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Trial of a Changeling - twilightsparkle3562

In this sequel to "Defender of Equestria," a Changeling General goes on trial in Canterlot for numerous war crimes, including kidnapping Cadence and Twilight, while Shining Armor's mentor and predecessor attempts to make amends with Celestia and Luna

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A Quest for Answers

Chapter 19

"A Quest for Answers"

It took several days after the events in the Everfree Forest before life in Canterlot was returned to normal. For Shining Armor, the events of recent were still running through his mind like a speeding locomotive. He had been personally trained under the pony that tried to kill him and those he cared about all for the sake of trying to maintain his goal of ridding Equestria of its enemies in the most barbaric way possible. Now, here he was, standing on a balcony overlooking Canterlot, reflecting on why Lock Down did what he did when it seemed that he was turning over a new leaf.

"Prince Armor?" called a voice and Shining Armor turned around to see Private Centipede standing before him, his eyes filled with remorse over all that had transpired. "I understand that you wish to ask me of something. On why I killed your mentor?"

Shining Armor took in a deep sigh and approached the Changeling, knowing that he was going to get the question he asked answered at last. He was of course, very cautious with the heightened state of mind that affected all who had lived through these events.

"I did," sighed Shining Armor, his voice sounding quiet. "Lock Down was my mentor and yet, he seemed to have wanted to change his ways for the better. He taught me how to protect and uphold the honor of Equestria. Still, there is something in him that made him snap and it was during the trial."

It was then that Private Centipede remembered when Celestia was questioning him after Kuwaga was found dead in his cell. He could well remember the grip of alicorn magic that binded him during his interrogation.

"There was something that happened," said Private Centipede. "Before Lock Down came to speak to Kuwaga, I told him that I was trying to save his life because I do not believe in death. All creatures have a right to live until their time has come. I couldn't live to see him hang, no matter how evil he was."

"You are aware of the ponies you and your kind had harmed in order to survive," advised Shining Armor as they walked down the halls towards the room where Cadence was resting. "Did something happen during the trial that made you remark towards Lock Down in a negative way?"

"It was different points during the trial that I noticed something in him," explained Centipede. "Almost as if he wanted to kill me too, right there in the throne room in front of all that were present. I knew that if Kuwaga was going to be put to death, Lock Down certainly wasn't going to wait for it. At one point, I feared for my life of this pony, Prince Armor."

As Centipede spoke, Shining Armor began to wonder why Lock Down would do such an about face and revert back to his old ways. After they had captured Kuwaga, Lock Down had told him that he wanted to make amends with Celestia and Luna and put the past behind them all. So, why did he do what he did? Why did Lock Down secretly run away from Canterlot? Could it be that he was afraid to tell the real truth?

"Then, there is one thing we can do," said Shining Armor. "We must uncover the truth about Lock Down and why he became the pony that I had come to know. There was a reason for him to act the way he did and I will not rest until I find out the truth."

Suddenly, Shining Armor heard the sounds of moaning coming from Cadence's room and the doors opened to reveal a unicorn pony doctor that had been wearing medical protection on his horn and front hooves. Knowing that Cadence had been looked at, Shining Armor darted over to find out what was going on.

"How is she, doctor?" he asked.

"I've managed to make her comfortable," replied the doctor, as he removed the medical protection . "The wounds she had sustained in the Everfree Forest were very deep. Even more so than Princess Celestia. She's going to be all right, but it will take time for the scars to heal."

Shining Armor and Private Centipede stepped into the room and saw Cadence lying in bed, her body covered with bandages and Twilight as at her side, holding on to her front left hoof.

"Hey, Twiley," Shining Armor said quietly as he went over to hug her sister. "You doing all right?"

"I'm fine, BBBFFF," remarked Twilight. "It's just that Cadence…"

"Is going to be fine," finished Shining Armor. "Especially after such a brutal attack that we all have been through. Both Private Centipede and I have been thinking of something, that the pony who helped me rescue you had a secret he was trying to hide from me."

Both Cadence and Twilight looked at each other with a worried expression, thinking that Lock Down was more than what he was. As they had all realized at that moment, that Lock Down had a reason for becoming a rouge figure of Equestria.

"So, what are you going to do?" asked Twilight, as Shining Armor walked around the bed and sat down next to Cadence's right side. "Are you going to look into this or what?"

"I will," replied Shining Armor. "Lock Down wasn't born into hating Changelings and I know it. He wanted to change, but I guess something made him snap back to becoming the creature that he once was. I need to find out the truth."

"Then, I will accompany you," said Private Centipede. "By doing so, I will find closure to this whole story."

Shining Armor was unsure of whether to accept Private Centipede as a companion in this adventure that he was about to take part in. But, Private Centipede was nothing like those Changelings who had invaded Canterlot during his wedding. After all, Centipede revealed that he was against the invasion to begin with. He was of course, in disguise as one of the guards who had witnessed him berate Twilight for accusing Chrysalis of being evil. After a moment, he relented.

"Very well then," said Shining Armor. "We will leave at dawn, Centipede. After all, you have become one of the very few Changelings that I trust fully."

Centipede bowed to Shining Armor, swearing his life to the Prince of the Crystal Empire and determined to discover the truth behind Lock Down and the reasons behind this whole trial to begin with

"Where will you go?" asked Cadence, weakly. "Please, don't go far."

"I won't go far," replied Shining Armor, turning back to look out towards the window where Luna was lowering the moon while Celestia, badly injured and covered with bandages, struggled to raise the sun. "I want closure to this whole story and believe me, we will find closure, no matter how long it takes to reach that goal."

So, a new adventure for the Prince of the Crystal Empire and his Changeling companion was about to begin. But, who knows what discoveries that they would make in uncovering the truth?


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7201343 Furthermore, I am going to create a sequel story involving Shining Armor and Centipede searching for the truth about Lock Down. Unfortunately, it won't be until mid-June at best as I have a few other fanfics to turn my attention to.

all in all not a bad story i can say i did not like the trial but i did like the ending i will geve it a like

7202114 will chrissy show up in the next book


Is it still coming this month?

7336054 At this point, probably not. I have been working on two other non-pony stories lately. Right now, I'm expecting around sometime this summer at best.



Yes, her name is spelled differently than the word is normally spelled.

Please refer to my comment below this one as well. I trust you'll make this fix as soon as you read this comment.

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