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I'm new to fic writing and I hope you enjoy my story's


I trusted them with everything and that just threw it away like it was nothing. They said they were my friends but they have made me the laughing stock of the school.

I can't take it anymore

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now we have a cliffhanger that will never be answered

Man that was a good one I was thinking about this song when I was reading this

6560179 wow that song just makes it extra sad

6559349 don't worry I don't see tragedy in the tags if there is a sequel it won't be sad

wow this is kind of messed up but its good I now kind of want to see a prequel and a sequel of this to make it a trilogy the prequel expanding on everything that led up to this point emphasizing on other points of view and a sequel showing the consequences of what happened I can only imagine how the CMC must feel knowing that the things that they wrote may or may not have killed someone

This is good but isn't this kinda backwards?

Is there a sequel?

Short, different from the events of Anon-A-Miss, but that's not that bad, and making Applejack concerned and loving about Sunset is good enough in my book :).

If a sequel would come (if you have the time for it of course), I'll be glad to keep up with.

Anyway, good job.

Alternate universe can also mean stories with the roles switched okay?

It was not bad but rushed.

Applejack pulls me up into her arms and begins to run. A look of determination is spread across her face.

A huge sign of how much applejack cares for sunset.

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