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Sun Aura

Also known as Cornerverse.


Every so often, somepony asks Twilight The Question. She hates The Question, as it is ridiculous to her. Then again, she is one of the few who knows The Answer.

Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe.

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This is a really interesting take on how the Elements work! It's refreshing to see something different from just "Harmony is exerting its will!" Or the simple "Powerful magic, nuff said". It makes sense too that the bearers have to be good ponies, if they are to reach out and help someone rather than blast them to the moon immediately.

Short, but interesting read!

This makes a surprising amount of sense, especially given the context of Friendship Games. 10/10 Would accept as canon.

Interesting. ... I have to disagree with a few things but interesting.

“Do you really think reformation just happens by blasting them with magic?”

Yes and no in my opinion. :applejackunsure:

Eventually, the Desire shattered. She wanted to offer her hoof to them again. No, she wanted to run to them, tell them it was okay. But as the Desire shattered, so did the void. By the time she reached where the three had stood, they had run. Already long gone.

Sometimes not everyone will want or accept help or a second chance. :ajsleepy:

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