough.

"I was attacked... by Timberwolves," Scootaloo watched as Rainbow's expression continued to grow panic stricken. Her eyes had shrunk to the size of bottle caps and tears were starting to form. Rainbow pulled Scootaloo into a tight hug and draped a wing around her.


Even though she was only three feet above the ground, Scootaloo found herself staying airborne. She was maintaining her flight, and it made her so excited to experience partial flight for the first time. Rainbow was pretty happy herself, because if Scootaloo kept up those exercises, her wings would be in perfect shape and the two of them would become the best fliers in Equestria. After fifteen minutes of sustained flight, Scootaloo's wings tired out and she had to land. She was panting and covered in sweat, but she was beaming with pride and confidence, and got more overjoyed when Rainbow pulled her into a congratulatory hug.

Best music I could think of off the top of my head

Gonna suggest Scootaloo's bigger family members get a shrinking spell used to reduce their size to non town destroying levels, plus it would mean they have to eat less and can do more with Scootaloo.

Do not anger rexes, it never ends well for the people who piss them off.

"We are true pegasi, you are nothing more than a flightless chicken. You think one night in the Everfree Forest makes you better than us? Any pony could go through that forest and come out alive. You have always been inferior to us from day one, you are a child and that means you listen to us until the day you die. If you talk back like that again, we will find a way to take your precious friends away and make your life a true hell."

I think Chrysalis would make a better mom than this b:yay:h.

I'm going to guess that the project is a Raptor, lethal hunter and tracker. I can't wait to see Scootaloo's DNA donors die, I refuse to call them parents. I can also see Indominus, Trex, and Rainbow taking turns beating on the two waste of spaces.

Ponies call scootaloo a chicken. What they forget is that chickens evolved from dinosaurs. Jokes on them,it isn't an insult, but a compliment. They shall fear the great scootaraptor!

6757460 Can't reveal any spoilers on the project, but I can promise you it will be epic. In regards to Scootaloo's DNA donors, I have something in mind that everyone is sure to enjoy.:ajsmug:

Scootaloo's parents are going to reveal their project before Rainbow meets Indominus and Tyrannosaurus. This won't end well... :fluttershysad:

But their lives wouldn't be perfect until they could rid the world of Sheer Cold and Spoiled Rotten.

This is an admirable goal and well worth working towards!!!!

"You girls have any ideas on any creatures that could test their abilities?"

The Chimera in the Fire Swamp that tried to eat Apple Bloom and Apple Jack.

"Oh, well it shouldn't be too bad. After all, they're gonna devour those wretched excuses for parents one day right?" Apple Bloom did have a point, that would happen one day and Scootaloo was going to have to get used to their eating habits if they were gonna be her family.

THOSE TWO RANCID PIECES OF FILTH??? IF THEY DO THAT THE DINOS WILL GET FOOD POISONING!!! NO EATING THE HORRIBLE PARENTS! They need to be left in endless torment, not put out of their misery. I'm fairly certain Princess Luna would be happy to put them in never ending nightmares for all eternity.

I honestly feel sorry for the Hydra, it's not exactly a rampaging beast that seeks out fights, they came into its home, made a ruckus, and them beat it to death and ate it. Fluttershy will go into hysterics the next time she visits the swamp and finds the corpse.

And on the note of Dragons and Dinos: Are they compatible??? Because if T-rex and Indominus find a nice lady dragon who could be Scootaloo's mother figure and also make her a big sister???

6881738 To be fair the Hydra tried to eat Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Spike when they went into the bog. Besides, the Hydra needed to be dealt with and it seemed like the best challenge for T-Rex and Indominus.

As for the dragons, they aren't compatible with dinosaurs. Dragons and dinosaurs are both territorial predators and have fought each other in the past, and with the dragons' greed for treasure they would never let a dinosaur near it. No dragon could ever mate with a dinosaur, especially not with a hybrid like Indominus, there would be too many complications.

This doesn't concern either of you, I can do whatever I want and nopony can stop me.

You are so lucky I can't reach through my computer screen and beat you black and blue Tiara bitch.

How the heck did nopony aside from those at the school not see or hear the dinos?????

6887025 T-Rex and Indominus already beat Diamond Tiara beyond black and blue. They've dealt the punishment that pony has had coming to her for a long time.

There just weren't any ponies around the area at the time.

I think Twilight should have included the names of the two parental failures in her letter to Celestia. I can't wait to see the ponies trying to find the Dinos, though I can totally see Indominus using the color changing ability from the movie to stealth around.

"No Rainbow, Diamond Tiara did this to me," Scootaloo said in a cold tone. "She and Silver Spoon decided to pick on me and my friends yesterday. They took it too far and started beating me up."

Cue three fillies having to tackle Dash to keep her from flying off to give the two a well deserved beating.

