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Sun Aura

Also known as Cornerverse.



After finding Twilight's counterpart, Sunset Shimmer feels the need to find her own counterpart, and help her fix their mistakes. Finding and helping the other Sunset Shimmer won't be easy. Will the other Sunset even want to be helped?

Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe. Also, will contain some swearing, probably innuendo. I will try to keep it pg-13.

Chapters (7)
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Okay, I'm definitely keeping an eye on this. It looks interesting.

A provoking premise to say the least! Personal reflection with a side of colliding worlds to boot. Good work!

Well this looks interesting, I see great things coming from this story

Comment posted by BenRG deleted May 2nd, 2017


Seriously though, get that shit outta here.

certain feminine items,


...At least the human Chrysalis, or whatever, wasn't doing that to invade and steal love; but unlike the changeling queen, the human had no justifiable reason whatsoever to impersonate Cadence.
Sure, Queen Chrysalis's actions aren't fully justifiable (there was no need for the skulduggery; just have changelings become as normal a part of civilisation as the three pony races are, so the love comes freely and naturally), but they're more justifiable than the human's (shapeshifting bugs need sustenance; the human doesn't).

TBH, I might actually write that story at some point. But I'll say now that Human!Chrysalis' intentions were just a prank, just wearing the disguise and seeing how long it took people to figure it out. It went a bit far, as she began acting out more in an attempt to see how far she could go before getting caught, but she didn't do anything truly horrible. The fallout was worse due to everyone focusing on what she could have done, and because of one other outside circumstance I won't mention here.

A swirl of smoke and green flame passed by Fluttershy

So much for keeping magic a secret; how many people saw that, and were bamboozled by it? It had to have exited the statue and flown all the way to the minivan, more likely than not ignoring the wind direction (for the smoke) and not being extinguished (the flame).
This ain't Equestria; the average human is far more inquisitive than the average pony, who'd just write it off as 'eh, magic'.

“The Games, were kind of a tie? If you count that last, er, let’s call it a fight, then technically Canterlot High won.”

Nope; Crystal Prep tried to cheat by deliberately forcing a student to unleash stolen and improperly stored magical energy - they should've been disqualified, regardless of the Midnight Sparkle incident.
While other magical phenomenon, like monstrous plants and transforming girls, did happen, Canterlot High did not do anything to make it so. As a result, no-one could accuse them of 'cheating', and thus they couldn't be disqualified.
CHS won because of their opponent being disqualified.

They’re generous and loyal and would never lie to me

It could be said that you only described three of your friends there, Twilight.

but everyone there showed genuine kindness when they could have left me alone

Okay, I stand corrected; that's four friends described.

“I told you,” Princess Twilight said, “He’ll wait until the day before the wedding, then send an invitation in the mail!”

Apart from the meta-fact that Shining Armour and Princess Cadence did not even exist prior to A Canterlot Wedding, depending on how long Chrysalis had replaced Cadence, that could've not been his fault whatsoever; Chrysalis could've 'convinced' him not to send out an invitation to his sister until the very last moment, when he would've otherwise sent it out long before.

A tank top of a similar color to her shirt was underneath

Of course there is; EqG already proved that changing clothes is as easy as throwing the new outfit on top of the old one (a certain failed disguise, consisting of a green outfit and blond wig, comes to mind), so why wouldn't it work in reverse?

The day before he and I ‘broke up’,” she continued, “was when he had a dream of the mirror being transferred to the Empire. I thought I would have had to track you down somewhere, but luckily, or unluckily I guess, you were visiting the Empire when I went through.”

Which you should've had no idea even existed, unless you managed to get your hooves on some historical notes Celestia locked away; judging by how absolutely none of Twilight's pony-friends (or her dragon brother/son) knew what 'the Crystal Empire' was when she announced they had to go there, and how the guard who reported its reemergence whispered 'It's back' to Celestia, the Empire must not have been part of any history book.
It's even more bizarre that you knew exactly where to go to get the Element of Magic, considering you couldn't have recognised its magical signature or scoped the Palace in advance; the portal only stays open for three days every few years, or thereabouts - you should've gotten lost.
Adding to that is the undeniable fact you haven't been a unicorn for ages; exactly how did you manage to gallop so flawlessly and perform a flawless teleportation?

“I’ll tell you when you’re older,” Rainbow joked.

I know this was a joke, but...she's already an adult mare, with adult responsibilities - like raising her brother/son, dealing with royal matters, and defeating evil.
Hell, she and Spike have seen horrors no-one else can even imagine, thanks to a certain transtemporal spell and a magic-absorbing centaur.

“I keep ribbons on me for ‘differencing Interdimensional Counterparts’ emergencies!”

I'm honestly surprised nopony has willingly tried that; gone into the human world to cause trouble.
...Imagine if the Mirror Pool Pinkies had found the mirror...

“Oh dear I hope not,” Rarity sighed. “I don’t want anything to ruin our class trip next month.”

JINXED. Be sure to pack a chainsaw, girls; maybe some napalm wouldn't go amiss either, because you'll need to do a lot of weeding over there.

“She’d probably be in her office on the first floor. It’s the one with her name on it, Starlight Glimmer.”

On the bright side, at least she's not brainwashing people through multiple forms of torture?
...Did pony-Starlight even include a toilet in that brainwashing house? If not, that's just cruel.

Yeah, I must say the cover art isn't exactly...flattering. Sunset just looks chunky, with a too-small head and with a left arm/hand that looks too long and oarlike.
I've seen better Sunset fanart, is all. It also doesn't affect the story in any way, which is good; the story itself is fantastic.

In a world where EVERYONE jumps the fence, 7 friends and their dimensional doubles will learn, the magic of BISEXUAL ORGYS!

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