Now it was Scootaloo's turn to be comforting. She went right up to Rainbow Dash and snuggled against her chest. Indominus witnessed the heart warming spectacle taking place and saw for the first time, the one pony that Scootaloo praised and ranked alongside him and T-Rex.

I never expected to get the mental image of Indominus going "HHHHHNNNNNNGGGGG!!!" after a hit in the feels.

"Rainbow, you'll be the first pony I ever go to if something like that happens." With that Rainbow Dash gave Scootaloo a wink before she took off into the sky. Her mind free of the worries she had that morning.

So, that means as soon as T-rex and Indominus have been told, Rainbow gets told, right??? :scootangel:

Unfortunately nothing could be done to get Scootaloo out of her house.

*Pulls out several tanks of gasoline and a box of matches* Hold that thought....

The guards had to escort each filly back to their homes as a security measure.

Wait... so the guards could potentially see signs of abuse against Scoots, right???? Hopefully if Scootaloo runs out of the house screaming for help from Indominus and T-rex, Rainbow and the Guards will still be near enough to help. Well more Rainbow, the Guard seems about as effective as original Star Wars Storm Troopers.

Omg this story i love it hope the next chapter come out soon :pinkiegasp:

6904265 Well you're in luck, I'm almost finished with chapter 12. The details of the mysterious project will be revealed.

I really hope the project is not those two dinos i will be so sad and mad aww man i can't wait!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

0__0 ohh dear luna this is bad.... real bad :twilightoops:

Wait, there's no way that Scootaloo's parents can be responsible for this dragon's attack... IT HAPPENED OVER A THOUSAND YEARS AGO BEFORE DISCORD WAS TURNED INTO A BIRDBATH THE FIRST TIME!!! I seriously doubt they were alive back then and survived all this time. I can accept a technique for controlling the dragon being passed down through a family or a natural talent similar to Fluttershy's ability to understand animals which would also explain why Scootaloo can understand T-rex and Indomius. But I can't see them being around that long and Celestia not tracking them down. Or they have something else and the dragon is not related to them at all but will end up fighting T-rex and Indominus later on.

6906868 They will be giving their explanations when the final confrontation happens.

And it's the other way around, Scootaloo can't understand the dinosaurs, they can understand her.

I'm going to question why Indominus didn't kill the two abusive a-holes right then and there, knowing they want to ruin Scootaloo's life and will try to kill Rainbow. If one of the two villains had zapped him with lightning to stun him and he fell on Rainbow so they could escape I'd be fine, but just letting them walk away seems stupid. I get it's for plot reasons, but it just seems way to forced.

6945604 He wasn't trying to kill them in the first place. He was giving them a brutal reason to not go after Scootaloo. Besides, he and Rainbow Dash pounded them to where they'll need a few days to heal their mashed bodies. Also, even if Indominus killed them right then and there, the threat of the project would still exist. Somepony else could stumble upon it and figure out how to control it's power. Then the madness would begin all over again. Unless the dragon dies, the threat will still be around. Also it would spoil the tragic fate I have for those rotten piles of horse manure.

6945668 Still, not holding them for the guards or something seems stupid. I would have loved to see the expressions on the rest of the Mane 6 and the guards if they ran up and found Rainbow and Scootaloo lounging on top of Indominus's head as he pinned the two pieces of filth to the ground so they can't get away.

Is it wrong I'm now wanting to shrink Indominus down so he's at a size compatible with Rainbow Dash??? Because with the mix and match nature of his DNA I would not be surprised if Rainbow was able to give Scootaloo a little dino/Pony hybrid sibling.

And if it's passed down through the family... can Scootaloo gain control of Black Death or at least stall it long enough for the Rexes to get in a killing strike??? Because the idea of this little filly bossing around the dragon death machine is hilarious.

6966962 That is a very interesting topic, and it might make for a pretty good sequel. We'll see what Rainbow thinks of Indominus after the ordeal is over.

"I know what you did Indominus, and you've worked your way into Rainbow Dash's heart."

I'm still shipping them.

As Luna got ready to leave the dungeon, she said one last thing to the disgraceful pegasi. "When Black Death gets killed, you two will be at their mercy. They know what you've done to Scootaloo, and you both will feel the full extent of their rage. Let that little possibility keep you both up at night."

OOOHHHH, do the two jerks want ointment for that Princess scale Burn?????

I can't wait to see the reaction to the rexes, but I think the first sisterly reaction should be to shove the fillies behind them and tell them to run. Still, might help if Indominus and T-rex were to be approached while lying down somewhere to make them less intimidating and with no signs of recent kills around.

And Luna proves why she is Best Princess.

6979072 I'm glad you still ship them. They're quite an awesome pair.

The jerks are going to need a full body ointment casing for that level of burn.

6979884 Well, they did get burned by the moon, so it's probably worse than a sun burn. :rainbowwild:

"YOU SHALL NOT HARM SCOOTALOO!!!" The loud voice caught the dragon and Scootaloo by surprise.


"That Scootaloo, was Black Death manifesting itself in your dreams. It was so powerful that I had to use a lot of strength to banish the beast." Scootaloo was frozen with shock, if that was the dragon her parents had threatened her with, she was afraid the world would be done for. Not even T-Rex and Indominus would have what it would take to deal with that kind of monster.

Then they'll need Celestia, Luna, and the Elements backing them up.

"Their names wouldn't happen to be Indominus Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex, would they?" The filly's mouth just hung open from what she had heard. Princess Luna had known about Tyrannosaurus and Indominus the entire time.

"Princess Luna, how did you-"

"Actually Scootaloo, I was the one who brought them here in the first place. Let me show you how it all went down."

:pinkiegasp: This just proves Luna is Best Princess.

And it appears Scootaloo ships Indominus with Rainbow as well. Nice. I can't wait to see how the meeting between the rexes and the Elements goes.

There's a reason rexes have "king" in their name...

Why would- what's the point of rich parents having kids again?

I've got a hunch that Scootaloo might be part earth pony. By that logic, since they can talk to animals, they can also talk to dinosaurs. Yaaaaaay!!!!

Feh, who needs alicorns when you have a pair of rexes!

I have a strange hunch that "Black Death" is really some sorta robot.

I'll bet "Black Death" is a copy of Alduin.

Or maybe "Black Death" is some sorta mecha akin to the EVA's.

Before she knew it, Rainbow Dash was imagining racing alongside the great scaly creature. Only she was near his size and they were on an open field. She imagined tackling him and rolling about in the fields. Then he would pin her and Rainbow could see the amazing look in his eyes. Her fantasy ended with a rather intimate moment. It ended with Indominus and Rainbow Dash kissing each other in the fields. She was so lost in her daze that she failed to notice a certain pegasus trying to get her attention.

Hahahahaha, more shipping between the two!!!

In an instant, Rainbow had gone from blushing to busting every cloud in sight. In just under twenty seconds she had cleared the entire sky. It left Derpy with her jaw hanging open.

so much for 10 seconds flat.

"Oh Rainbow Dash, what are we going to do with you?" Twilight asked as she used her magic to reorganize the books. Rainbow dusted herself off from the impact.

I suggest putting a spell on the window to make her bounce off. And a rolled up newspaper and squirt bottle.

.... SHINING ARMOR, GET BACK TO CANTERLOT AND WHIP THE GUARD BACK INTO SHAPE!!! YOU DO NOT GO NEAR A PRISONER'S CELL AT ANY TIME WITHOUT BACKUP!!!! I was hoping things would stay calm for a bit, but looks like it's time to see a dragon vs Rexes fight.

Cent wait till next chapter!!!!!!

Raptor's, Velociraptor's is my guess.

Okay, there are a few things that don't quite make sense in this chapter and I want to point them out from a story prospective.

Calling Black Death a Project when he's apparently not mind controlled or bearing anything like a shock collar to keep him in line: This seems suicidal, project implies they've been working on him and modifying him, but he seems to be treating them as equals, not masters. Plus, they aren't using the remote to control him, it was just to set off his alarm clock. Seems to make it less of a project and more of a partnership.

Power of Four Alicorns: Twilight, not used to all that power, was doing DBZ destruction to the landscape in her battle with Tirek. Here, they each have full control of their magic and are working in harmony, yet Black Death barely felt it??? I'd at least expect him to get pushed back, stagger a bit, maybe admit he'll feel that in the morning. Two of these Alicorns move the sun and moon, you should not be able to just shrug off their attacks. I realize you're leading up to the Rexes fighting him, but at least a scratch of something, especially when the two rexes body checking him sent him skidding away from Scootaloo.

The DNA doners seem to be taking credit for unleashing Black Death in the past when clearly they aren't as old as Celestia and Luna, so it was obviously their ancestors doing the work and they inherited it.

Guards stand down.


Got to be raptors coming to the rescue.

Going to admit, I was annoyed Black Death kept getting Power ups in his fight. And more and more I'm wondering how the DNA donor's family ever had him under control. It seems to me he's been letting them think they're in control.

Nice chapter, glad to see it wasn't just rexes vs dragons. The ponies get in some good hits, and I can totally see the Raptor Squad settling in with Zecora and guarding her as she collects potion ingredients and scaring off some Timberwolves. Manticores will probably be smart enough to avoid them, though I can see a Manticore cub in a staring contest with one of the raptors.

Glad you liked it. Did you enjoy the little dbz reference when Rainbow Dash was beating up Spoiled Rotten? :raritywink:

One will get you ten that it works out in the end.

I didn't know you could use Loyalty like that!

The Rainbooms are going into the canyon. That could mean one of two things. The dinosaurs will be revived and come back into the fight to finish Black or they'll be turned into ponies and come back into the fight. Either way, this is getting good.

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